Joining health and wellness events has been a growing trend and now even blossomed into a culture since people started to pay better attention to their health, not only physically but also mentally. It is actually vital to spare some time to recharge one’s energy, immerse in relaxation, combat stress and build resilience every once in a while.

Truth is, wellness sessions can help people heal sometimes just as much as medical treatments do. And they are obviously way more fun than hanging out in a hospital. Through fun activities and interactive teaching, wellness events break down tricky health concepts and heal people inside out.

Whether it is a yoga and meditation session or a nutrition workshop, make sure you put in enough time and effort to plan a wellness event and deliver some value to your attendees. 

Still confused about what to do with your upcoming event? Have a look at our checklist with all the steps and tips on how to plan a successful wellness event:


Wellness Event Goals And Target Audience

wellness event goals

Wellness events are all about embracing and creating a strong culture that resonates with the personal lives of participants. So, setting the goals to plan a wellness event clearly revolves around your target audience.

There are many focal points that can be considered when a wellness event is being planned. You can choose from the wide range of options in emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, occupational, social and spiritual wellness. 


Budget Of The Wellness Event

budget of wellness event

Wellness events have become a huge trend in the event industry. Planning the wellness event with a clear budget makes things easier by highlighting the limitations and realistic options. The budget revolves around a budget strategy, profit that be incurred and how much surplus money can be sourced, as follows:  

  1. Onsite event expenses – Venue, speakers, staff, entertainers 
  2. Expenses on event vendors – Decoration, catering, photography
  3. Expenses on technology – Live streaming, sound systems, consoles
  4. Marketing expenses – SEM, SEO, PR campaigns 
  5. Additional revenue sources – Sponsors, merchandise, donations, leveraging influencers


Distribute And Assign

distributing the event work

The next step is to define the outline of each and every work that needs to be done to ensure the fulfilment of the event. After different jobs have been identified, the responsibility for their completion needs to be either handed over or outsourced. 

This will ensure accountability of the people working with and under you and will also specialise the efforts because everyone will be specifically working on some or the other thing. 

You can either do this by handing over specific tasks individually or by making separate groups handling responsibilities like finance, venue, marketing etc.


A Relaxing Location For The Wellness Event 

wellness event location

Furthermore, the locations to plan a wellness event have a critical value in the success of the event. Depending on the target audience and the goal of the event, the locations can range from workplaces to campgrounds. 

The first call of action is to pick a place for the event.  The location is the most important aspect of the event because it defines the vibe you wish to give. The perfect venue for a wellness event are resorts that are designed to be relaxing, welcoming and create a sense of zen. Other options can also include, fitness centres, event centres or open spaces. The primary purpose of having a good location is to justify ‘wellness’. Although, the location vary according to the type of event that you choose, but usually they are relaxing in nature.


Theme Of The Wellness Event Should Mean ‘Wellness’ 

theme of the wellness event

Whether you aim to let your participants make their own vegan dishes or workout along with the Zumba instructor, the theme to plan the wellness event should be well-defined. As there are multiple ways to plan out a single theme, the creativity in including the latest trends can give you an edge. 

You can decide your theme based on your target audience. You can choose from the wide range of themes of the event and the sort of activity you wish to highlight. The theme needs to resonate with the attendees and also be something that would gather attention due to its unique outlook.

You can also decide the theme based on the national or international health & wellness events such as Stress Awareness Month, World Heart Day or International Yoga Day. Think differently, take inspiration from Pinterest! 

It is also important to give your event a unique and clever name that can be remembered easily. You should also look for the right event solution to enlist your event for free and promote it through a simple interface. There are many reliable event platforms such as Eventbrite,, Evvnt and Fatsoma to assist you for best results.


Demonstrations And Activities

wellness event activities

Demonstration and activities are important elements to add interest and fun in wellness events. These are the keys to have satisfied and happy participants, that can turn around for your upcoming events too. Below are a few points that can give you the required boost as a wellness event planner and leave a positive impact – on your business and the participants.  

