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Best Things to Do in Sydney | 14 Top Places to Travel & Explore

Last Updated: February 2, 2024

Last Updated: February 2, 2024

There are some cities that feel like a friend to you. The one which has all the ways to keep you satisfied, chirpy, and happy! Sydney is one of those cities. Built around the most beautiful bays in the world, the Emerald City feels like a cozy hug to you.🫂 The number of activities and things you can do here are diverse and endless. At one point, you are surfing through the beautiful blues; on the other, you are exploring the best bars and grasping the historic charm! 

The feeling of being sun-kissed on beaches is just a walk away from anywhere you are, and the shade and smell of gardens are scattered around the city.🌳 Escaping the city to nearby marvels can be your routine weekend or catching a movie in retro outdoor drive-in cinemas, your habit! Sydney has all the comfort and entertainment you wish to have right at your doorstep! Wondering where to begin today in Sydney? Here are some of the best things to do in Sydney for every mood you have! 

1) Surf in the Blues at Sydney Beaches 

Don’t try to count the beaches in Sydney at your fingertips because you can discover new ones almost every day! The people love the sand, sun, and surfing way too much. It does not come as a surprise that with so many beaches, boat parties in Sydney are always a blast! We have listed the best beaches in Sydney, so if you come across parties, you don’t miss out on any!

  • The epitome of Aussie Beaches, Bondi Beach is perfectly covered with golden white sand surrounded by a glimmering ocean and a picturesque coastline. Similar to many beaches, it is an amazing place for swimming, sunbathing, and beachy picnics meanwhile, unlike other beaches, you can surf your way through riffs here! If you are a sucker for a view, stroll through the most spectacular scenic coastal walk or take a bath at Bronte Baths to relish the sunsets from the beach! 
  • It will take you some days to explore the activities and (digest the beauty) of Palm Beach. It is so far away from the city that it will tempt you to live in a beach house there and breathe clean air and the clear blues of the ocean!  Palmy, named by locals to show affection, is a beloved beach away from crowds. The northern end is ideal for surfers to drive through the waves; meanwhile, the protected area in the southern end is heaven for swimming your stress away.🏊 You definitely should not miss activities like kayaking, sailing, and nature tours at the beach. Pick a spot and have a picnic brunch with your loved one if you’re looking for some peaceful time! 
  • This beach is like the overachieving rockstar of all things nature-packed – boasting a waterfall and a whole lagoon to boot. You’d think Wattamolle Beach is a well-kept secret tucked away in the Royal National Park, right? Wrong! Even in its distant oasis, this gem doesn’t escape the clutches of crowds during peak hours. You’ve got options here, it’s practically a choose-your-own-adventure scenario. Fancy a forest expedition? Trek your way through the greenery and voilà! Or, if ease is your game, just park it up at the nearby picnic area. It’s a post-hike swim paradise with the added bonus of BBQ facilities, picnic tables, and a car park. A wilderness wonder with practical perks, oh nature never looked so good.
  • Longing 3 km, Manly Beach is like a culmination of some of the best beaches in Sydney! The Aussie surf icon wears its surfing legacy like a badge of honor – hosting the inaugural world surfing championship. Bask in retail therapy bliss where a shopping haven unfolds with 200 diverse stores waiting to be unearthed. Traverse hidden lanes brimming with funky boutiques or delight your taste buds in a symphony of flavors at 100+ cafes, restaurants, and bars – from classy dining to beachfront strolls with ice cream in hand.🍦 Live life adventurously, whether conquering waves through surfing or indulging in seaside relaxation. 

2) Maybe a Day Trip can Make Your Weekend Awesome!  

If you go just a few miles away from the city, it feels like you left it far, far away. The detox for hectic life is a must; the Blue Mountains and Jangaroo Valley are here just for that. These are the best places to have adventures trips in Sydney! Watch the lush greenery and feel fresh air roaming through the storylike villages. It’s the best kind of escape.

  • Just a short drive from Sydney, the Blue Mountain is the antidote of the bustling city, a perfect one-day trip! The waterfalls, densely forested valleys, and sandstone tablelands are enough to soothe your mind! Adding to it are thrilling activities like rock climbing and exploring flourishing wilderness with nature walks. Want to do a pastime activity while roaming? The storybook villages have some of the cutest shopping places for arts and crafts for your leisure time.🛖 Feel on top of the world on Echo Point. Plus, you can watch the colors changing as the sun rises and falls on Three Sisters from the point! Trust me, it is nothing short of stunning! 
  • When you roam in the streets of Kangaroo Valley, it feels like it has been pulled out of a vintage postcard. Two hours’ drive away is a place entirely distant and distinctive from Sydney, a hidden gem full of rainforests, mountains, vineyards, and a tranquil river flowing through it. Knell down to nature with Kayaking, and experience wine tasting at Yarrawa Estate Winery for exclusive taste. Choose a walking trail around the waterfalls or ride a horse through the grazing fields of grass and rainforests. You can do what interests you (or just do everything!). Do you want a small tip? Don’t miss the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival in October to celebrate all forms of art right in one place! 

3) The Secrets of Sydney are the Gardens 

Let me whisper a secret to you!🤫 I bet after a hectic day, you would love to wander through the sweet smell of flowers or just sit and read a book. These gardens are the best place to relax your mind, and one of them is difficult to find (as it’s a secret!).

