In this age and time, social media has supreme power since everything has turned digital. Social media has its reach to each and every type of user, be it a teenager that goes to school for studies or a veteran. This gives it immense strength to influence people regarding various things. Every brand is trying its absolute best to reach out to their audience through social media. If you are an event organizer you too should take the advantage to promote events on social media.

Here are 11 effective tips to promote events on social media platforms:


1. Create Your Social Media Presence

Creating Social Media Pages: The first step to promote event on social media starts from you having a social media presence i.e. creating your page on all the relevant platforms. 

The page you create must be regularly updated with data or information regarding the event, services you’re providing or things that you are trying to promote. This will increase the engagement on your social media platform and slowly and gradually get you a large audience. 

Share Event Details: You should share everything related to your event; venues, guests, past experiences and more. Make it interesting, fun, likable and something that can hold the attention of your target audience. 

Inviting People: After creating the page, you should invite people to follow & like the page, also ask people in your close circle to invite others. This way your page will start getting views and engagement. This is the best way to get people to land on your page without any cost and use social media to attract your target audience. 


2. Optimize Your Social Media Page

Update Links: Once you have created your presence on the social media pages, optimize it in the best way possible. If you have your event website then interlink it with your page. If you do not have a website then you can keep updating the links of your upcoming events on your platform. 

Bio: Add a compelling bio or update the ‘about us’ section with the relevant company details that catch the eye of the readers. Add the right keywords that will attract your target audience. 

Connect More: The phrase ‘connect more’ can be significant in two ways. One could be connecting more with the audience; use social media in the right ways. There are so many things one can do like creating polls on what your audience would like to see or responding to their comments. 

Another thing that it could mean is, you can connect one platform with another by interlinking. On each platform add links to your other social media handles; like adding Instagram and Snapchat links on your Facebook page and more.


3. Schedule Your Posts

The timing of the posts for social media promotion is the key to getting maximum engagement on the post. There are specific time slots when it is favorable to post, you need to research on that to maximize your views and engagement. You even need to continually update the pages but in a quantity that might make your profile clumsy. 

It will become difficult to update the pages 24/7 by yourself. But this can be solved easily with social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social and Loomly which will help you to post on the exact same time every day without you having to work on it manually.

You just have to create your posts for the entire week or month and schedule them according to your needs. This will help you in avoiding the clutter on your profile and easily divide your posts in certain timeframes.

P.s.- Keep monitoring your social media activities and change your strategies as and when required. 


4. A Quirky Hashtag Does The Job

The hashtag that you choose will help the user to find all the buzz related to your event. A hashtag will be helpful to look for your event on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The more use of the hashtag, the more your event will get trending on social media, due to which engagement will increase. 

Things to keep in mind while creating a hashtag:

  • The hashtag should be small. Long hashtags would not engage the audience and will be a flop.
  • The hashtag should be easy to remember so that it stays in the head of audience and they can come back to it.
  • It should be related to the event that you’re organizing and not something common and generic. Also, at the same time, it should be effective and interesting enough to make a solid impression.
  • You should also verify that the hashtag you’re planning to use is not formerly used for other events or purposes.

You can choose multiple hashtags that are related to your event but create one unique hashtag which is exclusive for that particular event.


5. Be On The Social Media Platforms Where Your Audience Is

Use all the platforms you can use for promoting your event on social media; the more the merrier. By doing so you will see that the number of people getting to view your event increases significantly. 

Though not the same efforts need to be put on each platform equally, different platforms have a different targeted audience.

For example, Instagram will have an enormous user of teenagers and people in their 20’s. While Facebook has a more mature audience compared to Instagram. Though, almost every age group of people are seen on both the social media platform, the percentage shall vary significantly. 

Also, Facebook and Instagram are just not it. There are a lot of social media platforms that you can leverage apart from these two to boost your event. Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Linkedin and many more. Basically you need to be everywhere your audience is!

