During this challenging time of isolation due to COVID-19, we know you miss all the events, socializing and learnings that you got out of seminars and conferences. Well, you still cannot go outside and learn a thing or two but you can still do that with the comfort of your home. Watch some free webinars and brush your mind with some interesting facts and things to learn about multiple areas. From facts on coronavirus to motivational webinars, from business development to mixing vocals; there all sorts of webinars that will interest you.
We’ve curated a list of 15 free webinars that you can watch from the comfort of your home:


1. Coronavirus: Myths and Facts


2. Mixing Vocals In 25 Minutes


3. Mental Health Bootcamp: Motivation Psychology


4. How to build Network Marketing Business during Coronavirus?


5. Webinar: The Fundamentals of Public Speaking


6. How to Be an Inspiring Leader


7. How To Grow Your Business – 10 Step Strategy WEBINAR


8. Project Management: Listen, Learn, Lead


9. The Complete Guide to SEO


10. How Real Estate Investing Works


11. Sales and Rank Webinar: Designing Your Amazon Listing for Maximum Sales, PPC, and SEO


12. Analytics Landscape in Marketing


13. The Perfect Digital Marketing Agency Strategy


14. Customer Analytics using Machine Learning


15. 5 Tips to build MLM Business Online | Work From Home


These were some of our recommendations for the free webinars that you can watch at home, to kill your time and learn something new. Saying that, if you think you have some insights to share on any specific topic or you have got some skill that you can teach others then you shouldn’t just be watching. Host a webinar with AllEvents.in and help people in learning new things while they are stuck at home!

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