Everyone is tired of sitting in their home and waiting for this pandemic to get over, but we are constantly bringing you different events that you can enjoy from your home so that you have something to enjoy during COVID-19.  In this blog, we have listed online meetup events that you can attend, you would have an amazing time as you would meet people online who share the same interest and taste as you or are searching for something just similar to what you are looking for.

Here is the list of online meetup events which will help you to get close to people even in distance:


1. Thinking Environment Virtual Coffee Meet-Up Hosted by Linda Aspey

Anyone, anywhere in the world, who is interested in the Thinking Environment and has been on a course, a workshop or read Nancy Kline’s Time to Think books. Meet others, give and receive support and friendship, and share thoughts about how we can come through these challenging times with as much Ease and Appreciation (among other Components) as we can. You can come to one, a few or all meetings. If you can stay for the hour that would be great as we’ll be meeting in the larger group and in smaller tables, and perhaps in pairs.

This event will be streaming live on 22nd April.


2. Bring Your Own Lunch: BYOL (Virtual Meet Up)

During these times of social distancing, quarantining, and working remotely, we need community now more than ever. Bring Your Own Lunch (BYOL) is our new weekly series where the Ladies Get Paid community can come together over video chat. Hosted by Ladies Get Paid, Founder, Claire Wasserman, she will share career tips, host an AMA (ask me anything), invite guests for fireside chats, and more. Topics such as: continuing your career growth during this time, how to deal with anxiety, looking for jobs, best tips for productivity, and more.

This event will be streaming live on 24th April.


3. GitHub Security Virtual Meetup

The GitHub Security meetup is a great opportunity to connect with other security researchers and developers to discuss all things security! Offense, defense, variant analysis, vulnerability impact, and security triage workflows, we welcome it all! Connect with other security researchers or developers and discuss all things security! In accordance with the COVID-19 social distancing rules, this meetup will be a virtual event, hosted on Zoom.      

This event will be streaming live on 24th April.


4. Meetup LinkingUs – Mental Health

Mental wellbeing is key to our personal and professional success, particularly taking in consideration the challenging time we are living due to COVID-19. Therefore, we will be addressing this topic during our next monthly meetup with the main goal of supporting each participant in increasing his / her Mental Health awareness.

We will be discussing, amongst others:

1. The importance of Mental Health awareness

2. Key measures to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace and daily life

3. Stress and anxiety

4. How to maintain or increase mental wellbeing while in quarantine and working from home (if applicable)

The session will be based on the exchange of experiences and knowledge and we will encourage all participants to share their views and questions.

This event will be streaming live on 26th April.


5. Coffee & Convos: Cultural Impact

On the 3rd Saturday of every month, we will be hosting a “meet-up” of sorts where friends new and old can get together over a cup of coffee and enjoy meaningful and purposeful conversations! We see these meetings as time and ongoing opportunity to connect with our network and yours, and to engage in REAL, awesome, game-changing conversation! It is a free event that is open to all and is very casual in nature. Coffee & Convos is a gathering place for anyone who is desiring or values authentic community and is wanting to step into becoming the best version of themselves – in all areas of life!

This event will be streaming live on 27th April.


Also, why just learn when you can share your skills or make others learn?

Do something that you never had the courage to do. If you think you are really really good at something, share your knowledge with the world. Good at creative art? Hold an art and craft class or artistic meetup events to help people bring out the creativity. Know how to make the best dishes of specific cuisines, host a cooking class online and share your expertise.ou can also host online meetup events; if you have got that in you. Cooking, art or any subject, if you feel you can do it well; do it. Do it and share it with every one, take your hobby, passion or knowledge to another level. We at AllEvents.in encourage and want that people share their talent with others and be a catalyst in making someone’s life happening.

If you think you have got this then organize and host events online with AllEvents.in for free and hold your very first class online.

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