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Best Ways To Get People RSVP To Your Event!

Last Updated: November 24, 2023

Last Updated: November 24, 2023

Best Ways To Get People RSVP To Your Event!

Have you ever wondered why some potential attendees hesitate to respond? 

Life gets busy, decisions get tangled, and amidst a sea of events, the choice to attend yours becomes a delicate balance. 

Convincing them to RSVP is like decoding human behavior—from crazy schedules to the temptation of other shindigs.

No worries, no philosophy degrees are needed. A couple of books might sprinkle wisdom! And you can apply that to get more RSVPs and turn them into attendees!

Let us share an example of an event with a visual RSVP breakdown—positives, negatives, and mysterious no-responses. 

RSVP breakdown

What can be the possible reasons that 82 people declined? Why were there 57 no responses? 

Possible reasons can be: 

  • Sent invitation at the wrong time – left unnoticed. 
  • The invitations were boring. 
  • No follow-up for no responses.

We’re about to spill all the tea on scoring those RSVPs like a pro!

And we don’t stop there- adding a List Of Books in the last section!

1. Start by Broadening Your Funnel Of Invites 

Way to get RSVP

Let’s spill the beans – RSVPs are more than just used for webinars, open parties, and free events. They can be your pre-event hype squad. And that’s a strategy jackpot most people are using nowadays. The more you brainstorm, the more ways you uncover.

Dive into every channel like a boss—SMS, email, social media, ticketing sites. More channels mean more interest and, you guessed it, more eyeballs and getting a response!

If you’re using event ticketing platforms, watch the magic unfold! They let people shape your event to their liking. 🌈 Build a list of the genuinely interested, and with a click, send them VIP invites to RSVP. 💌

Here is an example of it 👇

Get RSVP by listing your event

So, why to limit yourself? The broader your invites, the higher the chance of getting a response. 

2. Sell Experiences, Not Events 

Design matters! People love pretty things. Your invites shouldn’t just inform, they should wow!

Make event invitations so cool that missing out feels like skipping the best party ever. If it catches their eye, they’ll RSVP for sure.

Add a personal vibe—people like being noticed. Customize invites with names, past convos, or why their presence rocks. Use “Exclusive Event” or “By Invitation Only.” People dig to feel part of something special.

3. Send Invitations At The Right Time

Sending invitations at the right moment can make or break the game. People’s schedules differ throughout the week, and catching them at the wrong time might mean a missed RSVP. So, let’s dissect the best times to ensure your invites land in the sweet spot.

Time Tips to Send Event Invitations:

  • Avoid the Mondays: Mondays are chaotic. People are buried in work or recovering from the weekend blues. 
  • Tuesdays through Thursdays are sweet spots. People are settled into the week, and your invite becomes a welcomed distraction. Later, the better. Thursdays are great. On these days, sending event invitations between 1:00 PM to 3 PM works best. 
  • Friday Afternoons: Another winning slot is Sunday afternoons. The weekend vibe is still alive, and folks are likelier to check and respond to your invite. It’s the calm before the Monday storm. On Friday, sending event invitations after 6:30 PM works best. 

Remember, your event is special, and you want your invitations to be noticed. Picking the right time ensures your message stands out!

So, next time you’re hitting that send button, consider the day and time. It might just increase the chances of the RSVP count!

4. Make Yourself Look In Demand 

Ways to get RSVP

Craft an aura of exclusivity by highlighting limited seats. 

 “Limited spots available—RSVP now for front-row prominence!” Watch the RSVPs flood in as attendees crave that VIP experience.

Inject urgency into your invitations. 🕒 “RSVP now! Act fast—miss out, and the front row might slip away!”

Offer irresistible benefits—front-row seats, culinary delights, or exclusive access.  “RSVP early for a gastronomic journey tailored to your taste buds.”

Show what they’d miss without RSVPing. 🎉 “Picture yourself front and center, savoring exquisite dishes. Don’t let FOMO haunt you—RSVP now, and let the event unravel its wonders!”

Craft your RSVP strategy, weave the allure, and watch the responses flood in! 🌟🎉

5. Make RSVP easy for even 80-year-old granny

Why complicate when you can captivate? 

Ensure your RSVP process is simpler than a Sunday stroll! One-click, and it’s done. If it’s a lengthy process, you might lose a potential attendee.

6. Make Sure To Send Conditional Reminders 

If the RSVP magic hasn’t touched base within the initial dance of your invitation, sprinkle a dash of reminder stardust after two days. 

Consider it your personal event concierge, gently tapping on the virtual shoulder, ensuring your presence is locked in for the grand spectacle. It’s not nagging; make it your way of whispering, “Hey, the spotlight awaits—don’t miss your cue!” 

List of books as we promised earlier: 

  1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a Psychology book authored by Dr Robert B. Cialdini
  2. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

Final Words 

Briefly explain why RSVPs are essential and how to get it done right! Because it will eventually impact ticket sales and affect event planning. 

RSVPs impact ticket sales and event planning. Decode the secret, use the tips, and make your event unforgettable! 

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