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Top 13 Easter Parades and Festivals Around the World 2024

Last Updated: March 18, 2024

Last Updated: March 18, 2024

The time has come when you see the city piling up with bonnets, bunnies, and eggs in the streets! We all know that Easter weekend brings joy along with lots of parades, festivals, egg hunts, and services around the world. Let me tell you that prepping to win the best bonnet competitions👒 and taking kids to endless Easter egg hunts in the USA and other countries is just the beginning of it. 

Easter parades, which have been a part of the celebration for centuries, add even more energy to it. The dose of happiness is diluted with art, music, the Easter bunnies🐰, and millions of eggs🥚 filled with treats every year! Make time to experience some of the best Easter parades and Festivals around the world with me today! 

1) Easter Parade & Easter Bonnet Festival | New York

One could hardly have imagined that a half-mile length (barely a parade) would make it to the top of the list, right? Well, you can always expect the unexpected from New York!🤷‍♀️ Started 130 years ago, but with no music or floats, it turned into a parade, i.e., an informal costumed street spectacle👒 that was the largest in the USA in the 20th century

What’s the drill, you ask? On the day of the Easter Parade & Easter Bonnet Festival, the street is filled with everyone with beautiful bonnets filled with eggs, eye-pleasing flowers, birds, and rabbits! People join and leave the parade as and when they please,🫣 but nobody wishes to miss the view at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the best place to view Easter in New York!🤌 Put all your efforts into making your bonnet buddies because it’s beautiful out there in the Easter Parade! 

📅 March 31, 2024 

📍Fifth Avenue, Street, New York, United States

2) 39th French Quarter Easter Parade | New Orleans

If I am being honest, people, New Orleans just needs a reason to pull out its fabulous parades and become the best yet again!👀 So it was obvious that it is back again with the Easter celebration! Garlanding the French Quarter into a street of lively music🎶, riders hop on the floats and ride through the heart of the street! 

The French Quarter Easter Parade begins with a silent auction🤫 in the morning with a Hat Contest, with everyone ready to grab the price for the best bonnet! Later, the streets are scattered with floats, marching bands, and beads with music so good that will make dancing irresistible! The parade circles back to continue the Auction but with a twist! A lavish private brunch awaits your presence with David Cook and Yat Pack band playing the best music to set the aura of Easter! 🐰

📅 March 31, 2024 

📍Omni Royal Orleans, New Orleans, United States

3) Easter Explosion of the Cart | Florence

Florence is set apart from the world on Easter, carrying the beautiful festival over centuries in its unique way! Dating back to 350 years of tradition, the Easter Explosion of the Cart, also known as Scoppio del Carro, takes place at the city’s heart! The cart strolls through the streets decorated in garlands, with drummers, lag throwers, city officials, and clerical representatives walking side by side! Built in 1622, the wagon is the centerpiece, taking everyone’s attention! 👀

The thrill of the show begins when you see the wagon rigged with arsenals🧨. The cart reaches the Cathedral, where “Gloria” is sung while the archbishop takes up Colombina (a rocket symbolizing the Holy Spirit), and the show of explosion begins. It is believed that if everything goes well, everyone will cherish a good harvest,🌾 so pray away for the best explosion of the year! 

📅 March 31, 2024

📍 Piazza del Duomo, Florence, Italy

4) 91st Annual Easter Promenade | Philadelphia

Philly takes it to another level to celebrate Easter with a promenade and festival on Easter Sunday!😲 For almost a century, the Annual Easter Promenade in Philadelphia has been free to people, with bunnies and top-level fashion overflowing on the streets. It feels like a fashion show was set live but with an Easter theme. Undoubtedly, The Best Dressed Contest👗 is taken pretty seriously every year. 

Let me sort out Easter Sunday perfectly for you! Head to South Street for the day and refurbish your wardrobe with spring wear and vintage flair! Get your loved one an Easter gift🐥 or bonnets to make them hop with happiness! Visit the amazing cafes, restaurants, and local places for mouth-watering cuisines, or simply make a good (or bad!) decision😜 to get your hair cut or styled at salons! 

