“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water”. – Eleanor Roosevelt

A woman is not merely a creation to be adored for its beauty and charm, but is the epitome of love, strength, compassion and sacrifice. Since the beginning of the human civilization, women have played a pivotal role in the evolution and the progress of humanity. Be it a mother or a sister or a wife- Women have been the motor behind the wheel of revolution and the creator propelling and driving the human race forward. To acknowledge the importance that the woman fraternity represents, every year 8th of March is observed as International Women’s Day.

History behind International Women’s Day

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It was in 1908 that the winds of change began to blow when 15,000 undaunted women marched through the streets of New York demanding voting rights, shorter working hours and better pay for themselves. With time the women organisations became more active and aware and with each passing year many developments around the world forced the governments to acknowledge the women fraternity. It was in 1975; the United Nations officially declared 8th March to be observed as International Women’s Day and is celebrated as an official holiday in 27 countries reckoning the strength of women community and creating global awareness regarding gender parity.

Why do we still celebrate it?

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This day was started so as to create awareness about the gender gap existent in the society and win equal rights for the women. But as this goal hasn’t been fully realised and there’s a long way to go for the women community to be at the equal pedestal in business, political and other social spheres. Also, issues specific to women like education, domestic violence, dowry, safety issues, health problems etc need to be addressed. Celebrating IWD empowers the women to fight strongly for equal rights and force the societies to remove barriers for an unfettered holistic growth of the women community.

What’s this year’s theme & Logo

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This year’s theme for IWD is #BeBoldForChange. The theme is aptly chosen to encourage people to come out of their comfort zones and march ahead to break the chains of discrimination against the women. It is a call for the women across the world to actively fight for gender equality. To change the mindsets of the patriarchal society, bold steps need to be taken and this year’s theme is aimed to accomplish this.

The official logo of IWD is the symbol of Venus and is coloured in purple which is symbolic of dignity and justice which are the real goals that IWD community aspires to achieve for every woman across the world.

The IWD logo is used in the events that promote gender parity and where IWD campaigns are run for celebrating economic, social and political achievements of women. The logo needs to be used for non commercial purposes and in events that dignifies the status of women.

Here’s what you can do in Delhi on Women’s Day this Year!

Delhi hosts a lot of activities, events and parties on IWD paying honour to the women in the city. To rejoice the day and to feel special, here are a few happening events taking place in the capital:

  • Women’s Day Special – Ladies Night

    Presenting to you a special night endorsing The Good Girls show in collaboration with Cafe Dalal for the all the pretty and strong ladies out there.

  • Women Startup Summit 2017

    Taking place on IWD, it is a summit intentioned to bring together Woman Achievers in the realm of entrepreneurship together under one roof to educate and encourage many such budding female entrepreneurs and to promote gender parity in India and around the world.

  • The Social Tree presents #GetOffline: Women’s Day Special

    This event is about discussing social and community issues relevant in the contemporary society for the women like their safety, gender equality, domestic violence etc over a cup of tea.

  • International Women’s Day – Lifestyle Exhibition

    Go Razz Matazz promises to make this IWD special for all the ladies by offering loads of shopping, makeup, Nail Art, Dressing & Grooming tips from the stalwarts of the fashion industry and from professional Image consultants.

    For Details : Call 9205853028 / 9560827764

  • The World Noida Marathon for Women on 19th March, 2017

    This marathon event is named “Women run the World” and is kept to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

So, this year on IWD, let all the women in the world recognise their worth and raise their hands against gender inequality, domestic violence and dowry. It is an occasion to inspire and encourage every woman to realise her rights and I exhort the male counterparts to accept women as equals so as to establish a society that is free of inhibitions imposed upon the women.

Anshika Sehgal is a travelling enthusiast and an avid lover of books and American TV shows.

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