All About The UK Harvest Festival: This festival is observed on the occasion of the successful harvesting of crops. It is celebrated on the Sunday nearest to Full moon closest to the equinox. It is dated on 23 September. Two out of three years Harvest festival is celebrated in September, but often it occurs in October.

This festival dates back to pagan times. The word harvest is derived from Old English hærfest, which means Autumn when the reaping of food from the land is done. Even though the United Kingdom doesn’t have a national holiday on this day, yet it is a significant festival for them.

The churches and schools celebrate the UK Harvest Festival by singing and having lavish meals. The people also drink and dance while enjoying the harvest season as they waited a whole year for the crops to be harvested.

harvest festival in uk, celebrations at church

Celebrations in churches were originated in Morwenstow, Cornwall dated back in 1843 when Reverend Robert Hawker invited the parishioners of the church at his home to receive the Sacrament in “the bread of the new corn.” 

The UK Harvest Festival predates Christianity, Corn-dolls are made as a symbol of good crops. The corn dolls are made from the last sheaf of the current year’s corn harvest. The corn doll is kept until the spring of the following year to ensure the excellent yield of the crops. This practice started with the Saxon farmers, who believed that the last sheaf contained the spirit of the corn.

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The farmer families come together and have a huge feast and churches and schools and houses are decorated with garlands of flowers and colourful vibrant ribbons. The corn dolls are put on the banquet table. There is a market of stalls in the fairs for the celebration of this festival. The schools and churches give the food to those who are less fortunate and give thanks to the great harvest that year.

Usually when talking about harvesting a person thinks of agriculture, but at many places, there is a celebration of another type of reaping, in October where there’s the Sea Thanksgiving Harvest, where fish and netting decorate the church. These festivals have taken place in many fishing towns and villages, where locals depend largely on fishing. 

Harvest festival games are also played like carving of pumpkin, apple bobbing, haystack searching, and many more! There are also sweets distributed amongst the people like candied apples, candy corn, and pumpkin seeds. Every year numbered events in the United Kingdom are organized on the occasion of Harvest Festival.


Best Harvest Festival Events In The United Kingdom In 2019

1. London Harvest Festival 2019

london harvest festival 2019

One of the biggest celebrations and an annual event in the UK is the London Harvest Festival. The festival is planned to happen at Woodland Farm in Greenwich. It marks its 21st event as it enters 2019. London Harvest Festival is a free event and has interesting activities lined up for you like the animal shows, horticultural display, farm craft activities and a lot more. Bring yourself to one of the most interesting celebrations of the UK Harvest Festival and make it one memorable weekend.

Date: 28th September 2019

Time: 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM


2. Harvest Festival At Rainham Hall

harvest festival in london at Rainham Hall

Harvest Festival is a major extravaganza in the United Kingdom and there are a bunch of events that take this festival to a notch higher. One from the many celebratory events is the Harvest Festival at the National Trust – Rainham Hall, in London. They have organized scrumptious activities for you like tasting rare and exotic fruits like Mulberries, Medlars and Quince. There are other things too where you can indulge yourself like photography, drinking, leaf printing and much more. 

Date: 19th October 2019 

Time: 10:00 AM to 04:30 PM

Price: £5 – £24


3. England’s Seafood Feast, Brixham

England Seafood Feast at Harvest Festival

Celebrate this UK Harvest festival with an extensive Seafood festival at Brixham. It is a two-week-long festival where you can taste world-class seafood which will definitely give you a satiating experience. Not just food, there will be a lot to catch from wine tasting to cooking workshops. There will also be other creative and adventures activities like sea-themed art exhibitions, kayaking, paddle boarding, sea creature hunts and many more things to do in two weeks.

Date: 20th Sept 2019 – 06 Oct 2019


4.  Malton Harvest Food Festival, Yorkshire

malton harvest food festival

Harvest festival runs around two things; one charity and second food. This festival is a lot about sharing and enjoying grand food feasts. Have tantalizing experience with the finest produce of Yorkshire at the Malton Harvest Food Festival. They will host and serve delish food suitable for everyone including vegetarians and vegans. There will be interesting talks, chef demos, market stalls, street food and a lot of entertainment that will be awaiting you.

Date: 7-8 September 2019

Venue: Yorkshire’s Food Capital, Malton, United Kingdom


5. Family Harvest Event, Buckinghamshire

family harvest event in buckinghamshire

Learn a lot about the farming history at the family-friendly harvest event that is scheduled to be organized at the Museum’s Henton Chapel. The venue will be home to a beautiful conventional harvest display. This beloved annual event showcases a very rare opportunity to explore the different aspects of harvest past, with the museum’s restored 1947 threshing machine. There will be live music and delicious food to give you a fulfilling experience.

Date: 28-29 September 2019

Price: Starting from £6.00 


6. Malvern Autumn Show, Three Counties Showground

malvern autumn show | harvest festival uk

Celebrate this harvest festival with giant vegetables. Have a time of your life while you take part in UK’s National Giant Vegetables Championship to grow the heaviest or the longest vegetables. Enjoy the beautiful RHS Flower show where they showcase magnificent flowers which are both colourful and beautiful. There will be a variety of demonstrations, exhibits and flower workshops that will keep you engaged. Apart from there will also be experts and guests that will talk about gardening, food and everything else. So mark your dates and make your presence this weekend at the Malvern Autumn Show.

Date: 28-29 September 2019

Price: £22 [P.s. It’s free for under 16’s]


7. Sutton Community Farm Harvest festival, Wallington

sutton community farm harvest festival

Join the annual harvest celebration at the Sutton Community Farm. Meet the collective farming team at this family-friendly event and indulge in some fun foodie activities. Take a farm tour, hog the wooden baked pizzas, tap your feet at live music, and absorb all the collective harvesting that is a part of the attraction of this place.

Date: 7th September 2019

Time: 11:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Price: £3 [It’s free for under 18’s]

This UK Harvest Festival In 2019, be one absolute foodie and catch all the fun at food fests, cooking workshops, food shows and harvesting events.

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