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An Art class that made 7x revenue during the pandemic with Events on Demand!

Last Updated: September 18, 2020

Last Updated: September 18, 2020

Events on demand

pH Designs conducts art & craft workshops and offers more than 60 types of workshops. In the last three years, they have built an outstanding community of more than 4900 art lovers. More than 78% of the ticket sales of pH Designs happen from their community members, which is their loyal audience.

In the beginning of 2020

In the initial two months of 2020, they expanded their studio size to accommodate more participants & parallelly, they also increased the number of workshops they conducted. This whole idea of revamping their studio space was to double the workshops, which eventually boosted their revenue by March.

Everything was working pretty smoothly for pH Designs until mid-March when India declared complete lockdown across the country due to COVID-19. They had to cancel all their upcoming workshops, which affected their revenue acutely and almost got them down to a zero.

Pandemic hit them hard as well!

Just a week before the lockdown announcement in India, we at AllEvents.in released a new update to support online events, so that the organizers do not need to suffer because of the lockdown.

We reached out to the team of pH Designs to start experimenting with the online workshops. Until that day, they never really felt the need to conduct an online workshop. Also, because they never tried the online space, they were not very confident or sure about how things will pan out for them.

They gave it a try because there was nothing to lose quite honestly. They started with zero expectations, but surprisingly, they found some participation from their existing audience. Of course, it was challenging to get the same response as they did when they used to conduct offline workshops, but this was good enough.

After this pH Designs continued with the online workshops, but there was a limitation. Since they are into art and craft, the complexity of the work differs from workshop to workshop. They can only conduct limited workshops where participants can easily learn from a live workshop.

But when it comes to high priced and complex workshops, the participants can’t follow the instructions in a go and can’t really practice live.

Events on demand became savior for pH Designs!

pH designs revenue

They shared this challenge with us. As a result of our discussion, we came up with a new format called ‘Events on Demand’. In this format, participants can buy the tickets and access the workshops’ high-quality recordings for the lifetime along with the reading materials.

The team at pH Designs started recording their advanced level workshops. We began building Events on Demand module on AllEvents.in.

Within a week, the videos were ready and so was our platform! We started uploading videos to their event page and made these videos restricted to the participants who paid for it. The moment they published their first event on AllEvents.in, the system sent out notifications to all their 4900 subscribers. Soon, they started getting messages from the participants which created the buzz even about their pre-recorded sessions.

The most common question was, “Why would I pay for a recorded workshop?”

It was something new for their participants too. They had paid before for offline or live workshops but never for a recorded workshop.

Initially, it took some effort to convince people that the recorded videos are a better option than a live one for such complex workshops. They will need these videos every time they are practising.

And the registrations started rolling in!

One time investment in recording the videos, that’s all it took. They kept on recording and adding other new workshops to their page. Our team helped them push these workshops even outside their community. Studios, locations, and timezone were no longer a problem for recorded videos.

Events on demand

Our platform having a global presence played an essential role in helping them reach and capture the global audience with this new format of events — Events on Demand!

It was a successful experiment for them as well for us. It did not just help pH Design recover their revenue but increase it by seven times.

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