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Kickstart your Investments


Kickstart your Investments

A basic workshop on money management and investing to help you get started!!. This workshop will help you make smarter money decisions with respect to your savings, investments & insurance needs. If your resolution for the year 2020 is to be wealthier, this workshop will work as a great start for you.

Look no further, attend this workshop, learn everything about money management and live your 2020 like a BOSS!!

Taking care of your present experiences and future asset creation. Millennials, you are infamous for your experiential spending and are often stereotyped as entitled and unprepared for the real world. In reality, you are the most educated lot with at least a bachelor’s degree. You have good-paying jobs, are focussed and very ambitious about building your wealth fast, retiring early or doing something where your heart truly lies.

All of this and much more is possible if you start investing TODAY. You may think that you don’t have any savings to start investing and you must wait to build a corpus. This attitude of waiting to create base wealth to invest will make you miss your chance of wealth creation. Don’t wait for too much to realize that if you would have started investing earlier you would have been a wealthier person today.


1. Wealth Cafe Activity Workbook during the Workshop

2. Know your ‘Risk Profile’ Activity.

3. Start your Investment tool-kit

4. 12 Week Actionable Emails for your personal finance.

5. A voucher of INR 300 of Doolally.

Agenda of the Workshop

1. How do you manage your money?

2. Credit Cards – Let’s ace it.

3. A smart way to manage your cash flows.

4. Types of Asset Classes & Mutual Funds

5. Understanding Risk & Return

6. Know your Risk Profile and how should you Invest.

7. The Miracle of Compounding

8. Charting out a ‘BORING ACTIONABLE PLAN’

9. Tax Implications of your Investments.

10. Term Insurance

11. Health Insurance

12. Emergency Fund

SIP-M of Money by Wealth Cafe’


Tickets for Kickstart your Investments can be booked here. Get Tickets

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Map Doolally Taproom - Khar, 10 A, Raj Kutir Apartment, E854, Rd Number 3, Khar, Ram Krishna Nagar, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052, India, Bombay, India
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