The city of dreams, Mumbai, hosts innumerable events throughout the year. If Mumbai is the body then these events is what adds life to it, Mumbai is so lively just because of these ongoing events, the people who become a part of them and the dreams these events and people carry. Here is a handpicked collection of events of all genres which should fall in your list of must-attend events in Mumbai:

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

kala ghoda art festival in mumbai

This is the 9-day long annual art events in Mumbai which takes place in February every month. It starts from the first Saturday of February and lasts till the second Sunday of February. It was started with the foundation of the Kala Ghoda society with an urge to preserve the art and culture of South Mumbai and is hosted in the Kala Ghoda areas of South Mumbai. This is one of the biggest free cultural and arts festival in Mumbai.

Bandra Fair

bandra fair

Bandra Fair is an annual event of Bandra suburbs which lasts for a week. This takes place in the month of September, starting from the Sunday following the Feast of Mother Mary i.e. 8th of September and lasts till the next Sunday. This fair is said to be 300 years old. It is celebrated in the form of a great carnival at the Basilica of Mount Mary which ranges to be more than a century old in the history of Roman Catholic Churches.

Mumbai Film Festival

mumbai film festival | mami

This is an annual event which is held at an international level. The MAMI- Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image, a Mumbai Film Industry based trust organizes this event every year. This year the chairperson of the trust is Deepika Padukone. This event is held in the month of October with the enthusiastic participation of National and International films of all genres, there are different competitions and showcase opportunities in this event and a great platform for the films of all genres and categories.

Mood Indigo

mood indigo

Tagged as the Largest College Fest of Asia, Mood Indigo is the annual cultural student fest hosted by IIT Bombay. Also termed as MoodI and MI, is the flagship fest of the IIT Bombay. It is usually held towards the end each year, end of December. It was started by a group of enthusiastic students a few decades back and has now gained great social media outreach and is know very highly all over Asia.

Elephanta Festival

Elephanta Festival

This annual event is promoted by Maharashtra Tourism to enhance the tourism and culture of the State. This is 2 day long event of February and is hosted to promote Dance and Music with a great and famous celebration. It is generally kicked- started in the evening itself with the location being Elephanta Islands and the first performance is always a local dance form, generally the dance of local fishermen, Koli. This location is a pillared temple and hence adds feels to the magic.

Banganga Festival

banganga festival

Banganga Tank, Malabar Hill, Mumbai hosts a 2- day long Music festival in the month of January. This Music Festival is jointly hosted by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation and Indian Heritage Society Mumbai with a motive to preserve Indian Heritage. This festival’s name, Banganga Festival is based on the location Banganga Tank. It witnesses great concerts and musical performances from all over the country for the music lovers.

NCPA International Jazz Festival

ncpa jazz festival

Image Source: NCPA

This annual event is a platform which brings together great musicians from all over the world, major countries being UK, Italy, Austria, US and of course India. This event is the best weekend partner for all the Jazz lovers. You can always explore the surroundings along with the Jazz bands. This is the best weekend sojourn, highly recommended that one should never miss it, especially music lovers.

Chembur Festival

chembur festival

This annual event takes place in the largest suburbs of Eastern Mumbai known as the Chembur. It is hosted by the Chembur Citizen’s Welfare Association, Mouse. The festival aims at reviving, rejuvenating and propagating the character of Chembur. It offers opportunities to the new, and glory to the ones who have reached the pinnacle of their careers.

YouTube Fanfest

youtube fanfest

Getting the famous YouTube stars from the screens to the live stage is what this annual event known as the YouTube Fan Fest all about. It happens each year during mid-year and to your astonishment, this event is totally free to attend but the only thing it demands is your active presence on social media like Twitter. Only then will you be able to receive the appropriate information on the whereabouts of the event.

There are several other annual events in Mumbai which add grace to this lively city and also many every day different events, once in a year or once in a lifetime activities which make it even more happening. When in Mumbai, enjoy every fraction of time just because “Ye Mumbai Hai Meri Jaan!”

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Anshika Sehgal is a travelling enthusiast and an avid lover of books and American TV shows.

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