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Top 10 Cinco de Mayo Parades and Festivals in the USA 2024

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

Last Updated: April 18, 2024

How amazing, top-of-the-world, and energetic does it make you feel when you think of attending parades and festivals? Well, that time is coming to you the first weekend of May! Cinco de Mayo is almost here, bringing with it a lot of parades, fests, carnivals, amazing Mexican food, and a truckload of memories! 

There might be a misconception that it is Mexican Independence Day, but in reality, it’s a day that many Mexican Americans have adopted to honor their culture and spread love throughout US communities. Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in the US are the best in the world, where every city celebrates its love of Mexican communities, customs, and cuisine! 

Nevertheless, some cities have the top Cinco de Mayo parades and festivals in the USA—they outrank everyone else! Since our readers can’t be left out of the thrills on the most exciting weekend of the month, we would be delighted if you didn’t miss the ones that are closer to you!  

1) Los Angeles Fiesta Broadway

Surprisingly, the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in America is also a festival where you don’t need a ticket to attend! Yes, Fiesta Broadway in Los Angeles is a free event that hugs everyone🫂 who loves to have fantastic times with friends and family at their fiesta! After four years of hibernation, it is here to celebrate its 31st Anniversary🎊 with a festival four times grander than usual. 

Witness the top artists like Alex Lora of EL TRI, Pablo Montero, Graciela Beltran, and social media sensation Chaparro Chuacheneguer, and… No, no, I will not reveal all the secrets to you! Let me take you through the activities there, starting with so much Latin food🌮 to gorge on, booths and vendors along the street, the Authentic Mexican Lucha Libre Show, the debut of the PlayLA Kids Zone, and the heaven for all, Beer Garden🍺! This isn’t even scratching the surface, but as I said, I won’t reveal it all! 

📅 April 28th 2024
📍 1st and Broadway, Los Angeles, United States

2) 31st Annual Cinco De Mayo Downtown Festival

In the middle of two skyscrapers🌇 somewhere near Downtown Phoenix, streets are lit up for the 5th of May with a full-fledged celebration for the Mexican community! If you haven’t guessed it yet, it is the 31st Annual Cinco De Mayo Downtown Festival time, one of Arizona’s largest multicultural celebrations

On the first weekend of May, the streets burst with color, sound, and the irresistible aroma of authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s a feast for all senses, with vibrant decorations, lively music, and games🎯 that bring smiles to the faces of young and old. This year, the legendary Big Mountain🎤 adds a reggae beat to the mix, ensuring your legs won’t stay still for long. A dazzling display of culture and community—it’s Phoenix’s way of going big, not just going home!

📅 May 5th, 2024
📍Downtown Phoenix Inc., Phoenix, Arizona, United States

3) Denver Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Denver commemorates May 5th twice a year, doubling down on the revelry!🎉🎉 Denver is undoubtedly the greatest and strongest regional Cinco de Mayo celebration! A Denver Cinco De Mayo Parade honors Mexican culture and winds through the city’s downtown before arriving at Civic Center Park, where the celebration officially kicks off!🍻 Anyone is welcome to watch and dance with the entertainers along the parade routes!

The parade ends at the Denver Cinco De Mayo Festival with not one, not two, but three large dynamic stages!😍 There will be a plethora of activities, competitions, and nonstop entertainment in addition to a variety of foods and one-of-a-kind goods for sale! It’s all there, plus so much more, from the most unusual Chihuahua Racesa and Taco Eating Contest🌮 to the dazzling Lowrider Car Show!  

📅 May 4th 2024
📍 Civic Center Park, Denver, United States

4) 37th Annual Portland Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

The 37th Annual Portland Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is another event that has emerged from the ashes following a three-year hiatus!😃 It’s time to take a break from your insane workload for the three days of Cinco de Mayo weekend and enjoy the authentic Mexican culture! Believe me when I say this: No reader of mine can miss May’s first weekend at the biggest multicultural festival in the state of Oregon! 🙅‍♀️

Live music with 30 vendors serving delicious dishes seems enough, right? Well, not here! I am so happy to make you happy by introducing you to  Guadalajara Artisan Village, Naturalization Ceremony, Family Fun Carnival🎡, Sunday Mariachi Mass, and Plaza de Niños (where you can enjoy Cultural crafts, games, activities, and free face painting), all at one Festival! It is a treat to your body and soul!

📅 May 3rd to 5th, 2024
📍 Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland, United States

5) 12th Annual Cinco de Mayo Parade of Lubbock

The city that wholeheartedly dives into the sea of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with all its efforts and love is Lubbock, USA!🪅 The 12th Annual Cinco de Mayo Parade of Lubbock is a joint effort of Los Hermanos Familia and Latino Lubbock Magazine. 