  • Sneaked away in the corner of Sydney, Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden has made its home in the hearts of people. Stroll down through the winding pathways and find sculptures on the way. Make an adorable picnic basket with your bestie for a lovely catch-up session in the garden, or it is the perfect place to read a book in peace under the canopy of trees. Ah, do you know the story of the garden?🥹 It is a beautiful story of love and grief, one you would love to read (and it’s not a secret anymore!). Keep your eye out for the entrance because, obviously, it’s a secret garden after all!  
  • Did I say a city of gardens? Yes, I just did! Auburn Botanic Gardens is a beautiful blend of over seven mini-themed gardens spread across 9.2 hectares of lush greenery! The distinctive themes make every garden extra special. There is a Japanese Garden, Reflection Pool, Scented Garden, Sunken Rose Garden, Native Rainforest, Playground for Kids, and Fauna Reserve! There are still many, but why don’t I let you find them? The Cherry Blossom Festival in August and the Autumn Colors Festival in May are two major flora festivals hosted by the garden!💮 So, mark your calendar because it is not worth missing! 
  • Find peace from the hustle and bustle of the city within minutes, as the Chinese Garden of Friendship is located right in the middle of the city to become your escape. To show collaboration among metropolitans, Sister States NSW and Guangdong of China came together to create a perfect blend of Chinese Culture and Australian characteristics! You can easily spend hours here wandering through the exotic plants and blooming flowers. It is a sight to sore eyes. The calming waterfalls and lakes are full of shimmering Koi, which will make you feel at peace. 

4) Are You Puzzled About Where to Spend Your Weekend in City? 

Are you confused about what to do this weekend in Sydney? Don’t be anymore, as here we are with cozy comfort and adventurous activities; choose the one you have energy for. 

  • If you visualize Sydney, the World’s largest steel arch bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge is the one that comes to your mind. Infamously known as ‘The Coathanger” because of its shape, the bridge carries trains, cars, bikes, and leisurely strollers who just love to stretch their legs. The walk across the bridge between CBD and North Shore is one of the most picturesque areas in the city. Have a date? Go for a walk, it’s the best place to have conversations! Want to feel relaxed? Go for a walk! Have nothing to do? Definitely go for a walk! (plus, the view doesn’t hurt).🚶 Instead of relaxation, you can choose adventure by climbing the bridge by signing up for Sydney BridgeClimb (tip: dusk and dawn time are the best) to have a staggering panoramic view of the skyline, opera house, and the harbor!  
  • The best way to spend a day from May to November would be to go Whale-Watching in Sydney!🐋 You must be wondering how it is possible to do so in such a crowded place. Well, let me tell you, it is the best spot in Australia to watch whales in the migrating season. There are operators who offer half-day excursions on a boat from Sydney Harbour. Also, never stop being on the lookout for some dolphins as well. If you ask me, spare some more time and take a three-hour drive to Jervis Bay. It boosts the marine ark with the whitest sand beaches in the world. No surprise that is also is one of the best whale-watching and dolphin-spotting areas! So, you can stay local or venture out; either way, with 16000 migrating whales, I would say the odds are in your favor! 
  • What can be better than a movie? An outdoor movie at Sydney’s oldest drive-in cinema, the Skyline Drive-In! Time goes back to the 1900s when you see the retro charm that remains intact to this date. Two large screens and vintage cars are a perfect setup to watch a movie (or two? maybe three?) under the stars with popcorn! It keeps re-releasing the old movies you love, so do I even have to say any more about why it is better than the boring theatres? Let me add that there is a bar and Happy Days diner-style restaurant where you can grab your giant milkshakes and enjoy your time! 

5) The Extend of Amazing Bars is Endless! 

It is said that if you want to experience the culture of Sydney, the bars are the best way.🥂 Have a luxurious night with your family or crazy fun with your mates; there’s a bar for every mood! Maybe one will surely become your favorite!

  • A hidden gem beneath the city, Baxter Inn is celebrated as a shrine to whisky, setting a new standard for drinking culture. It is known for its unmatched professionalism, attention to detail, and selection of drinks that will leave you thinking about how they pulled it off for a long time. Since bursting onto the scene, this bar has garnered honors and awards globally (and rightfully, it deserves them). Reach early because beating wait times is still tough! 
  • The best hotel bar, but sadly doesn’t have a hotel award, goes to Maybe Sammy! Transporting you straight to the ’50s, it’s a full-on retro experience. From the chic setting to the tunes of Sammy Davis Jr, every detail smells like vintage charm. A dramatic flair is added by the Martini trolley and the ‘High Rollers’ cocktail selection, which create a stunning ambiance. Don’t miss the $11 Mini cocktails, a perfect start to your exploration, especially at half price between 4.30-5.30 pm daily.

Time to Sum it Up! 

Indeed, as much as we write about Sydney, we can never cover how much of a beauty this city holds. Every nook and corner of Sydney is filled with places that are worth exploring. It is a city which makes Australia a bit more lovable every day. 

We tried to enlist some unique ones for you, but don’t lose hope if these aren’t THE best for you. Click on the link below to see events in Sydney from various categories!   

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