This International Hug Day, 21st January, most people would find themselves doing any of the two things: either they’re hugging their significant other or hugging a pillow to sleep!

Often known as National Hug Day, it was started by Kevin Zaborney on 21st Jan in 1986, Michigan. The idea behind the Hug Day was to encourage people to hug family and friends more often! Of course, it didn’t stop there and people ended up hugging more than just family and friends. They thought hugging a dog would bring them peace, only it brought them fleece!

In all seriousness though, the annual day is celebrated on 21st January because it falls smack in the middle of Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day – a period when most people are low on spirits.

So, while the idea behind the Hug Day was a sweet gesture, there are some things you need to keep in mind!

Like?  Work appropriate hugs on International Hug Day.

And you’re left thinking that…

But not everything is so bad. In the last few years, we’ve seen some incredible memes, videos and god knows what not. People leave no stone unturned when it comes to making fun of such a nice, calming day; and, by the way, we’re not complaining!

So, we thought of compiling some of the funniest that we could pick off the internet. And trust us; you’ll love International Hug Day even more than ever, courtesy the memes!

Tell us, how many of you can relate to this?

Oh, wait! Maybe, you’re the kind of person of who got into sports because of the lady was bang on in her theory!

Now, not everything is funny and hilarious, as we saw some of the cutest videos in the world around International Hug Day!

Like the time when this dad sang Girls Like You while hugging his daughter!

Well, as much as this video was cute and it did go viral; it wasn’t published on the occasion of International Hug Day. Still, it’s darn cute and it perfectly encapsulates the idea behind International Hug Day!

The smile on the baby literally melts your heart and makes you smile!

Of course, it wasn’t as funny as the bromance between these two international dignitaries –

modi hugs

Guess he didn’t get the no hugging on international platform memo! Because judging by the reaction of the person getting hugged…well, for this one, we’ll let you make your own jokes!

Oh, did you know hugging someone can be good for health? Studies show that hugging can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce stress! Guess you don’t need hospitals then, now do ya?

Incredibly, this might just be true because nothing can ever trump having someone you love visit you at work when you’re feeling low!

How many of you remember watching this particular video repeat eh?

Now, there are those who might not mind getting hugged randomly! But there are also those who don’t accept hugs from people they don’t know, well their mothers taught them well, we suppose!

So, if you’re someone who enjoys making memes on people that hug a lot, here are some of the things that no huggers joke about!

A high five – though these are awkward for everyday things like…’you buy unsweetened soy milk, too? Up high, buddy!’.

A nice handshake. Perfect for goodbyes.

A secret handshake. Everyone will be jealous.

Then there are those who just love being Sheldon in our lives! They probably don’t understand that they might too need a hug someday. Although we’re pretty sure that they will be happy just doing this –

worst at comforting people| not a hug person

Yet even Sheldon knew life means nothing without having someone who can make sure you’re always looked after and hugged! Although looking at WWE stars makes us wonder if they’re a little too soft inside unlike how they act in the ring! Seriously though, what do you guys make of this meme that came out early on on the internet!

In all seriousness though, a hug can go a long way! Even if science cannot prove that hugs help in curbing heart diseases (or maybe it does), we all know that a hug can put a smile on our faces or stop the tears from flowing!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you go hug the first person you see after a breakup! Really? Is that even appropriate?

Here are the millennial guys with the answer! All it takes is a few beers and everyone begins hugging from there. End? Hardly! A few drinks later, you’ll find some of them hugging it out!

International hug day

But that’s just us guys trying to show who is more ahead in the bromance game!

So, this International Hug Day, remember that while a hug is a personal thing and somewhat a source of happiness/peace; it also the source of questioning eyes!

But to hell with it! If PM Modi can hug Obama without people calling it PDA, then why should you stop at hugging just one random person?

Doesn’t that make total sense?

Be careful though! Just because the Secret Service didn’t stop PM Modi from hugging President Obama; does not mean that you can hug a random girl & get away with it!

“How dare you! Jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai?”

So, we found a perfect solution of hugging people randomly. Just wear a sign-board that says FREE HUGS! And maybe people will willingly give you hugs and not sue you for it!

Free Hugs | Hugs Day

Found all this funny? Tell us what you believed to be the funniest meme or joke on International Hug Day! And hey, we can all find better or should we say, less intrusive ways to let people know that it’s all gonna be fine and they needn’t worry!

Or you can just hug them! Whatever floats your boat!


Anshika Sehgal is a travelling enthusiast and an avid lover of books and American TV shows.

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