With organic reach dropping on Facebook, year on year, people are turning to other channels to promote their event. One of the channels that almost every event organiser is turning to is Twitter. 

While building an audience on Twitter takes effort and time, it also is an opportunity to make a room for your event’s target audience using a hashtag. The conversational behavior of Twitter makes it perfect for event organisers to build a community of an audience that will be interested in their event. 

Promoting an event on Twitter successfully involves a lot more than just sponsored tweets. In fact, a true marketer would always suggest any brand a combination of organic and paid strategy. 

Here, in this article, we’ve compiled some of the easy yet awesome tips on how to promote your event on Twitter organically.

Pre Event

  • Create Your Event’s Very Own Hashtag

Create Your Twitter Hashtag

Hashtags are like rooms with labels of topics. In other words, they help in sorting posts of the same topics. This gives you a chance to create your own room where you can talk about your event only. Your hashtag should be unique, easy to remember and not too long in characters (unless you’re up to something creative).


  • Create A Tweet Calendar

Twitter Calendar To Promote Events

By a Tweet Calendar, it doesn’t literally mean that you have to strictly follow a schedule, like a specific tweet on a specific day. It simply means to have a list of posts that you can tweet every day or every alternate day. This could include different forms of content. For example, announcing early bird tickets, a lineup a day, sneak peek into the event’s preparation, past event takeaways or experiences (if any), partner collab declaration and much more.

You can even schedule your tweets beforehand to not miss out even a single day. This can only be done if you have your Tweet Calendar ready. 

Pro Tip: Use tools like Buffer or Tweetdeck for scheduling and monitoring your brand mentions and retweets.


  • Be Spontaneous

Spontaneous In Following Twitter Trends

There are a lot of conversations happening across the world on Twitter and every region has its own list of trending hashtags that you can easily spot on Twitter. 

Previously the trending hashtags were listed on the left side of the Twitter feed. In 2019, Twitter changed the overall experience of their feed and now you can find the list on the right-hand side of the feed.

You might be wondering how to use trending hashtags to your leverage. It’s not that hard, whenever you see a hashtag that can relate to your event in one way or the other, make sure to use them in your tweets. You have to be spontaneous and leverage those trending hashtags to capture a new audience for your event.

There are also a few niche trending hashtags that can get you around your target audience easily. For example, if you want to promote your upcoming painting exhibition gallery event, the niche and trending hashtag that can get your event popular among emerging artists could be #ArtistOnTwitter.


  • Follow Your Target Audiences For The Event

Follow Your Audience On Twitter

This is a no brainer. Everyone is interested to know who they got followed by, which to your benefit, would bring people to your account and would inform them about your upcoming event. The key is to follow the right and targeted people. 

This activity of following the target audience can also be automated. There are a lot of different tools available that can help you automate follows based on the tweets and other factors. 

For instance, if people from the fintech industry are your event’s target audience, you can use the keyword ‘fintech’ or #fintech as a trigger for the bot or tool to recognize the accounts to auto-follow from your account. While this is kind of a growth hack, we suggest you find the relevant people manually and follow the right ones based on their tweets, locality, and interests. Not only will this help you get more follow backs but also build a strong community for your event.


  • Contests And Promotional Giveaways

Contests And Giveaways On Twitter To Promote Event

Running contests is one of the amazing ways to connect with your audience and gaining more followers. Choose a relevant contest type according to your objective, it could be something as simple as retweeting and following your event or submitting a picture with your event hashtag.

There are multiple options for contests and competitions, offers and gifts that usually attract the audience, so create something around that. For instance, you can run a contest and reward a free event ticket to your loyal customer. This will be a win-win for you, not only will it instill more customer faith towards your brand but bring more engagement to your events as well.

Pro tip: You can use Rafflecopter tool to follow your giveaways and retweets easily.


  • Invite Or Partner With Influencers 

Collaborate With Influencers On Twitter

Influencers can create a buzz about your event pretty easily. You can bring your event to a spotlight and a talk-of-the-twitter by inviting an influencer to your event or by collaborating with them in some or the other way. Leverage their influence for your event and make it a hit show. 

Picture this, someone, who has been following an influencer for years now and they getting a chance to see them for real. Would they miss a chance to meet them? No. Would they spread the word with the utmost excitement? Definitely yes. Well, your job’s done here!


During Event

  • Maneuver Your Audience

Gimmicking Audience For Promoting Event On Twitter

Imagine Gary Vee showing up at a local digital marketing workshop near you. You feel it, right?  Everyone loves to be surprised. Now that doesn’t mean that inviting famous industry leaders to your event at the last minute is the only way you can play this stunt.
You can plan a surprise party or a game with a special hashtag to it and create engagement during the event. Maneuvering your audience to follow a certain hashtag is the best strategy you can apply to promote your event and plus it’s fun too! A funny hashtag or a catchy one does the trick, this might look like a shady idea but it works because in the end interesting things always work.

Take this, for instance, Russel Peters Deported World Tour having this hashtag #RushingToRussel. All the event-goers and talk around the event are being shared with the very hashtag; creating all the buzz and reaching a wide audience.


  • Install A Twitter Wall At The Event

Twitter Wall To Promote Event

A Twitter wall is nothing but a screen that displays tweets about your event. It’s a live feed around your event’s hashtag. Everyone loves to be in the spotlight. By using a Twitter wall at your event, your attendees are encouraged to share their opinions in the form of the tweets during the event, which in turn, creates a buzz for your event. Twitter walls are a thing that is never missed out in big conferences like SXSW, SMW, Rise Conference, etc.


  • Assign A Person To Manage Your Account

Social Media Manager For Twitter Promotions

Live-tweeting is important as it informs your Twitter account or hashtag visitors about the event’s updates. Having someone to manage your Twitter account during the event will help you to focus on the event while all those little moments are being recorded in the form of a tweet.

Make sure that the person you’re assigning this task of live-tweeting captures everything about the event. Every speaker, every artist, every new topic raised, even if someone just cracked a joke and everyone had a hearty laugh at your event, it should be live-tweeted then and there. Live updates create a vibrancy around your event, that amazes people and motivates them to attend your event the next day or the next time.


  • Tag. Tag A Lot. Tag Again.

Tagging On Twitter For Promotion

Tag speakers, panelists or artists in your tweets. There’s a high chance that a local influencer might be present at your event, tag them too. 

A retweet from a local and macro-influencer can help your event reach to a more local audience. Know your attendees and tag them whenever you can but not unnecessarily in every tweet.


  • Engage With The Attendees On Twitter

Engaging With Audience On Twitter

If you have promoted your hashtag well, not just online but even at the venues, using props or twitter walls, in on-screen presentations or in opening speeches, there’s a high chance that attendees will start using it in their tweets. 

Make sure you engage with them by not just liking and retweeting but also by replying to them. When it comes to engaging in the comments and replies, we suggest you take inspiration from Netflix.


Post Event

Things To Do For Promoting Event After Its Completion

So your event is over! Don’t stop yet. Post Event Tweets about the takeaways and experiences at the event creates a strong community for your event. Not only it is a great way to engage with the followers you attained during the event but it also attracts new people to join your event’s community. 

Tweet a series of throwbacks and tag people and ask them to share any throwbacks they would like to share. You can do this every now and then after your event is over.

Promise them an even better event the next time in tweets and stand by your promise.

This is all that you can do from the time you plan to conduct an event to the time you’re sharing the glimpse of the event with a #ThrowbackThursday. Make the most out of your social media presence on Twitter and keep your promotion on point!