5 Important Tips For Planning An Outdoor Event

This is an amazing season of festivals in India. And with the celebrating vibes, here comes the great time to organize engaging events for people living in a happening city like Ahmedabad. (more…)

Sudeep Nagarkar – Making The World Happening Through Words

Sudeep Nagarkar – Making The World Happening Through Words

Sudeep Nagarkar, the author of 5 best selling novels, is all set to surprise you with the launch of his new novel ‘You are trending in my Dreams’.
We are happy to have partnered with the launch events. Check out what Sudeep has to say about his new release and why his fans would love it more than ever

Gujjubhai – Siddharth Randeria | Making the World Happening

Gujjubhai – Siddharth Randeria | Making the World Happening

Gujaratis are well known for everything sweet. Not only their dishes but their nature is as sweet as their food. Even Salt in gujarat is called as ‘Mithu’ which means sweet in Hindi.

Releasing in theatres this week is Gujjubhai The Great a family drama where a father is worried about getting his daughter married to the right person. (more…)

Akshat Drama Group : Making The World Happening


Kathputlli ka Khel

Akshat Drama Group organized an event ‘Kathputli ka Khel’ to promote Rajasthani culture and the puppet masters of India. Kathputli is derived from the two words; Kath which means wood and Putli meaning a doll which is lifeless. It’s a puppet made entirely from wood.

The event was held in the rural area of Ahmedabad wherein lies a museum of conflicts known as ‘Conflictorium’ – a must visit for all the Amdavadis.

The team at Akshat Drama Group are very enthused about spreading awareness about the various myths the Indian society upholds with them from generation to generation. They do it through street plays, flash mobs, puppet shows and theatre forms.

All Events in City appreciated their efforts for #MakingTheWorldHappening.

Here’s an interview session with Priya Sogani, co-founder of Akshat Drama Group.