Every day we hear stories of women taking on leadership roles and in the same extent we come across instances of women pulling out of jobs due to family responsibilities. Recently we had the opportunity to speak with an organizer on who is doing beautiful things for her community.

Chetana Misra, the Founder of MompreneursIndia, had taken a break from her work to support her child when she bumped into her passion of helping others. This break led her to start MompreneursIndia in 2014, a community that supports women entrepreneurs grow and sustain.  Most of its members are women entrepreneurs who have experience in a corporate environment and feel the need to establish their own small or medium company. Currently, Chetana continues to work on software projects at her day job and manages the community at the same time.

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On being asked about the most significant challenges that MomprenuersIndia faces, Chetana says “I am not a funded business. Moreover, as the community is growing, so are the expenses. Since we are not funded, the scale of growth is slow since we have to rely on finding volunteers. Despite offering numerous incentives, finding volunteers who share our passion and are willing to give some of their time to the community is a big challenge since most of the mothers are already hard-pressed for time.”

“Women have huge potential, but certain responsibilities can limit them taking on regular jobs or career. That is when this idea of connecting mompreneurs service providers and service seekers came in. This idea flourished well, and we have seen our members grow from places to places.”

Chetana’s efforts to help mothers build their own business are applaudable, inspiring and were recently recognized by the ‘Facebook Community Leadership Program’. She will be heading over to the US during the second week of October for a 4-day event where she will receive a scholarship of $50,000 from Facebook. The AllEvents team wishes Chetana all the best.


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