• 0% from Organizer:
  • We will collect 3 % of the ticket amount from attendees. This is the default preference for every event unless the organizer specifies otherwise.

  • 3% from Organizer:
  • Attendees will pay just the ticket amount and we will deduct 3% of the ticket amount from your revenue. Please refer to Do I get to decide who pays this convenience fee?

  • Advanced ticketing Plan
  • Based on your promotional requirement, we will offer you our premium services along with the ticketing.
    Services like Paid promotions on various social media platforms, Push notifications, featured listing across our site and newsletters, specially customized emails and much more.
    We will offer you a commission rate based on the services you opt-in.
    If interested, you could drop us a mail at ‘ticketing@allevents.in

  • PayPal
  • We charge 0.5% of the ticket amount or $0.5 (whichever is higher) to the attendees. You will receive the full ticket amount in your PayPal account. PayPal charges applicable which varies from country to country.