📅 March 31, 2024 

📍 South Street Headhouse District, Philadelphia, US

5) Beaches Easter Parade | Toronto

Coming to the friendliest country you can think of, Ontario’s capital welcomes Easter with open arms and an enormous parade as a dessert!🍾 The Annual Beaches Easter Parade, a two-hour-long parade started in 1967, brings Queen Street back to life every year with colors, pump-up music, and the best Easter festivities!  

Lions Club🦁 took the initiative to plan the parade in 1981. The traditional setup of the parade is the limelight, making it one of the oldest and largest Easter parades! More than 50,000 people🧑‍🤝‍🧑 from around the world are waiting to attend. Lions Club salutes you if you ever saw elephants marching in the parade. That makes you the true Beacher! 

A tip: There’s an Easter Egg Hunt In Toronto on 29th March! Egg hunts in Toronto are absolutely fun, so I thought I would just leave you a heads-up! 🫣

📅 March 31, 2024 

📍 Beaches Toronto, Queen Street, Toronto, Canada

6) 65th Annual St. Augustine Easter Parade | Florida

Florida takes the floor every year during Easter and whispers, “I am the best😼,” slowly with the 65th Annual St. Augustine Easter Parade. The nation’s second-oldest Easter Parade was commemorated in 1956. Beginning from the Old Jail Museum, the parade lasts more than an hour and ends at the Visitors Center!

Also known as St. Augustine’s Parada de los Caballos y Coches (Parade of Horses and Carriages), the parade is led by the St. Augustine Royal Family (it feels very British, doesn’t it?😏), with an entourage, bands, locally made parade floats, pirates, festival representatives, and the Easter Bunny following the way! 

📅 March 30, 2024 

📍 Downtown Historic St. Augustine, St. Augustine, Florida, US

7) Semana Santa | Seville

Easter is never celebrated with such unique traditions as in Seville. Holy Week, which has been celebrated since the 16th century, is the most traditional, colorful, and beautifully emotional festival in the world. The procession starts with members of various brotherhoods ⛪marching the streets with pasos (floats) on their shoulders! The striking blend of religion, devotion, music, and art is exhilarating to observe once in your life.😌 More than 1 million people are predicted to attend Semana Santa, the most awaited week in Seville. 

You can see women wearing lace Mantillas with extremely intricate details,🪡 the rarest to find! During the procession, the acapella singing is the most emotional moment, which leaves everyone with goosebumps.😦 Not a single word is uttered during the songs, and only the best performers get the opportunity to have such an honor. 

📅 March 22nd to 31st, 2024

📍 Seville, Spain

8) Sydney Royal Easter Show | Sydney 

After learning about the preparations that the largest city in Australia is making for Easter, you are definitely going to scream, “It’s Sydney Time!!”📣 The fine blend of entertainment, agricultural displays, and unbelievable local cuisine is clubbed into twelve days of the Sydney Royal Easter Show! First held in 1823, it became Australia’s largest annual ticketed event, 💸attracting an average of 828,000 attendees! If I am being honest, it’s Sydney; who wouldn’t run there with any chance they get?🤷‍♀️

Here’s a glimpse of what you can find in these 12 days of heaven: 

  • Agility Dog Club Demonstration
  • The Paddock’s Outback Pony Rides
  • Farmyard Nursery
  • The Flower and Garden Pavilion 
  • Plenty of workshops
  • Floral art competition and others
  • Carnival

Expect exciting entertainment shows and skies lighting up🌃 with an impressive fireworks display whenever you can. Easter Sunday in Sydney is not worth missing! 

📅 March 22nd to April 2nd, 2024 

📍 Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney, Australia

9) 41st Annual Easter Egg Festival | Maryland

Maryland has made Easter merrier for the last 40 years with beautiful festivals.🐰 Whatever you can imagine, Easter needs to actually feel like Easter; Maryland has it all at the 41st Annual Easter Egg Festival

There will be different Egg Hunts for ages up to 12, the amazing Easter Bunny hopping around the place😃, live entertainment and music, free face painting and other arts and crafts, and exquisite goods and services by local area vendors to calm down the shopper within you!.🛍️ The best part is that net proceeds will be utilized to fund the Recreation & Parks Scholarship Program. 