They do not only celebrate the day like others but push unity among the community🫂 while appreciating the beauty of Mexican culture. This year’s parade theme revolves around Celebrating Our Roots. They keep a window open for everyone (i.e., schools, marching bands, churches, car clubs, etc.) to lend a hand🤝 to make the parade even more memorable! Get on board at Avenue V, move on historic Broadway, and end up at Lubbock Memorial Civic Center! Lubbock is the ideal to experience if you wish to respect the authentic Mexican culture. 

📅 May 4th, 2024
📍 Broadway, Lubbock, United States

Loving the list so far? Events Guide loves making such comprehensive lists of the best author’s choice articles for you. Leave the planning on us and don’t miss out on any special days of the year.

6) Historic Market Square Cinco de Mayo Weekend

As far as we know, San Antonio has the best and most authentic Mexican culture! It isn’t a riddle that it also celebrates the 5th of May extensively. However, the market where this two-day festival is celebrated gives the weekend its charm!💫 Cinco de Mayo Weekend at Historic Market Square shines brighter because of the activities and aura of the market. This Market is the heart and soul of San Antonio! 😌

Savor authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex food, visit 100 locally owned businesses, and purchase handcrafted leather products, a wide assortment of ethnic clothing, and Mexican curios and relics. San Antonio is a beautiful city, but the city shimmers with culture and community bonding on Cinco de Mayo every year! 

📅 May 4th to 5th, 2024
📍514 W Commerce St, San Antonio, United States

7) Cinco de Mayo Parade in Chicago 

Come Cinco de Mayo, Chicago transforms from the Windy City to the Whirlwind Fiesta City, hosting a lively parade; even the skyscrapers seem to sway along! The Cinco de Mayo Parade in Chicago kicks off at noon on the dot at Cermak Road and Wood Street; this vibrant spectacle pulls thousands🧑‍🤝‍🧑 from their couches to the curbside. 

As the parade floats, a cascade of colors and sounds floods the streets! Dancers in eye-popping costumes spin tales of heritage with every step while marching bands🥁 crank up the festivity to “can-you-hear-me-now?” levels. And let’s not forget the food! Follow your nose to Douglas Park for an authentic taco that you might just start speaking Spanish. Here, you’ll find a festival buzzing with live music🎶, carnival rides, and vendors selling charming crafts🎁. If you want to spice up your May, join the parade where the fun is the only thing taken seriously!

📅 May 5th, 2024
📍 Cermak Road, Chicago, United States

8) Annual Cinco de Mayo Parade in New York

The star city of the USA, New York, switches on its charming persona on the 5th of May yet again with an exclusive parade! Stealing the spotlight😦 (and so much deserving of it), the Annual Cinco de Mayo Parade in New York strikes back again this year with a joyous and colorful parade🎉 of the month! 

Traveling along Central Park West, the parade route is decorated beautifully, and the procession adds even more beauty to it! Relish in the vibrant sounds of Mariachi music and a rainbow of vibrant outfits👗 crowned with sombreros! Celebrate the real spirit of a Mexican fiesta with lively speeches, mesmerizing dances, and an ecstatic environment. New York loves being a little ✨extra✨, and I absolutely love it! 

📅 May 5th, 2024
📍 Central Park West, Manhattan, New York, United States

9) Tequila Fest Atlanta Cinco De Mayo Weekend

Find yourself screaming, “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!”🍸 on the first weekend of May in Atlanta, as the city only needs a tiny reason to get the bottles out and have the biggest party of the year! Tequila Fest Atlanta Cinco De Mayo Weekend pulls hundreds of people to celebrate the huge day with music, dancing, and tequila all the way! 

The artists have sworn not to make you even think of leaving the dance floor with their sick beats🎚️ and amazing music! All you need to do is get your tickets🎟️ (and force your friends to do the same) to make millions of drunken stories! If this helps, they will give complimentary BBQ and Jerk chicken🍗 and tequila shots! I just made your choice easier, didn’t I? 

📅 May 4th, 2024
📍 Atlantic Station, Atlanta, United States

10) Carlos & Pepe’s 44th Annual Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

On point, on time, and not missing any year, Carlos & Pepe’s 44th Annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta never gets canceled, not on Carlos and Pepe’s watch! Every year, people gather around to celebrate 5th May to the fullest! The two-day festival is an accurate excuse to enjoy live music, traditional delicacies and dishes,🤤 refreshing drinks, and many surprises hidden under the carpet! 

Blend in with the Mexican community and its lively spirit, experience the culture close up, and see the excitement of the festival! Readers, don’t just be “interested,”👀 but dress up and get going to one of the longest traditions in Florida!! 

📅 May 3rd to 5th, 2024
📍 1302 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Head to the Paradise of Parades! 

I’m happy to see that you’re as excited as we are to know which parades and festivals are worth your time! If you’re spending a weekend celebrating, why not choose the best one, right? Our task is to guide you to the doorstep of the best parades and festivals of Cinco de Mayo, although it is your time to step into the charming festivities! Begin your May in the best way! 

Don’t worry if you can’t make it there. There are many more Cinco De Mayo events and celebrations in the USA. Click on the link below and explore! 

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