A Rush of sadness and demotivation suddenly bursts without any prior warning as we are all fed up being stuck in the four walls due to unfortunate pandemic going on around the world. So now and then we need to uplift ourselves and being motivated is not as easy as it sounds, so to help you stay motivated, what’s better than TED Talks? Well, maybe many things, but for now, we have brought you inspirational Ted Talks to keep you motivated during this lockdown.

We’ve curated a list of 10 Motivational videos that you can watch and get inspired from:


1. The The Psychology Of Self-Motivation


2. If You Want To Achieve Your Goals, Don’t Focus On Them


3. Overcoming Hopelessness


4. Life Is Easy. Why Do We Make It So Hard?


5. How A 13 Year Old Changed ‘Impossible’ To ‘I’m Possible’


6. My Philosophy For A Happy Life


7. How To Be Your Best Self In Times Of Crisis


8. What I Learned From 100 Days Of Rejection


9. Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection


10. How To Motivate People To Do Good For Others


We hope these videos help you stay motivated in these difficult times of COVID-19! Watch these videos in these times of crisis to feel a little bit better everyday. There is a light after this dark tunnel. #StaySafe #StayHappeningAtHome

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