Email credits significantly simplify the process of sending invitation within your network. Invite all your previous attendees and contacts with the click of a button. Email credits on are used to run bulk invitation campaigns with pre-designed templates. Each email credit allows you to send one invitation. The aim of this blog-post is to help you understand how email credits can be used to benefit your business.

How To Use Email Credits?

Step 1: Create Events

Create your event on, add all the relevant information from date and time to event name and ticketing option. Once you are done updating all your details, publish your event.

Step 2: Click on’Send Invites’

Once you publish your event you will get your event page. Find the organizer panel at the top of your event page, and click on Send Invites.

send email invites


Step 3: Email Invite Preview

On the pop-up window that opens up you will be able to say your email credits which will be 200 if you wouldnt have used any. You will be able to say a preview button, click on it and see what your email invite will look like.

email invite preview


Step 3: Create New List

Proceed with clicking on the button next, it will take you to a pop-up. Select Create New List button to create a list of your contacts that you wish to send the invitations to. Name your list or add contacts like past event attendees, Linkedin contacts or any list that you wish to create.

invite list

Once you are done with that, click on the Create button and proceed!
Under the same profile, created lists are re-usable and can be used for any event with email credits.


Step 4: Add/Import Your Contacts

Manually add or automatically import email addresses that you’d like to send invitations to. You may either enter each person’s name and its respective email address manually, Upload a .CSV file, or connect the Invitation system with your Gmail account and import its contacts.

Please make sure that the owner of the imported contact details are aware of it and do not have any objections regarding the same.

import contacts or csv


Step 5: Send Invites

Repeat Step No. 2 to open the Invitation system and select the newly created list on the pop-up window. After selecting the list that you wish to send invitations to, click on Proceed and provide the authorization to initiate the invitation process.

email list


Email Credits Tips

  • Always save the email address of the leads generated through the leads plugin on
    Send invitations to these leads as they are more likely to convert.
  • People that attended your events earlier and left with a good impression are very likely to attend your events again, don’t forget to save their contact details and include the same while running your email campaign.
  • It is advisable to send out emails at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event date.
  • Try not to run your email campaigns during the starting of a week as people are usually busy during that period and might ignore or miss the email.


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