As you would be ready to create yummy dishes for the 4th July celebration accompanied by mouth-watering desserts that are better than the fourth of July fireworks that each one of us love. Get the booze in your hands and toast to the freedom and independence. In this article we will help you to and show you how to make cocktails or drinks be it rum, champagne, margarita, vodka or any of your favorite drink and not something elementary or plain but drinks that will match your patriotic theme. Get ready to create red, white, & blue boozy drinks for 4th Of July.


Here are some of the best red, white and blue boozy drinks for 4th of July to accompany you and your guests for the celebration:

1. Berry-Pop Rocks Cocktail

boozy drinks | berry pop rocks cocktail

Image Source: Homemade Food Junkie

Get your Smirnoff vodka and blue curacao liquor out and create the most amazing 4th of July cocktail. It will taste as good as the independence that Americans enjoy. 

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing Red, White, and Berry 4th of July Cocktail


2. 4th of July Patriot Punch

boozy drinks | 4th of july patriot punch

Image Source: For The Love Of Food

One of the irresistible red, white, and blue boozy drinks has to be this patriotic punch!  A punch that will be great to accompany you with parties or backyard BBQ parties, all you need to create this 3 colored drink is Hawaiian Punch Blue, Low-Calorie Gatorade, and Diet 7up. It can be even created without alcohol for everyone who doesn’t drink alcohol and also kids. 

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparingr 4th of July Patriot Punch


3. Flirty Firecracker Cocktail

red, white and blue boozy drinks | flirty firecracker cocktail

Image Source: Communikait

This cocktail contains fruity flavors in it, the red and blue color in this drink is due to raspberry and blue raspberry syrup that can be created with alcohol like pineapple vodka or the alternative of alcohol is soda. So this is perfect for both drinkers and non-drinkers. 

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing Flirty Firecracker Cocktail


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4. Red, White, and Blue Piña Colada

red, white and blue pina colada

Image Source: Home Sweet Jones

All the Piña colada fans out there make this delicious 4th of July red, white, and blue piña colada for the spirit and patriotism and lead the beautiful evening with this booze. 

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing Red, White, and Blue Piña Colada


5. Layered Jello Shots

4th of july special | layered jello shots

Image Source: Princess Pinky Girl

This is not your ordinary jello shot, this jello shot has a patriotic theme. The combination includes sweetened condensed milk with liquor so that would be something new that you’d try along with vodka in jello shots. So have tricolor shots with your friends on this 4th of July.

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing Layered Jello Shots


6. 4th of July Boozy Margaritas

4th of july boozy margaritas

Image Source: Delish

This thick drink will be a great addition to the summer drinks as it is slushy and will refresh your mood in the summer. All you would need is silver tequila, triple sec, and grenadine, blue curaçao and lime juice

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing 4th of July Boozy Margaritas


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7. Campari Sangria

4th of july special campri sangria

Image Source: Inspired By Charm

Campari is a red bitter Italian aperitif that has a strong orange taste. Campari Sangria is bitter along with a touch of sweetness from honey and fresh fruits used to create it. With its vivid colors and citrus flavors, this Campari Sangria is as soothing as it is stunning. You can offer this recipe for brunch, dinner, or anything in-between.

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing Campari Sangria


8. Popsicle Cocktails 

red, white and blue popsicle cocktail

Image Source: Tipsy Bartender

Popsicles will go hand in hand with drinking in a fancier way. Drink your booze or rather have your booze in a frozen form and eat it out. Sounds great? Well, it is as wonderful as it sounds. Try this themed and rather chilled boozy popsicles, because why drink in a conventional style.

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing Popsicle Cocktails


9.  Kid-Friendly Patriotic Punch

kid friendly patriotic punch

Image Source: Mom Endeavors

This is perfect for backyard BBQ or pool parties at your home. As Twizzlers are basically edible straws they are important for this drink, along with the items that are needed for the creation of this drink. This drink on the list is non-alcoholic for the kids out there to enjoy during the party.

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing Kid-Friendly Patriotic Punch


10. Patriotic Celebration

vodka cake patriotic celebration

Image Source: J P Photography

What is better than celebrating independence with a cake? Well, vodka cake, this patriotic celebration contains vodka cake. This cocktail has cake vodka (hence the part of “celebration”) and the blueberry schnapps blend well with it, particularly with the sprite, yum! So Happy Birthday America! 

Get the Recipe & Directions For Preparing Patriotic Celebration

Whatever is your poison, get into the spirits and pour your favorite red, white and blue boozy drinks for 4th of July celebration. Celebrate this day with loads of fun, dancing, yummy dishes & scrumptious drinks.

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