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Premji the Movie #IAmPremji Dubsmash Contest


Last Updated: July 7, 2015


Last Updated: July 7, 2015

10 july premji

Something really aesthetic about Gujaratis is that they take pride in their language, cultures and ethnicity despite the fact the corner of the world they reside in.Hon’ble Prime Minister once said Jya jya vase Gujarati tya tya vase Gujarat” (wherever there is a Gujarati there is a Gujarat there).

It is now time to celebrate the Gujarati spirit and welcome a Fresh Gujarati Film into the Cinema.

Premji Rise of a Warrior.

We Gujjus always seek a fun element in everything. For us food and entertainment are the basic needs of survival. We decided to give out free goodies to our fellow Gujjus and check their acting skills.

We hereby present to you Premji The Movie Dubsmash Contest.

The contest is packed with a lot of fun and several FREE Goodies and Movie Tickets.

To Participate:

1. Download the Dubsmash Mobile App on your Android/ IOS device.

2. Search for the soundboard Premji The Movie.

3. Create a Dubsmash with your favourite dialogue.

4. Upload it on Facebook/ Instagram with the #IAmPremji.

Then keep calm and wait we shall review your Dubsmash and the best gets freebies!

Here are some interesting Dubmash Team Allevents.in created.


Participate Now! #IAmPremji

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