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The Ramayana School, an organization that is working with a unique objective is one of our few clients who turned the table in a favor when the world economy is drowning with a pandemic situation.

In the last 5 months Ramayana School has done workshops with participants from 15+ countries including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, New zealand, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Switzerland and many more.

About The Ramayana School

The Ramayana School provides an experience to learn Ramayana and other Indian scriptures and to apply them in real-world scenarios. They have developed innovative tools to dive deep into stories, conversations, and characters of Ramayana and other ancient scriptures and convert them into a life lesson that is applicable in the present time.With 50+ workshops and 25+ Olympiads, it has taught life lessons, inspiring from the life incident of Rama to 10000+ participants across 15 countries around the globe within two years. The unique concept and pure objective of enriching humanity sailed the boat of The Ramayana School.

Pandemic hit them hard as well!!

Things were working ok with The Ramayana School in the offline mode till March 2020. They were largely working in Indian cities. In March 2020, when the lockdown got announced, it became difficult to conduct the offline workshops. When the whole world was diving into depression, they came up with the idea of conducting workshops for whole families on online platforms. They planned to convert this situation into an opportunity to cater to the audience of different countries. 

The idea had great potential. However, conducting the workshops online with the same format was a difficult challenge. They tried to overcome the challenge and were successful with the new structure.

But the queue of challenges hasn’t stopped there. If they want to engage the audience of different countries with a single event, they need a smooth user interface that can easily manage the communication with the participants and resolve their problem of receiving online payments. Receiving online payment was not a challenge but receiving it in different local currencies was a challenge.

Solution to their challenges!!

After the announcement of lock-down, we at have introduced a new feature of Single event with multiple currencies to support the organizers who want to cater to the audience of multiple countries with online events with the payment option in multiple local currencies.

Amit dwivedi testimonial

The Ramayana School was able to see this feature as a solution to their problems. They started publishing events on using multiple currencies payment options with a single event and started catering audiences of different countries together.

Shantanu Gupta testimonial

As expected, the result started booming the revenue sheet. The Ramayana School almost tripled its revenue. They received immense response from participants. The audience was happy with the payment options. The amount of time between getting registration and receiving payments went down. The Ramayana School owned their audience. The audience was getting notified whenever they have something new to serve.

Our platform became a solution to their challenges and helped them to accomplish their objective of spreading the idea to different countries and capturing the global audience with the feature of Single event with multiple currencies.

We can say that, however difficult the situation was, The Ramayana School overcame it with flying colors. Shantanu Gupta, founder of The Ramayana School and Amit Dwivedi, Executive Director of The Ramayana School made this pandemic into opportunity and reached hundreds of families through an online platform.

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