Madhish Parikh
Elixir Foundation & Invincible

I started my community service journey as a volunteer but always felt I could do more. I wanted to utilize my potential to make a bigger impact on the society. During my undergraduate studies, a canteen talk with my college friend Rushiraj gave birth to the idea of Invincible. Not everyone has the luck of seeing their canteen talks come to life, however for me, that random discussion during my 2nd year at college is now an award-winning NGO that connect today’s youth with nature through adventures camps. So far, we have managed to train more than 15,000 young people through our camps all over India.

“My father is my greatest source of inspiration.”

Following Invincible’s achievements, In 2014 I received an award from the Hon’ble President of India for my Community Initiatives and Nation Development Programs. That single event has had the biggest impact on my life. As I received the award, I realized that with it came a responsibility. The responsibility to do even more. The Following year, I united 31 other Presidential Awardees, and Elixir Foundation was born. Elixir has been working in the areas of Empowering the State of Innovation in the Country, Heritage Conservation Initiatives with UNESCO, National Integration Camps, International Youth Exchange Programs and Environment Conservation Initiatives to name a few.

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Elixir hosted its first program with UNESCO in 2017 at Patan, India. The delegates were from all over the country and stayed with us for 13 days. During that period we formed a very strong bond without any of us even realizing. On the last day of the program, everyone was in tears and that was a very emotional moment for me. With tears in my eyes, I realized our common goal had turned the group into a family. Even though we all came from different parts of the country, spoke a different language, had different religions, we were united with a goal in mind. I understood what it really meant to be, an Indian. Elixir’s tagline is ‘Gifting Lives’. Keeping that in mind, I hope one day we can touch lives globally and collectively make the world a better place. I hope one day we can all feel what it really means to be, a human being.

“Contrary to popular beliefs, running an NGO is not easy.”

A few so-called NGOs with selfish motives have broken people’s faith on the system. My biggest challenge throughout the journey has been to reestablish that broken trust for NGOs in the community. Most NGOs do honest and selfless work, and they deserve their community’s support, especially because, #TogetherWeCanDoMore


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