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Fun Things to Do in Chicago this April 2024

Last Updated: April 4, 2024

Last Updated: April 4, 2024

Do you believe you haven’t made a monthly plan yet? With so many festivals and events to choose from, there are many varied fun things to do in Chicago this April! We have made you an amazing list of musical events🎶 , comedy shows, and so many festivals that will fill your schedule with events in Chicago

April brings the beautiful smell and colors of Spring to the city of Chicago!🌸 After enduring the infamous Midwest winter, Chicago is preparing for bloom and warmer weather. I know you are the most excited about something special (shush!!) this month. Let’s count what’s there for you! The musical lineup of this month is a beautiful blend of underrated ones and symphonic festivals. But wait, there’s more! Earth Day🌏 is celebrated dedicatedly this month with beautiful events in Chicago, bringing a smile on the planet! Plus, the annual and quirky festivals, exhibitions, and parties 🌟are always in the limelight! 

Explore events and things to do in April in Chicago as it unfolds its winter wonders, inviting you to savor the unique offerings that make this weekend in Chicago special.

The Musical Month of April 

Events from April 1st to 31st 

From rapping to classics, music events in Chicago are pumping above all this April!🎵 Let this month be the music to your ears with the best artists showing up to make your day musical! 

1) Nicki Minaj Live in Chicago

The born boss of the music industry, Nicki Minaj, barely needs an introduction! Popularly known as the Queen of Rap,🎤 her versatility, animated rap flow, and alter egos will definitely leave you in shock. Try having a count of number of times you scream “damn” on all her lyrical truth bombs, but let me warn you, counting the times she shocks you is unimaginable. 

📍United Center, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 24 and 25, 2024 

2) Chicago Youth in Music Festival 

Witness the young musicians from across Chicago passionately celebrating the annual music festival about a symphony orchestra. Under the direction of acclaimed conductor Giancarlo Guerrero,📃 the most accomplished young musicians in Chicago are seated side by side with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago at the festival. The whole festival is a symphony to the ears and appealing to the eyes. 

📍220 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 20 to 29, 2024

Exhibitions and Expos: A Geek Heaven!

Events on April 26 

The fourth month of the year is for the geeks of the city!🤓 It is no news that the exhibition events in Chicago are far from some typical boring ones. Cheek these out because every geek here, no matter your interest, can get crazy excited for these expos!  

1) C2E2: Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo

Being a movie, book, and comics geek can lead you to places like C2E2, which is heaven for you guys! Meet your favorite celebrities and voice actors, and get a photo op, a special item, or a headshot signed!🖊️ It truly is the best addition to your geeky collection (and something to brag about)! 😏Celebrate all the fandoms you love here! 

📍South Building at McCormick Place, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 26, 2024

2) Expo Chicago 

Navy Pier showcases the leading contemporary and modern art galleries every April.🎡 It isn’t just a simple walk admiring art; there are diverse and inventive programs of talks, on-site installations, and public art initiatives🖼️ at the Expo! Its first expo was held in 2012, and since then, it has been rising high and is a magnet for the people of Chicago! 

📍Navy Pier’s Festival Hall, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 26, 2024

Most Loved Annual Festivals of Every April! 

Events from April 1st to 31st 

Did you miss out on some amazing festivals last April? Don’t worry; there’s a spectacular lineup of annual festivals in Chicago that you can cover up! These thrilling traditions happen like clockwork each April, so if you missed out last time, get ready to check off some bucket-list moments!

1) Chicago Rum Festival 

A small number of companies that strongly emphasize the enhanced quality and education of the rum market come together for the 8th Chicago Rum Festival.🥃 Also known as Midwest Rum Fest, it celebrates and aims to bring back the time when Rum was the most consumed spirit. There will be four sessions, each targeted to different kinds of people who attend the fest! 

  • The Trade “Industry” Session
  • VIP Rum Experts Session
  • VIP Enthusiastic Session
  • Rum Aficionados General Admission Tasting Session

📍Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 20, 2024

2) One of a Kind Spring Show

Thousands of art and handmade goods enthusiasts will attend the One of a Kind Spring Show, which will feature over 350 gifted artists, manufacturers, and designers. 🖼️

For a springtime reset 🌷  and to locate fantastic gifts for spring and summer celebrations and holidays, this is the greatest event in Chicago. You can find thousands of options for your next shop across 20 varied categories. Take some time out because roaming the market might take a while! 

