Mumbai is the City Of Dreams and obviously, only 24 hours in this city can be a little overwhelming as to which prime highlights to visit! Amongst all the intricacies and the long list of all the places to visit and things to do in Mumbai, here’s a narrowed down 24-hour guide to kill your boredom over the delayed flights or a short tour of the city.


1. Early Morning at Bandra

Morning In Bandra

A jog or a walk at the suburb of Bandra or Bandstand Promenade alongside the iconic sea line would be the best start to your day. The early morning sky and the calming wind touching your face, this place is filled with all the great vibes to start off the hustling tour of the city.


2. The Local Acquaintance and Breakfast

breakfast in mumbai

After a great job or a walk, fill your belly at the most amazing and known breakfast places like the Mocha Mojo and A 1Bakery at the Hill Road. Known for its cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins, a good breakfast will help you handle the hustle that lays ahead for you.

The Hill Road is the shopping delight of Bandra where you can spend a great time before the heat starts to build up. From breakfast to art and to shopping, this place has it all covered for you. The Hill Road or the Ramdas Nayak Road stretches from Bandstand Promenade to the Mount Mary Church. From Trios Mall for garment shopping to Elco Arcade for electronics to the shoe market and shops like La Judi Shoes, the Hill Road is quite popular.

While you’re here, the backside of the bakery will lead you to Chapel Street with many graffitied walls. You can also stop at the Yoga House and refresh yourself with the mud pot chai while you’re exploring the area.

Apart from the cafes and bakeries, the most iconic breakfast can be the street food in Mumbai and it’s famous spicy vada pav at the stations or on the street stalls.


3. The Haji Ali Shrine

haji ali dargah mumbai

With your tummy full and your energy level 101, start off to visit the Haji Ali Dargah located in the islet off the coast of Worli. It is one of the most elegant places to visit in Mumbai, amongst the other places to worship. A famous attraction for the pilgrim Muslims, this religious place is located right in the middle of the Arabian Sea, giving a beautiful view for the visitors and worshippers. Haji Ali Juice Centre should be the next stop for the amazing taste and quality of juice offered.

While you’re in Mumbai, traveling by cabs will not highlight your experience as much as traveling in a local train would. Prefer one, at least once, to feel the energy, passion, and hustle in this city.



1. Lunch and More at Colaba Causeway

colaba causeway food

Leopold Cafe and Bar located the Colaba Causeway is one of the most famous places to have lunch at. With a great ambiance, amazing food, and chilled beer, your perfect lunch is all set here.

While you’re in Colaba, you can absolutely NOT miss out on the Colaba street shopping and the antics here. I hope your bargaining skills are uptight and ready for all the shopping you’re about to experience. You can also visit the Chor Bazaar for unique antics and cheap shopping.


2. Exploring the Art

street art mumbai

Mumbai is full of art and explorations. You can travel to visit the landmarks of the city like Mumbai’s most iconic railway station, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Further south in the city will welcome you to the prestigious and renowned Jehangir Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Modern Arts.

In the South of Colaba is the Sassoon Docks which hosts the biggest and oldest fish market of the city. Along with that, the area is very famous for its art. Many art projects, wall graffiti, and art festivals and art events happen here like the Urban Art Festival with the motto ‘art for all’. Many famous artists have painted and created art into this place and their work is quite a glimpse to catch.



With the sun going down and the atmosphere in Mumbai becoming a little bearable, the evening is stored for all the shopping spree.

1. Visit the Gateway of India

gateway of india

Where you’re there, do not miss to catch a ferry to see the historic landmark, the Gateway of India. When the sun sets, the place is lit with beautiful yellow lights and the view is worth capturing. The evening ferry will also catch you glimpses of places like the Taj Hotel.


2. Evening tea at Hotel Taj Mahal

tea at taj mahal palace hotel

One of the most luxurious hotels in Mumbai, this place is quite a status. While you’re in Mumbai, you can try and have a cup of tea and some evening snacks and visit this place.

From the Theobroma Bakery and the delicious pastries and brownies to the selfie at Gateway of India, Colaba is a great place to spend your evening at.

You can also pay a visit to the Fort Area, which is very close to Colaba, to see the Flora Fountain, gaze at the colonial style buildings, visit the old bookshop ‘Kitab Khana’ and the classic Jehangir Art Gallery.



1. Satisfy the Foodie inside you

Cafe Mondegar Mumbai

From bademiyaan k kebabs to enjoying the chilled beer at Cafe Mondegar and everything in between like the Prithvi Cafe and the street food like Pav Bhaji and chole tikkiya, wherever you go in the city, you will find great places and food junctions like these.


2. The Marine Drive

marine drive

With a happy belly and the hustle of the day, you can sit by the rocks on the Marine Drive gazing at the night sky. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beer or cutting chai, after having seen so much of Mumbai, the feeling would just be overwhelming. Be it your friend or your partner or your dog, any company is soothing at this place.


3. Ice Cream at Bachelorr’s

bachelorr's ice cream

The best way to end your 24-hour exhaustion is to have the amazing ice cream at bachelorr’s. The delicious ice cream is the perfect way to wave goodbye to your 24 hour trip to Mumbai.
So whether you have a flight to catch or a good peaceful sleep ahead of you, lay back and relive the most happening day that you lived in Mumbai.

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