Mothers are literally god in human form. They give you birth, they nurture you and they support you no matter what, its a very difficult thing to do, but moms do that task successfully every single day. So to celebrate the motherhood and sacrifices done by moms all over the world, Mother’s Day is celebrated. In the year 2020, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 10th May, like every year it falls on the second Sunday of May. 

Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to celebrate Mother’s Day the way we did in the past due to the great pandemic of COVID 19 most of us are in lockdown. Due to which Mother’s Day celebration of 2020 will obviously be different. So to help you out with Mother’s Day ideas in this season of lockdown this article will help to make this special for your mom. 

Here are  Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas for 2020 – Quarantine Version 

1. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed | mother's day 2020

Treat your mom like a queen that she is and make her breakfast which she loves the most. Start spoiling her from the morning itself and keep treating her like she deserves to be treated for the whole day. Commonly, In every household mom is the one who wakes up the earliest and prepares the breakfast for everyone whether she is a working mom or not, so this would be a good gesture for her if you wake up early and create something delicious for her, you can easily learn to create something very tasty from YouTube.

So on Mother’s Day – this 10th May don’t forget to set your alarm several hours early than you’re used to and create breakfast in bed for your mom, with a beautiful rose(if you can arrange it) along with a heartfelt letter for her to express your gratitude and love for her to kickstart the day. 


2. Cook/Bake For Your Mother This Mother’s Day

cooking for mom | mother's day ideas

It may seem to you that many of the ideas for Mother’s Day on this list consist of making food for your mom. Well let’s be honest your mom would love if you would cook for her, it wouldn’t matter if the food that you made is up to the mark or not, she will definitely love it.

Head to YouTube and search for her favorite dish (YouTube to the rescue again) only if you have no idea how to cook it, otherwise, you can do it on your own. Serve the food in your best crockery which your mother would be saving for the time when the queen comes. Decorate your food like you’re the winner of Masterchef. You can even bake a cake for her this Mother’s Day during the lockdown as the chances of going out for dinner or getting something from the bakery are pretty slim. 


3. Get A Gift Card For Her In Lockdown

mother's day gift cards

Getting gifts from the outside world is a real difficult task right now as almost everything is closed in this lockdown, and if you’re living apart from your mother, then a gift card would be a good choice to give her. By giving her gift card, she can buy anything she is interested in and that too after this pandemic is over, and the great thing about a gift card is the validity which is considerably long at her favorite store, or to be safe just get her an Amazon gift card. 


4. Do It Yourself – No Gifts Can Beat This!

DIY gifts for mothers

It’s the thought that counts and when you put all the efforts and time just to make your priceless possession smile, we bet she’ll be impressed (might shed a tear or be all emo too). Gifting is truly about the thought and nothing will beat the DIY Mother’s Day gifts that you’re planning for your mom. It can be something as small as making a card and writing a few heartfelt lines that you feel about your lovely mother and it can be going all out by creating some fancy scrapbook that is filled with all the memories you have lived together. If you are dubious about this whole idea of making things from scratch just because you’ve never done it then you have online events to your rescue. There are endless Mother’s Day events that teach you wonderful crafts and help you with personalized gifts.

(The idea is still yours, but you just learned how to master it. That’s okay, in fact, bonus points for going above and beyond)


5. Surprise Her With A Virtual #FamJam

how to surprise your mom this mother's day

Mother’s day is also sort of a celebration and if we’re doing it, we’ve to have our fam together. Plan a virtual #FamJam and get everyone on the video call to surprise your mother. You’ll not need much of planning here because well it’s your family and there are endless old memories to reminisce. But if you want to go extra, plan some fun games a Q&A kind or everyone writes a letter to their mother and reads out. This might sound absurd but you will love this especially when you’re away from them. More or less, your mother will really love the effort that you put behind making it ‘HER’ day in a true sense!  #MissionAccomplished

We hope that this can help you in making your Mother’s Day a little better than other days (Ya ya, all days are Mother’s Day but let’s keep the extravaganza for 10th May). Make it special, make it personal, and obviously all about your MOM!

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