📍THE MART, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 26 to 28, 2024

Green City Market of Chicago

Events from April 6th to 20th

At the forefront of securing the future of food is the Green City Market of Chicago for the past 25 years! Through their unwavering commitment to sustainable farming practices, community education, and increased access to locally grown food, they are paving the way for a healthier planet.

Cheer them up as they advocate animal welfare, encourage respect for the environment, and grow a thriving local food market in Chicago! 

Respecting the Beloved Planet on Earth Day!

Events from April 1st to 31st 

Earth Day is observed every year on the 22nd of April. It reminds us how important it is to love and let the planet breathe better! Earth Day events in Chicago are a reminder to get back out there and do good!   

1) The Trashy Earth Market 2024

What better way to celebrate our beloved planet than by coming together as a community? End Earth Month with an eco-friendly spectacle at Gallagher Way! Explore one-of-a-kind gems created by craftspeople who upcycle items to create new works of art. For anyone who would like their unwanted items to be recycled, redistributed, or repurposed,♻️ they will be holding their popular Reuse & Recycling Pop-Up. It can never hurt to try to bring the earth back to life. 

📍Gallagher Way, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 27, 2024 

2) Free! Earth Day

Let Earth Day spark creativity and awareness in you! Show up at the Century Park Pavillion for an afternoon of activities and sustainability education📖 to let yourself be within nature and learn more about how you can preserve it. If you have a t-shirt👕 you love wholeheartedly but don’t want to give away (everyone has one!!), bring it along! They will help you make it a reusable bag that you can actually use every day! 

📍Century Park Pavilion, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 22, 2024 

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Events from April 12th to 14th and April 19th to 21st

Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen initiated the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 1999, which soon became one of the most prestigious global music festivals!m🎛️ This festival is held over two weekends in April and features a musical lineup that spans genres like rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, and electric dance music!🤘 Weekend 1 is in the first half of the month, where you can experience the amazing setups and performances! 

In case you are wondering, it is not just about music! There is a blend of established artists, emerging talents, art installations, and sculptures😍 around the venue! If you miss the first half, Weekend 2 is there for you! On both weekends, artists like Lana Del Rey, Doja Cat, Tyler the Creator, Justice, J Balvin, and so many more will be there to heal your heart with music!❤️‍🩹 Just remember to register and experience of the best music festivals in the world! 

Chicago and its Hilarious Comedy Shows! 

Events from April 1st to 31st 

April may be jam-packed with festivals, but guess what?👀 The laughter never takes a break! Comedy shows in Chicago keep rolling in, making sure there’s never a dull moment. The amazing comedians are here to welcome spring with laughter and lots of drinks! 

1) One Night Only! For The Next Eight Weeks

When the audience screamed “once more!!” again and again, The improv supergroup Pure Energy returned for eight more weeks at Den Theatre!😱 The legends from The Second City and Improv Olympic will take the stage and knit such a creative story that all will weave into hilarious laughter at last. These ten artists will thrill you with their peak performances, given to you for one night only (but in reality for eight weeks)! 

📍The Den Theatre, Chicago, United States

🗓️ Every Friday of April 2024

2) Joe Kilgallon Chicago Comedy Tour

When Joe Kilgallon takes the stage, he doesn’t start with soft pouches; only guns get out of the pocket!🔫 He surely rants about everything, but that’s his trick to being the best, even for the whole family to enjoy. He has that charm that will make you think hard and laugh harder.😆 He has released three albums till now, and obviously, all have debuted at the top of iTunes’ Comedy Charts! He is in Chicago, so seeing him live is always the better option! 

📍Zanies Comedy Club, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 22, 2024

3) Sammy Obeid

The former business major who is now a Netflix host and world-recording comedian, is coming to Chicago for you! You’ll be roaring for this Lebanese-Palestinian American comedian (because, really, who can foresee comedic genius?). Come watch Sammy let loose with his wit!😍 There’s no doubt that this will be a more enjoyable night (or a lot more) of laughs than anything Google could come up with.

📍The Den Theatre, Chicago, United States

🗓️ April 18, 2024

It’s Time for a Wrap-Up! 

So there you have it, the amazing list of events that will fill you with thrill, excitement, adventure, and serenity and groove you into a festive vibe at once! It was my job to share the best events from the list with you! Now, it’s your turn to go to the best ones you found. 

If you wish to explore any events in Chicago further, click on the link below to have the events that will make your March a blast! 

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