Ahmedabad can sureshot be called one tourism hub. It houses some of the magnificent architectural pieces, religious temples, and mosques that have great heritage value and a lot more. The old city of Ahmedabad is a prized possession for the Amdavadis. It holds the culture amidst the tiny lanes of the pols, huge and beautiful temples that display finely carved and intricate architecture. Ahmedabad is a home to ancient buildings and architectural masterpieces, they don’t call it a world heritage city just like that you see.

jama masjid ahmedabad

There is this one religious place in Ahmedabad which is a blend of Hindu and Muslim community. The place is supremely famous for its architecture and history, it is the Jama Masjid of Ahmedabad. Jama Masjid was supposed to be a Hindu temple of the Goddess Bhadrakali. The architecture and formation of the building say enough, it is very much constructed like a temple and less like a mosque. In 1424, Sultan Ahmed Shah the founder of Ahmedabad built the Jama Masjid.

jama masjid ahmedabad

The mosque was built for the private shrines of Sultans. Jama Masjid holds the tombs of Ahmed Shah and very close to which are the tombs of his wives at Rani no Hajiro. The mosque is spread in a wide area having a prayer room with the pillars that are carved typically like any other Jain or Hindu temple, then there is a mihrab in the mosque and the building is built with beautiful yellow sandstones. The main prayer hall has over 260 columns supporting the roof, with its 15 domes, making a walk through the hall a beautiful maze of light and shadows. Jama Masjid, located outside the Bhadra fort area is a must visit in Ahmedabad. The place gets all the eyes from the wanderers across the world.

minars of jama masjid

AMC and other tourist advisors organize where they mostly include Jama Masjid in their trail. If you are an Amdavadi and yet you haven’t visited this place then you definitely should because there has to be something here that lures people across the globe to come and visit, right?

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