Often, in between the hustle-bustle and chaos of the daily routine, we fail to see the subtle things we are surrounded with. Like air, love, humanity, and perhaps, art too. We fail to realise its presence because we have got well acquainted with it. It is everywhere.

Misconceptions cloud our minds because of the narrow knowledge we possess about art. Is art merely about paintings, sculptures, designs, craft and abstract forms? Not entirely. Art is like the ocean of creativity flowing through the lands of monotonous monochrome. And we are just standing at the shore, watching it from afar, and having a glimpse of its magnificence when the waves touch our feet, for a while, and then slowly leaves.

Art has helped in transforming ideas, thoughts, perspectives, emotions, feelings, intuitions, desires and everything abstract into a visual form. It is like giving those abstract forms an existence. Since childhood, we are in connection with art. The subject art and craft is inculcated in the education system as a part of the extracurricular subject. Some were good at it while some hardly managed to make stick figures. But art is not limited to the things we learn in school.

Art has a much wider sense and depth. As explained earlier, art is an ocean and it is time to swim to the depths of it. Following reasons will make you believe that it is time you attend an art event or a workshop.

1. Art helps you express

Attending Art events and workshops helps you to understand people’s perspectives. Art is a form of expression. When you see a dancer dancing to the rhythm or the beats, you also see their expressions and movements, the subtle forms. When you listen to a particular music, you understand the tone and gesture. The saying ‘fit in one’s shoes’ perfectly fits in case of art.

2. Art makes you feel

Art is an expression that helps you feel that inside you lies a universe. Such workshops help you connect with your soul

It is hard for us to feel things when we get accustomed to the material world. We fail to respect such small yet valuable things. Art events have their own essence that is full of liveliness. It illuminates the creative elements.

3. Art helps in relieving stress

It doesn’t matter whether you can draw Mona Lisa or merely a two mountains, one river, and one house scenery. Either way, studies show that art helps in relieving stress. It brings a different joy. Art workshops are a therapy, they help to extract our thoughts into visual forms. Often our inner self is able to reflect an artist.

Here’s a little experiment by SoulPancake and Science of Happiness showing how involving in Art makes you happier and feel positive and relieve stress.

Video by Soulpancake

4. Art helps you to connect

During art events, people usually like to talk about the artwork. Art being a form of expression, ignites the feeling to express among people. It helps you in connecting with people. There are people who have anxiety and social awkwardness, art helps in overcoming this.

5. Art takes you places

Through indulging in art workshops, you can choose to travel the world right from the art studio

Art events are time machines. When you look over any art piece or art form that belongs to different location or time, you tend to go back there. There are paintings of past in the art museums that are well preserved as they provide us information about the lifestyle back then. These representations help us understand better.

6. Art doesn’t have a language

Anyone can understand art. Just like humanity, art has no language. It is a form of expression that can be seen and felt. Therefore, art events welcome a diverse crowd, and it is always good to meet like-minded people.

7. Art shows what words fail to speak

What you think and what you say is totally different. Art events helps you show what you really imagine

Art connects easily with us because of its visual form. It is capable of depicting a 500 pages history book in form of drama or dance. A single painting of past is able to tell a lot about that time in just a matter of time.

Wondering about the art events and workshops in your locality? Do not know where to go? Check out allevents and find details about events related to art in just a few clicks.

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