Featured on the #MakingTheWorldHappening spectrum on June 12, 2015 for an event “Kathputli ka Khel”, who knew that Akshat Drama Group would be on our blogpost again in such a short span of time!

This time they are making the world happening by a 7 minute short film named “Chotu Chaiwala”. The theme of the film is as commendable as the fact that it was screened by Akshat Drama Group at 12 city-based cafes and restaurants in the span of just two days.

Where was it shot: In various parts of the city
In the span of? Just 4 days
Focusses on? Child Labour, education and human perspective to both
Protagonist? Yug, 10 years old
When? 14th and 15th Nov, 2015
Entry Fee: Free of charge

According to the statistics available online, in India today, 4% of our children never start school, 58% don’t complete primary schools and 90% don’t complete school. The short story focusses on the child labour, the aspiration of being educated and the bitter reality of the unavailability of it.


A small kid named Chotu who works as a chaiwala is the protagonist of the film. The film opens with a recorded voice on the radio and the tea outlets – the raw form of a normal Indian morning for the kids living on the roads. As the film progresses, the sense of curiosity starts revolving around you as you watch Chotu washing the tea glasses and serving the tea to the group of collegiates. The aspiration of being educated like the collegiates, the kids walking in the school uniforms with their mothers and the scribbled pages from notebooks thrown on the roads – are a fascination to Chotu who wanders between the dreams and the reality. The climax of the film shows Chotu open his bundle of clothes to find a piece of chalk, to write “Chotu” on an Indian flag made of paper. The elation on his face is sure to give you goosebumps.

The picturisation of the film is very basic and yet impactful. We are hoping for more such initiatives from many others. There are many issues at the grass root level which are deep buried and need a scratch to come in focus.

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