This is a WAKEUP CALL – To Inner Peace and Zenful Living.

What is Zen?

Zen is a Japanese way of pronouncing “chan” which is a Chinese word that traces its roots to the Indian practice of Dhyana (meditation). So the practice of meditation or the acceptance of the emptiness in one’s life is what Zen is all about.

With all the mental health talks and latest celebrity suicides, there leaves us the question of… what’s next? Are we woken up yet?

When a celebrity commits suicide, we often ask ourselves the question, “why would they do that, when they (apparently) have everything they desire?

The thing is, they don’t.

Inner Peace is a valuable asset and unfortunately, you can’t buy that. It is more important than you think!

You need to experience it and take care of it. Maintain it the same way you maintain your car, your house, your family, your body and this is what the upcoming zen festival in Montreal is trying to achieve.

The Montreal ZenFest is a Wellness Yoga & Music Festival celebrating life, connecting with your divine self through a rich cultural and social experience.

It’s not just about music and yoga, but about the human experience and how we interact with one and fellow human beings.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should attend the Montreal Zen Festival.

  • A chance to meet and connect with renowned local and international musicians and yoga teachers

    Montreal Zen Festival, wanderlust yoga and music festival with wellness and healthy food
    Artists like Karen St Laurent, Patrick Bernard, Yogi Shabad, Lea Longo, Janick Leonard and many others famous yogis and meditative mantra musicians will be joining this festival and take you on a journey to explore your inner self.

  • Bring a friend along and get discount on a purchase of two tickets for spreading love and peace.

    Make new yoga friends or bring a yoga friend discount available on for Montreal Zen Festival
    Yes, the festival is all about spreading love and bringing unity and is inviting as many people as possible. Tag your bestie along and get the full day pass at even a cheaper price. Isn’t that a great reason now?

  • It’s more than a Yoga Festival

    Wanderlust. Are you? Yoga and Music Festival. Montreal Zen Festival Canada
    This is not just a yoga festival. This festival will introduce you to a new genre of music which helps you to zen out and connect in. It is a one of a kind festival where there will be live music while you meditate and perform yoga kriyas. Also, there will be sumptuous healthy food available at the venue to promote healthy and organic living.

  • Learn to practice the state of ZEN

    Zen Meditation. Destress. Power of Meditation and Yoga Montreal Yoga and Wellness Festival Canada
    While this is a great chance for yogis to connect with their peers and meet other yogis from different parts of Canada and US, this also is a festival for people who are stressed and confused and want to make peace with their day to day work and life balance. Not only will you learn the new yoga poses and meditation techniques but also experience a state of ZEN which you can then practice anywhere.

About the organizer:

Lea Longo from Montreal is a meditation and transformational life coach. She is an award-winning musician and a certified Kundalini meditation yoga instructor. Her voice and music have been featured in warner bros. pictures, party of five series, Lakeshore Public Television, etc.

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