AE Select is an exclusive invite-only program available only to selected organizers. As a program member, your event gets platform-wide featured visibility, sells more tickets, generates better leads and helps you easily build a community of attendees. Each program member-event gets individual attention from a team dedicated just to help you sell more tickets.

The customer success team of seasoned event marketing experts works with the rule that ‘every event is unique and requires a unique approach to stand out’.

The team is dedicated to delivering results and only accepts a set number of events per month. Please note the eligibility criteria before submitting your event for the program.

  • The event must be submitted at least 15 days prior to its start date.
  • The event page must have a banner, thumbnail and all other required information for attendees.
  • The organizer must be willing to connect and stay in the loop with the customer success team.

All applicant-events will undergo a selection process conducted by the customer success team. Organizers of events shortlisted for the program will receive a phone call for further discussions.

Please submit your application using the form below.

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