Coronavirus has put us all through a major turmoil; we realize that the event industry is the one that is majorly affected. While we cannot host offline events and mass gatherings are a big no-no, we can always help people to do something when they’re stuck at home. Host online events with these event planning tools that will help you in giving all the right ideas, manage your event and also where you can actually host your events.


Project Management Tools

1. Trello

Get organized and prioritize your work, with the help of Trello. Trello lets you create projects which are known as boards and you can add tasks according to your choice called cards into which you can list the items. It is a free to use software which simplifies your work and make any work organized. You can add videos, audio, and photos along with text in Trello.

If you want a spreadsheet way of organizing your data then Airtable is your way to go.

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2. Monday is a visual project management tool, a tool that helps to bring together all the staff along with their tasks and the deadline of everyone involved. Everyone can access the workflow of the colleagues and stay constantly updated about the progress of the given project from the dashboard. It is very useful for collaborative projects too.

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3. Slack

Slack is the better alternative of email, rather than scrolling through email threads, you can create channels for the specific tasks or groups or departments, in which you can send any type of files that are essential for the business. Slack also has a search feature through which you can search any of the previous messages to easily find what you want. 


4. is an event discovery platform that helps you host both offline and online events. In this time of COVID-19, they have decided to waive off the transactional fees understanding the situation of event organizers. Why Well, they promote the events that have potential and are needed by the event seekers, it’s fairly easy to use platform and you can manage your events with absolute ease. 

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5. IFTTT– If This Then That

Stop doing daily tasks that you do manually, rather use this tool to automate processes that will save your time. Do you tweet daily? Do you need your Instagram account to get updated daily? Want to add Facebook posts? Automate these tasks using IFTTT and stop doing the tasks manually. 


Ideas & Inspo

1. Evernote

Have you got any idea that you need to note down? Came across anything on the internet that you’d like to explore more about? Doodle or use voice recording feature even pdfs. Basically, anything you would note down on your phone and then sync with every console that you use. This is a great tool to store any of your inspirational ideas for you to check out later and not forget anything.

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2. Pinterest

Reading and researching text can be a little tedious process. Luckily Pinterest is a place where you will be able to find inspiration through images that can be less stressful. Create boards in your accounts according to your needs and add pins to it so that you can check on them anytime. Discover and get inspired on this platform. 


Meetings, Livestreaming & Webinars

1. Zoom

Zoom is the right solution for anyone who wants to host a conference, a training session online or even a webinar. It allows about 1000 video participants and if you are trying the free version; it limits the number up to 100 video participants. It is one easy to use the platform, available globally and has fantastic streaming quality. 

Skype is also a great alternative by Microsoft for meetings and video conferencing. 

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2. Webinar Jam

Broadcast thousands of people at once with up to 6 presenters to collaborate and give an expert opinion on the service or message you want to provide. With Webinar Jam You can stream High Definition, 30 FPS, high-quality video and audio broadcasting.

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3. Twitch

Twitch is a paradise for gamers who want to Livestream gaming videos as it has millions of users who watch people stream videos on the platform. This website has a huge userbase perfect for reaching a large crowd and is the largest platform of Live streaming for gamers.

Apart from Twitch, you can even try Challonge and Toornament for organizing live gaming events. 

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4. Going Live On Social Media

If you want to live stream from your channels or page, Facebook or Youtube Live is the best option to go ahead. With billion(s) of monthly active users going live on these sites, the reach of your stream will have a higher reach than other sites.

If you want to target a younger audience for your stream, the Instagram Live feature would be a better option.

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These were the few online event planning tools that will help you host your very first online event and even help you grow your business in these tough times of COVID-19


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