Any combination of signs, symbols, and design elements that you use at an event can be called event signage. Signage is just not a design telling the customer where to find you, but it’s the first impression of a customer which gives an idea about your business or the event for which the signage is created. Outdoor signage helps people to attract them to the event or the business.

Outdoor event signage or indoor event signage’s one of the purposes is to make the spectators journey around the event effortless.


Benefits Of Signage

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Advertise the event
  • Direct attendees to the venue
  • Inform them about the business or the theme of the event.


Event Signage Ideas

1. Entrance Event Signage

entrance event signage

Entrance signage are big banners on the entrance of the door where the attendees arrive at the event. These banners give the first impression of the event or business the person that will attend or visit. This outdoor signage idea at entrance shall make you feel welcomed and provide a basic idea about the event or business.


2. Advertising Billboard

advertising billboard | Outdoor event signage

These are large digitally printed outdoor signs alongside roads and bridges, which can be seen within quite a distance. These hoarding boards are usually set up at busy roads with high traffic so that both the pedestrians and the ongoing traffic can take a look at the hoarding, because of the enormous size that they possess generally, do not go unnoticed.


3. Wayfinding And Directional Signs

wayfinding and directional signs

As the name suggests, wayfinding or directional signs are designed to show directions to the event venue. They are mainly used when the event is not visible easily from the road. The signs should be made with bright colours so that it can be viewed easily from the road.    


4. Helium Or Hot Air Balloons 

hot air balloon signage

A big balloon generally filled with helium gas which goes higher in the air and can be seen from long distances, this balloon can also be used to highlight the sponsors of the event with the logo of the sponsors printed on the balloon. The balloon can also be useful to let people guide about the location of the event. 


5. Electronic Event Signage

electronic event signage

These electronic boards are generally outside the event. This digital board can be used to convey different types of message to the attendees. This saves the trouble of printing different banners as this single digital board can give all the things that are needed to be communicated to the people. You can use text as well as pictures on the board.


6. Vehicles As Banners 

vehicles for event banners

Different vehicles can be used as one of the various event signage ideas, to advertise the event, the vehicle for option can be any; like cars, buses etc. It can be done by customizing the look of the vehicle in a peculiar way. It can also be used to get sponsors. The vehicle can be parked at the venue, due to which the spectator can easily know that they have reached the event destination. The reach of the advertisement increases due to the car, the print should be of bright colour so that it instantly attracts the onlookers.  


7. Prop Event Signage

Event Banners and signage with props

Props can be used as a creative solution for signage; they can help to create ingenious outdoor event signage. Generally, the prop that has to be used should be related to the theme of the event. For example, if the event is a fashion show, a colossal replica of there beauty product can be put outside the event venue showcasing the products in a creative way. 


8. Light-up Tubes 

Light Up Tubes Signs

This can be used for branding and also for a magnificent lightning effect creating a beautiful setup for the event itself. Again by the use of the tubes, the event name or sponsor logo or your company’s logo can be printed on such tubes and also decorates the event centre.


9. Roll-up Banners And Standees

Event standees and roll up banners

A very cost-effective event signage idea that is very light in weight accessory that can also be transported easily from one place to another. Different information can be printed on it and set up everywhere you would like it to be. It is suitable for special events, shows etcetera.  


10. Yard Signs

yard signs

These are low-cost signage options which can be erected around the town make people aware of the event or outside the event place to direct them to the event. This is digitally printed signs way smaller than the billboards; unlike them, it cannot be seen by people from distances; people around the signs can take a peek at these signs.


11. Flags Or Flying Event Signage

Flying Banners

Flags or also known as flying banners can be hung high at the event centre to grab the attention of people. The flag can be printed of anything you’d like. Flags are ordinarily prominent at sporting events, where they can be of a nation or a club or a team.  


12. Tents

tent signage

The tents can be set up at different places where you think it would be appropriate to attract the people. In these tents, you can educate people about your business or event you are planning to organize so that people become aware of it. You can hand out pamphlets or brochures to them of the particular product or event you are planning to sell or organize.


13. Canopies Event Signage

canopies signs

Canvas made canopies gives shelter to customers, it is bigger than the awnings, due to which name and logo can be printed on it. Awnings are usually used to cover the windows whereas the canopies are on the door of the establishment. Guests also feel welcomed by the canopies.


14. Barrier Covers

barrier covers for event banners

While the business or event may have rush during a certain duration, the barricades help in forming the line and also keeps the crowd in order. This barricades can have covers on them guiding people where to go and also publish other things like a logo or brand name. People in line or the onlooker surely will take a glance at them.


15. Staff Merch

Staff merch to use as signage

Obviously, the staff itself are not signage of any kind, but when they wear merchandise that provides knowledge to the reader about your event or business. It can be a very persuasive tool for sponsorship too and not only for marketing. T-shirts, caps, bags etcetera can be used as merchandise.


16. Blade Signs 

Flag mount sign is the other name of blade signs which are perpendicularly hung to a wall of the building where the event is, or where the business is carried out. This will let people come to know about the place where it is situated. To make the sign better, if the event is at night, you can always add fancy lights to the sign to make it glow. 


Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Event Signages

  • Signage should be placed in such a way that it is visible to the viewer or else the sole purpose of the signage will be defeated. 
  • Bright colours and vibrant colours are essential to attract the attention of the bystanders or people in their vehicles.
  • The font should be chosen carefully as if you choose a font that may seem cool, but it may so happen that, that may turn out to be too fancy for the people, they would not be able to understand it. 
  • The content must be catchy and must convey what you want to make people aware of in short text.
  • The colours used in the background and foreground must be properly contrasted so that people like to look at it.

Proper use of outdoor signage for events will surely give you astonishing results for the event or your business.