Polam Pol a perfect blend of Gujarati Entertainment.

12th of February one more Gujarati movie hit the box office, after successful releases of Urban Gujarati films like Kevi Rite Jaish, Bey Yaar, Gujjubhai the Great and Chello Divas now we have Polam Pol to add in the list as well.

The movie is filled with witty one liners and comedy of errs. With actors like Jimmit Trivedi, Ojas Raval, Jinal Belani along with Jayesh More and Prem Gadhvi the acting is above par. The movie proves that theatre actors promise great work even on the big screen.

The first half of the movie is quite draggy which makes the audiences feel that the story isn’t progressing but with witty jokes it keeps us glued to the screen. A tale of rags to riches and journey of accomplishing your dreams is what Polam Pol is all about.

Gujarati music in the recent past hasn’t made up to the mark of Bollywood music but the Title Track and the Romantic song “Sapnaao Sacha Thashe” of Polam Pol is certain to leave you with a smile on the face.

All in the movie is worth a watch ignoring minor errors like screenplay and unwanted long scenes. Movie doesn’t promise to be different but it is certain to do wonders at the box office.

Allevents.in says : Worth a watch for the pride of a Gujju.

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