Akshat Drama Group : Making The World Happening


Kathputlli ka Khel

Akshat Drama Group organized an event ‘Kathputli ka Khel’ to promote Rajasthani culture and the puppet masters of India. Kathputli is derived from the two words; Kath which means wood and Putli meaning a doll which is lifeless. It’s a puppet made entirely from wood.

The event was held in the rural area of Ahmedabad wherein lies a museum of conflicts known as ‘Conflictorium’ – a must visit for all the Amdavadis.

The team at Akshat Drama Group are very enthused about spreading awareness about the various myths the Indian society upholds with them from generation to generation. They do it through street plays, flash mobs, puppet shows and theatre forms.

All Events in City appreciated their efforts for #MakingTheWorldHappening.

Here’s an interview session with Priya Sogani, co-founder of Akshat Drama Group.


WebCongress : Making the World Happening

WebCongress : Making the World Happening


While we sip coffee with our eyes glued to our computer screen there is this group of people that have accomplished their dream of connecting the world.

Digital marketing strategies are the need of the hour in the current technological era, WebCongress is connecting all the right people using it events and teaching online marketing strategies. All Events in City was fascinated by their story and their amazing efforts they have been making to bring a technological communication revolution with impact all across the globe. We admire them and we are more than happy to present them with our We Make The World Happening award.

Here’s a brief interview with the Co-Founder Ouali Benmezaine


Rekha Adhwaryu : Celebrating Gujarati Art and Culture

Rekha Adhwaryu : Celebrating Gujarati Art and Culture

All Events in City was an idea of giving a platform to the undiscovered events in the city. Our friends at Utkarsh organization share our mindset they are on a mission to provide a platform to upcoming Gujarati Art and Culture.

We always promote and shout out about fascinating events to our event explorers. We believe an event turns out to be successful if it reaches out to its target audience. Last week we promoted Hastkala Mela 2015 an initiative by Utkarsh and NSIC to celebrate the arts of Gujarat.

Hastkala Mela amalgamated several upcoming female entrepreneurs from Gujarat who were working on a plethora of items made from handcrafted materials. Some interesting products included Handcrafted carpets, bags, torans, paper quilling earrings.

We have always adored persons who share our ideology of Making The World Happening. Mrs. Rekha Adhwaryu Founder Utkarsh Group shared her story about her vision after the award ceremony of “We Make the World Happening” by All Events in City.

Here is glimpse of our discussion with Mrs. Rekha Adhwaryu


RJ Aditi : Making the World Happening

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Being a radio jockey means, entertaining the world with your melodious voice. Rj’s are very mysterious persons. Always unveiled behind the box of radio; making people fall in love with their voice.

However, being a RJ is a really tough task. Being an Rj means putting several hours of hard work and tremendous effort to keep yourself updated about what’s happening in the City. You have to make sure you deliver information to your audiences and keep them entertained. (more…)