The event industry is so dynamic that the new trends emerge in the blink of an eye. From deciding on the event marketing strategy to executing the most successful event, you need to evolve with the event industry. What would it mean to be a part of the 2020 event trends? The event design trends in the upcoming year would definitely rely on green initiatives, collaborated technology, cutting edge delivery, stronger communities and increased cost-savings. Furthermore, don’t blink and follow our list to know it all for 2020 event trends.


2020 Event Trends: Planning Stage

Continued Focus On Sustainability Strategies 

With the times changing and climate change being real, sustainability innovation is a must in event planning trends. The event industry trends 2020 clearly boasts of ‘green’ initiatives with a focus on sustainable practices and resourcefulness. The attendees and event organizers should be looking forward to energy efficiency, innovations to minimize carbon footprints, LEED certifications at the venue and more. These event styling trends could also be as simple as the use of biodegradable/recycled materials or fair-trade food options.

carbon footprint in events

Event Security And Safety As Top Priorities 

The security and safety of the attendees would be a top priority for the event, as these factors determine the destination selection in most of the cases. In the coming year, the focus would be more on the natural disasters and the broader scope of cybersecurity. During mapping of the event, the planners and organizers will need to focus on building management strategies during emergency situations. The use of event diagramming software will be on the rise for the seamless execution of the event planning trends. 


2020 Event Trends: Marketing Stage 

Interactive Event Technology And Virtual Reality 

The event marketing trends are looking forward to virtual elements and face-to-face technology. The major parameters to not miss in terms of technology for event trends 2020 are personalized content, amplified gamification and VR/AR content. This modern touch to the events are driven to make the event-based technology meaningful and impressive. 

Additionally, the technology is thought to facilitate the eradication of friction points experienced generally at all events. To specify, the face recognition facility can accommodate hassle-free registration or check-ins. Furthermore, the event interactions can be personalized for more sophisticated experience with the use of AI, VR, Big Data or push notifications. The technology in events is all set to revolutionize the effectiveness of event networking and attendee experiences, with

  • Sophisticated venue sourcing by online platforms 
  • RFID feature to unlock new forms of attendee data
  • Fast, reliable WiFi or 5G will create new engagement opportunities and open up nontraditional venues for events
  • Exclusive event mobile applications will personalize and engage the attendees at each stage of the event lifecycle
  • Data-driven event decision making
  • Access to real-time event changes and updates 
  • AR, VR and Big Data in events 

Promoting Mindfulness And Wellness 

Being the biggest buzzword, mindfulness and wellness would be crucial elements for event marketing trends 2020. Amidst the hectic and exhausting frameworks of the events, the focus will be on ‘brain breaks’. The trend is catching up with an important element to foster creativity and productive engagement in the attendees. The trend is all set to change the ‘boring events’ ideology to ‘When is the next event happening?’ phrases. 


2020 Event Trends: Food Management

Organic Food And Beverage Experience 

With the emphasis on the local food initiatives and food sustainability is going to be a major consideration for all the successful events in 2020. The suppliers who provide locally sourced and seasonal ingredients would be preferred over the gourmet caterers. There are high chances of experiential dining being in high-demand, with pop-up restaurants and on-site food preparation for an organic experience. The event industry will have to rethink and implement the use of FOMO concept to promote their events. To elaborate more, event food trends are all about reduced wastage, ethical supply-chain management, special dietary requirements, and organic resources. 


2020 Event Trends: Corporate Events

Celebration Of Diversity And Promoting Inclusion 

The event styling trends 2020 would focus on bringing together diverse opinions and interests. The events would deliver a fresh perspective to creative thinking and the shaping of new ideas. The event organizers would deliver by bringing to the platform by delegates/speakers for diverse interactions. They would also plan the event in a manner to stimulate bigger and broader thinking towards change. To put it in simple words, outside-the-box thinking will always be a hot topic for events, especially corporate event trends 2020. 

Full Blown Festivalisation Of Events 

The event industry trends 2020 is futuristically planned to blur the line between corporate events and consumer festivals. For a wholesome event experience, the attendees are looking forward to professional networking and be a part of artistic endeavors like music festivals. For instance, the trend was brought into notice by the Forbes’ Under 30 Summit. During this event, more than 7000 entrepreneurs attended the event, engaged in business networking and also attended a full-blown music festival with performing artists like Wiz Khalifa and Marshmello. 


2020 Event Trends: Decor Choices

Neutral And Soothing Tones In The Decor 

The event decor trends are speaking of avoiding bolder choices in terms of color. The event design trends are also thinking of the Chinese Porcelain, a calming blue tone which is the 2020 PPG Color of the Year. Beyond the colors, the event organizers are looking forward to the modern flair with contemporary decor and furnishings. In terms of the sustainability patterns, the planners are focusing on the biophilia philosophy and connecting with nature using various elements at the venues. The event planning trends 2020 are also prompting the organizers and planners towards using organic resources, reusable furniture, and plants in the aesthetics. 

With a renewed focus on how we see events, the upcoming event trends for 2020 will not only make your event relevant but definitely the best one in times to come. It’s a wrap for event trends in 2020! 

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