It is almost ironic how change is the only constant yet how everything around us is constantly changing! It’s 2020, the world is growing, people are evolving and mindsets are maturing. With the hustle of this year and so much more that has been coming into the picture, “online” is the new cool we’re all chasing. Business, education, teaching and learning, communicating and possibly everything has now taken a Digital Toll. 

Here are some of the top ten ideas for Virtual Events for a variety of areas and activities for you to plan, plot and pen down:


1. Cooking Workshops

Many virtual cooking classes have developed in recent times wherein recipes are shared and instructions are given by the chef all through the screen. Online cooking courses have also come up wherein the cooks can learn and cook dishes are per the instructions given by the chef and at the end of the course, receive a certificate for the same. 


2. Art And Craft Workshops

many people fancy the traditional art and craft workshops to learn new forms of art, papercraft, DIY workshops, painting techniques, etc. Online art and craft workshops involve teaching and learning interesting courses like designing, graphics, calligraphy, origami, painting, and many other forms of art.


3. Gardening Workshop

Concepts like Vegetable Gardening, bio-organic farming, learning garden crops for food storage are some aspects of an online gardening workshop. It’s pretty assuring when you can plant and nurture your own garden in the lawn or on your terrace with an expert gardener guiding you, sometimes even for free, isn’t it?


4. Virtual Open Mic 

Usually taking place in small rooms or crowded places, in light of the recent pandemic, events like open mic, storytelling, poetry recitation, etc have gone for a shot. However, Virtual Open Mics have now been taking place where the audience can be listeners and the gig or the participants can share their art with the audience. With a particular time limit for each performer, these virtual open mic events have become quite trendy and loved.


5. Tech Is the New Teacher 

Basic programming courses like learning programming languages such as Java and Python are now available through online certified courses. Many tutorials and online guides are also available to teach technological tools and software like Gephi, SEO tools, etc.


6. Online Music Classes

Much like art, music is very much scientific in its operation in the way the instruments are played. Learning an instrument is no longer a hassle. The Internet now provides online tutorials, online music & online dance lessons to learn to play various instruments at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Some of these courses are certified too. Many other instruments these days involve technological knowledge like the electric guitars which are taught too.


7. Sports And Gaming 

Gamification is one of the most interesting and upcoming aspects of Virtual events. The idea of virtual gaming in the form of PubG, FIFA, PlayStation and all the numerous games that come along, Virtual Gaming is popular, fancied and endorsed the concept. Virtual sports include sports like Laser Tag, Astro Field, Virtual Reality and esports. 


8. Make it Formal, Casually

Video conferencing via the Internet has made it very convenient to conduct webinars, i.e. to give presentations, lectures or workshops online. It not only connects a huge mass but also equips the learners with the correct knowledge. Business webinars have climbed a long ladder through this medium which has helped them succeed in generating and proposing various business ideas over the Internet.

Virtual summits are great platforms for entrepreneurs all over the world to come together at one platform and collaborate. Such online conferences result in better productivity and have proven to be effective and time-saving. 


9. Internet Is Your Fitness Rescue 

Health and Wellness is one of the most important and looked upon aspects of our lives. Online health and nutrition courses provide knowledge about the correct diet for people. Online health diploma courses are also emerging which keeps you in check with your health. Many other wellness courses have boomed online like online yoga classes, online Zumba classes, kickboxing, learning basic dance via online tutorials, etc.  


10. Educational Courses 

The upcoming generation is all about surpassing distance and geographical barriers. The Internet has facilitated education and learning in a seamless manner wherein every keen learner has a supporting teacher providing knowledge virtually. Online classes are now available where the teacher can teach more than 50 students without having to physically meet at one place. This knowledge sharing also occurs across national boundaries. Online certified courses are emerging to hold great value and the Internet now lets you travel across the world, sitting in your room.

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