Technology, Education and Design. TED talk is all about all these words. Since TED talks first launch until now there are over 2000 videos that are worth spreading. There are inspiring talks related to the biggest issues that humans are facing today. The speakers are the ones who are doing great in there field and some of the greater thinkers of the 21sth century.

As an Event Organizer, you must have faced difficulties while organizing an event, sometimes you feel like you don’t have anything more creative to do or you just have no idea what you’re doing while organizing an event. These TED Talks talks about some of the issues faced by Event Organizers. 

So if you are looking for an inspiration for organizing your event or want to know the ways through which you can easily manage your event then here are some inspiring TED talks videos which will not only help you to organize your event in the best way possible but will also give you tips on how you can face or overcome the problems you face while organizing an event.

These 7 thought-provoking TED Talks’ videos will help you to know what you are lacking in and what changes you need to do to make your event a Big Hit. As an event Organizer, you should not miss these 7 TED Talks as these videos can make your event a Big Hit and will help you to grow as an Event Organizer.


1. Alexis Ohaian – How To Make Squish On Social Media

In his TED talk, speaker Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit talks about “How to make a splash on social media”. He talked about how the internet has changed the way of working and marketing of any business. Further, he explained how one can reach out to the audience with the help of social media. How can you make your event a big hit if no one is aware of the happening of your event?

In this TED talk, Alexis focuses on how you can use the power of social media and make your audience aware of your presence. By promoting your event on social media more number of people will know about the happening of your event. To attract people you can ask for the suggestion with the help of polls. For example, will they prefer continental food or Italian food at a party? What’s that one thing they want in an event? Or will they prefer vibrant decorations over a subtle-classy decoration? In this way you can connect with your audience. You will get to know about their preferences and choices. This will make it easy for you to organize an event because now you know what your audience wants.


2. Sherry Turkle – Connected, But Alone?

In her TED talk “Connected, but alone?”, Sherry Turkle talks about the interconnectivity between humans and technology. Today people are trusting and giving more importance to machines than humans. As events have become more saturated with and are dependent on technology. You can’t just depend on social media for the awareness and the connections you make on social media are not always real and genuine.

Just by running ads on social media will not make your event successful you need to work hard and you have to make sure that everything is up to the mark whether it’s about the food, visual aesthetic, or about the functionality. Social media is just another way of making your event successful. Here she wants people to know the importance of face to face conversation and genuine communication. One should not completely rely on technology. Sherry’s TED talk forces us to think deeply about what type of connection we want to have. 


3. David Grady – How To Save The World (Or Atleast Yourself) From Bad Meetings

As an Event Organizer, you might have faced the situation where you’re not ready for attending a meeting but you have to. And while attending the meeting you have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Speaker David Grady in his TED talk spoke about the love-hate relationship we have with our meetings. Sadly, this is shared worldwide.

What he wants to convey is you should first prepare yourself for the meeting. It’s okay to put it on hold for a while as this can save you from bad meetings. Get clear about what kind of event your client wants, what your client is expecting from you and how can you help them or ensure them that the event is going to be successful.  If you work in this way maybe this will save your time and then there are more chances that you will crack the deal. This might make your clients more thoughtful about the way they arrange the meetings.


4. Jinsop Lee – Design For All Five Senses

You always try your best while organizing an event so that your guests can feel delighted and make your event successful. But the common mistake that every event organizer makes is they only focus on the functional and visual aesthetics. Jinsop Lee, an Industrial Designer talks about the “Five Sense Of Design”. He feels that 5 senses theory is very useful and is the only thing that makes life interesting.

Further, he spoke about the importance of 5 senses and how you can make your guests happy if you organize an event by keeping in mind all the 5 senses. What he has noticed is people generally focus on that it should look pretty and give some sense of touch but they ignore the other three senses. So as an event organizer you should consider all the 5 senses to create engagement amongst your guests. As it’s not always about looking good there are plenty of other things. So the next time you organize your event make sure to consider all the 5 senses.


5. Daniel Levitin – How To Stay Calm When You Know You’ll Be Stressed

As an event organizer, it’s normal that you feel stressed before the happening of any event and you make sure that everything goes as per the plan but when you come up with some problems while organizing an event that situation is very stressful for you. You don’t know exactly what you should do to overcome the problem. This video will teach you what exactly you should do in that situation.

Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, as a neuroscientist by training he knows how the brain reacts under the situation of stress. The speaker shared some practical strategies which he has came across after dealing with some stressful situation in his life.

He highlights the word “pre-mortem”. This means by conducting “pre-mortem” of events and consider what could go wrong in the future, you will be better prepared to deal with the stress in the future and work out on things to decrease the damage at that moment. Because usually, our brain doesn’t think clearly under stressful situation so we need to be prepared.

He further gives some examples on how you can do a pre-mortem to remain calm in a stressful situation. Learn more on that from the video.


6. Tim Harford – How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative!

While organizing an event you feel frustrated at some point when things are not happening as you expected or say you are not in sync with your schedule. In this video, Tim Harford tells you how to deal with that frustrating situation.

Tim Harford, an Economist and Journalist talks about how frustration can make us more creative. In his TED talk says that challenges and problems can disrupt your creative process. In his TED talk, he shares his story behind the bestselling solo piano album of all time. He says that you need to deal with little mess.

For example, performance is done by the artist in your event but they refuse to do it at last moment now what you can do is you can interact with your audience to cover up the time, you can even call random people from the audience to dance, or do any other fun activity. This will not only cover the time but this will also help you to connect with your guests. In this way you can come up with more creative ideas. So according to him, if you want more creative ideas you have to do stupid experiments, and you have to face tough situations, you have to deal with weird people as this will help you to solve the problem. This will help you to be more creative. 


7. Julian Treasure – How To Speak So That People Want To Listen

While discussing the event with your client you might feel like what you are trying to say is absolutely unnoticed or avoided. Your idea is better than what the other person’s ideas are, but you are bad at conveying what you are actually trying to say. Because of this, you feel less confident and sometimes even if you try your best yet you fail to impress your client. Well this is not because your ideas are not unique. The problem is you don’t know how to convey it. 

To overcome this, watch this inspiring talk by Julian Treasure, who is a sound expert. He has talked about the seven deadly sins of speaking. Further, he shared the foundation of good speaking and at last, told about the vocal exercises that you should practice before your upcoming event.

These 7 thought-provoking TED talks will help you to grow as an event organizer and might just change your entire thought process of how you work.

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