The events have taken the world by storm with many advantages in networking, socializing, knowledge sharing, entertainment, and business. The event organizers spend countless hours behind the success of the event, with the event attendance as the highest priority. What needs to be noted is that event attendance can be a challenge in all the event promotion strategies.
Sometimes, there are many registrations, but most of them fail to show up. In other cases, the event organizers struggle to get the registrations. Here, we compile a list of strategies to boost event attendance. We hope there is no paltry turnout in the future with the following creative ways to promote an event. 

How to promote an event? What are the best strategies to boost event attendance? Know more below. 


Innovate Research And Targeting

The first rule on how to promote an event successfully is about knowing your target audience. The fundamental behind the event marketing ideas is to focus on what the audience would want. Of course, the event’s value proposition is also of major significance. If you get your audience targeting right, the battle is half won with effective event promotion strategies. 

The target audience research and targeting should be based on appropriate factors. Location, age, ticket pricing, early registration discounts, and other special offers being few of them. This would considerably improve the average event attendance rate. This strategy would give you a clear view of the audience. Audience that would definitely attend the event, buy the tickets and show themselves on the D-day.


Include Creative Ways To Promote An Event

A perfect guide on how to boost event attendance includes a blend of owned media, paid media and earned media. The media can be very vital in making your event a success if used innovatively and creatively. 


Utilize Event Discovery Platforms To Your Advantage

The urban event enthusiasts, majorly rely on the online platforms for event discovery. The easiest way to reach out to the potential event attendees is through platforms like You can discover upcoming events happening in your city just by a click. 


Create Thoughtful Content

content to boost event attendance

In the world of competitive Search Engine Optimisation, it is highly important to use blogs, social media posts, and mobile interface to attract potential event attendees. You can also create attractive infographics that are informative and entertaining. Furthermore, you can also use features like live videos, real-time broadcasting and podcasting to promote the event. 

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Set Your Email Game Differently

The email campaigns are primarily focused on targeting to attract potential event enthusiasts. In the current scenario, it is highly required to segment the emails into different categories.

For example, the demographics of the target audience, the age group, their interests, etc. The email content is created differently, as per the smaller categories created for a personalized effect and high chances of increasing the average event attendance rate. The available tools to assist you in the process are Emma and Mailchimp. 


Use Social Media To Your Advantage

social media marketing for events

The key to a successful social media campaign for an event is frequent but limited posts. You may also transform your event promotion strategies to conversational following the 4:1:1 Rule of social media marketing.

Additionally, having a branded hashtag increases the chances of potential attendees enjoying your campaign and attending the event in real life. You can also schedule events ahead of time and utilize the time for other important parameters of event planning. Last but not least, run ad campaigns and contests for heightened visibility and maximize participation. 

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50 Milliseconds To Make The Best First Impression

The visual cues about the event are important to make the most of your event promotion strategies. 


Use Logos And Branding To Your Advantage  

The decision-making process from any attendee is directly related to brand recognition. A prominently placed company’s logo on the website, microsite or landing page! It is crucial to make a good first impression and generate trust and branding does that for you. 


Use High-Quality And Appealing Images 

high quality images to boost event attendance

A good image is a perfect reflection of the event in a brief. They can positively influence the potential attendee’s perception about the event, and transform the event experience to better. 


Clearly Mention Event Details And Descriptions

A perfect event brief is required to give the potential event attendees a holistic view of the event. The brief description should specify the type of the event, event agenda, line up, and performers. Not just that, it should highlight the experience that can be gained, location, date, time, ticket and registration price. 


Highlight The Offers

The key to attracting maximum participation in your event can be OFFERS! It could be early-bird offers, exclusive perks, quality merchandise, and other exclusive perks. These should be highlighted in your promotions to attract maximum individuals as a potential audience for your event. 


Amplify Online Advertising For The Event

The advertising strategy can be based on effective online tools. ToneDen or Boostable are the tools that help in identifying the right audience for the event. The available tools also make a major impact on the advertising budget. Furthermore, you can consider ad retargeting, also known as remarketing. It will help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website.


Keep A Track Of Your Event Statistics Using Tools

How can you track the changes and influence more people to attend the event in the future? can be very useful in terms of providing a fully-integrated event marketing platform. It lets you list events online and gives you a detailed sales analysis. It can ease the event attendee management process and event planning. is available to your disposal with features like email event marketing, surveys, mobile applications and much more. What can be more easier for promotional events? 

Apart from all the pointers mentioned above, the key is always in knowing about the potential attendees and their expectations. The strategies to boost event attendance include the promotion of the event in advance, efficient applications to plan the ticket sales. 

In no time, you will effectively boost your event’s attendance! 

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