📅 March 23, 2024

📍 St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds, Maryland, US 

10) Bendigo Easter Festival | Bendigo 

Bendigo doesn’t let you go in just one day with a parade!🙅‍♂️ During the three days of the grand Bendigo Easter Festival, the city converts Rosalind Park and the surrounding streets into a paradise full of whatever you wish for! 

Start your Good Friday with an Easter Egg Hunt in Bendigo for 80,000 eggs,🥚 roam Carnival Central, and find the treasure (you can surely try!) at Rotary Market, all while listening to music! Easter Saturday is for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fireworks display all over the city!🎆 It’s truly surreal! Lastly, Easter Sunday is the obvious Sherridon Homes Gala Parade, where you will witness the world’s largest Imperial Dragon🐉 strolling his way through the cozy streets of Bendigo! It’s an actual fiesta to make your Easter amazing! 

📅 March 29th to 31st, 2024 

📍 Bendigo, Australia 

11) 11th Annual Easter Day Eggstravaganza | Miami

Miami throws a celebration, and do you think you can miss it? Not that easily, people!👎 People love celebrating Easter, so the 11th Annual Easter Day Eggstravaganza is here to give you the best Easter Sunday in Miami experience! Bring your family for a day out with Easter treats,🎁 free entry, amazing food, and a surprise! 

Your day can be dedicated to listening to amazing young artists🎤 strolling through heath and community booths, where there are so many food trucks you just can’t count😋, or to the Kids Zone to let your inner child be free. Although, it is not recommended to miss egg toss, relay races, and bowling!🎳 Let your kids go and connect eggs to find cute and tasty gifts for them, and play with the Easter Bunny!

A small tip: Remember the surprise? I won’t say more; there will be a spectacular helicopter egg drop!🚁 (My mouth is shut, shushh!) 

📅 March 31, 2024

📍 Nathaniel Traz Powell Stadium, Miami, United States

12) LBA Easter Parade & Egg Hunt | Delta

It is time for the troublemakers of the house👶 to step up and be the highlight of the LBA Easter Parade and Egg Hunt with cute bonnets on their bobbleheads! Stealing the show with cute bonnets👒 is the priority of every kid! Help your kids decorate their little bikes and wagons for Easter-themed and get set to march down the street! 

The Easter Bunny and Delta Police Pipe Band will walk down the street from the Delta Museum Building! Kids, come prepared with your baskets🧺 because it’s egg collection time!! Ultimately, your reward is getting pictures with the Easter Bunny of the day! 

📅 March 31, 2024 

📍 Delta St, Delta, Canada

13) Pickering Easter Parade | Pickering

Skip all your routines because it is time to get your best bonnets out there for the Pickering Easter Parade! It is Easter time, and Pickering takes it seriously, very seriously!🫡 The City of Pickering partners up with Royal Canadian Legion Branch 606 and is here to give you a great experience of Easter festival and celebration! 

The theme of this year’s parade is Flowers Galore.💐 After an extra glorious parade, witness the Bonnet Contest, where people put their hearts and souls in their hats (no pressure!😶‍🌫️). Spectators (personal judges playing guessing games of who will win) get a complimentary burger🍔, or they can keep themselves entertained with games and live entertainment! Be the best picker and pick the parade of Pickering this Easter! 

📅 March 31, 2024 

📍 Bay Ridges Pickering, Pickering, Canada

See you on the Egg Side! 

By now, you know that I have provided enough reasons to visit these amazing parades and festivals around the world at least once in your lifetime! Why don’t you start your journey of exciting experiences from 2024 itself? If any of you is lucky enough to live nearby or in the same city, you get your hats and buddies ready to have the best Easter of all time! 

Don’t be worried if you can’t make it there. Here are a lot more events and celebrations of easter in the USA. Click on the link below and explore! 

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