  • Session of yoga and meditation 
  • Healthy buffet or cooking sessions 
  • Health Screenings
  • Customised challenges
  • Mental wellness talk or session 
  • Team building activities 
  • Webinars and seminars 


Collaborations Are Beautiful

plan a wellness event with collaboration

To create more influence and increase the scale of your event. Doing this sounds tricky, but it really isn’t. All it takes is to contact and converse with the right people and if your idea and your event is good enough the merging would flow smoothly. 

You can partner with the wellness organisations or professionals who can be a straight heads up for your event. These partnerships can offer everything from widening the network of potential attendees to increased funding. This also allows to increase the impact or capitalise on the individual strengths, leading to more successful events in the future. The best examples are nutrition experts, environmental groups, local gym, fitness studios, local restaurants, blood donation nonprofits and more. 


Easy Promotional Campaign

promote your wellness event

To plan a wellness event that is a grand success, marketing strategy and promotions need to be in place- always! Let’s talk about promoting your wellness event and get quality participants contributing to your success! 

It is critical to get the basics of good advertisement sorted with great title, suitable time, perfect venue, social media information and illustrations. These parameters make the advertisement attractive, informative and effective.

A good promotional activity is cost friendly, has a wide reach, keeps in mind the potential customers, creates a brand and is trendy and up to date. It is your only means of communication to your attendees and if done well, can either make or break the entire event.

Promoting your event through social media platforms can be an added advantage in the world of digitalization. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and social media groups to improve your network and promote the event as a breeze. You can also leverage external sources like vendors and partner with other wellness professionals/influencers for promotion. Don’t forget to mention discounts on early bird tickets, prizes and goodies in your promotions! 


Logistics Decisions 

logistics for planning wellness event

Coming to logistics, it is important to arrange for necessary equipment that would be needed for the event. A well defined budget for all the logistic needs should be made and stuck to.

 There are a lot of things that are to be taken care of when it comes to planning logistics for an event. The smallest of equipment like water bottles or tissues could make a lot of difference in the event. 

The logistics are mostly handled by the organising committee of any event.A tech team also needs to be available bearing equipment like microphones, speakers etc. The food and sanitation, the prints, the merchandise if any; there are so many alterations you can make in logistics. 

Furthermore, logistics even include a list of things the participants need to carry to the event. This could either be their own water bottles, extra set of clothes or let’s say if it is a yoga event you need to ask people to BYOYM (Bring Your Own Yoga Mat).


Finalize Ticketing Decisions

ticketing for wellness event

Ticketing decisions need to be taken, keeping in mind the cost of setup and the financial status of target participants. If the event is at a large scale, differential costs for premium and non premium tickets can be there a well; there could also be the option of early bird’s discount. 

Means and channels of ticket distribution have to be perused upon. 

Event management softwares are good to make your ticketing decisions easier. These sites provide invitations tools and sample templates that you can use in order to help you. 

Moreover, there are specific online ticket distribution sites as well that solely focus on selling your tickets to a set consumer base. You can always research to find the best and most affordable site of the lot.

Other than this, decisions for ticketing also include the entry options for the participants i.e whether they’ll have to show a QR code during entry, they’ll receive a hard copy invitation, they’ll have to collect a hard copy invitation prior to the event or can purchase tickets at the venue.


Empower Others And Grow With Them

empower with others

Plan a wellness event as a major way to support health and wellbeing. There is no better way to make a difference in the lives of people! For a better impact, it is important that the participants leave the event with great insights, knowledge, and an inspiration to take the required actions. 

Also, post the wellness event, it is important to keep a record of all the things that could have been further worked upon. The best way to do this is to collect the feedback and experiences of the event goers. These responses need to be analysed and kept in mind for the next time; because there is definitely going to be the next time.

There are hundreds of unseen things that you might face in the way that you wouldn’t have planned for but we hope this lets you know where to begin!