Find out which platform works right for your event, what is your target audience and get ready with your content. Also, YouTube is also one effective tool if you are considering creating visually attractive content. Videos just hit right to the audience. There are just so many tools that you can literally make your event a talk-of-the-town by working in the right direction when it comes to social media.


6. Create Events On Facebook 

Events that don’t violate Facebook policies for pages and groups can be promoted using Facebook Events. Facebook events are an excellent way to spread the word about your upcoming events or occasions because in a short time they will touch the feed of thousands of people. The event also contains an “RSVP” list, which shows the list of invitees grouped by their response. 

The invitees are either put on “attending,” “not attending,” “maybe attending,” or “has not replied” lists. Create a compelling Facebook banner of the event page, with ticket purchasing link along with the proper description of the event. Give all the relevant information regarding the event; date, time, place and anything in particular that the attendees need to know. 

You can directly sell your event tickets on Facebook by listing your event on By this, you will be able to create your event on the website and you get the option to directly connect the event with your facebook page. This is a win-win because you can enjoy the perks of listing your event on a global platform as well as sell event tickets through Facebook.


7. Promote Your Events Using Paid Advertisements

Every social media platform provides the service of advertisements by paying money(DUH!). The best thing about this is that it allows you to select the targeted audience, the ad will be shown to people that you believe will engage with your content. 

The rates of ads depend upon the site, your demand for the targeted audience that you want your ad to be shown and other factors as well; but this is surely a great way to promote event on social media. They provide tools to let you know the reach of the post, engagement on the post, likes, etc. so you can carry on proper analysis regarding the content.

Also, the paid campaign might reach a number of people considering your budget but the engagement will depend on how well you have crafted the post. Create an interesting post with an effective call-to-action and link to the tickets of your event. This will not only get your event visibility but enough engagement as well.

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8. Leverage Trends To Promote Event On Social Media

This is a very unusual or rather a very informal way of promotion on this list, but this surely does the work. Memes according to the Cambridge dictionary means an idea, image, video, etc. that is spread very quickly on the internet. Memes are a trend of the current period, they are literally everywhere on social media. 

Memes: Now the question will arise how shall one use memes to promote on social media? It is simple, create something in the form of an image with the thousands and millions of meme templates available on the internet and post it in your accounts. 

Interesting Trends: Memes are not the only way of promotion, trends are very essential to follow for event promotions as if you have a canny idea, you may be able to pioneer the new idea.

The best example of this is the ASL ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE which had gone viral in 2014, to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. It was started for creating awareness, lots of donations had been received due to this. It proves how trends on social media can help you achieve your goal of event promotions. 


9. Social Media Influencers Influencing Lives

The influencers have a massive audience reach. The word influencer itself explains what their job is, they influence people and they have established credibility in the market. These influencers will promote your event on social media and as they have a vast reach of audience they will get people to follow you and make them buy tickets to your event. 

The influencers are already well established in their field and have a very loyal fanbase. The influencer marketing promotion program usually involves the placement of products and brand mentions on their page. It is either a paid program, a cross promotion plan, sometimes even a barter of products or other perks like free tickets. 


10. Giveaways On Social Media Platforms

What is the best way to get people to follow you? Free giveaways! People love freebies, so what you can do is organize a giveaway where they need to participate in a contest and perform tasks in order to be eligible for the giveaway. 

There are multiple options for you to decide what you want from people to get engaged in such a giveaway. You can either ask them to follow you and put a story tagging you in their story by which more people will come to know about the event.

You can even ask them to tag x number of friends in the comment section to be eligible, or ask a question and randomly select people who gave the right answers. This is an inclusive list of things you can do for a giveaway.

You should select something for a giveaway which is tempting enough to people for them to participate in the giveaway, otherwise, it will be a waste of your efforts. Generally the tickets for the event can be considered good enough items when you are promoting events on social media. 


11. Go Live At Your Event

While the event is going on, you should not stop promoting your event, especially if its a multi-day event. The promotions shouldn’t stop until the event is over. 

The best way to do event promotion on the day of the event is to do live streaming of the event (not the whole event) just a glimpse of the event or behind the scenes shots. It keeps the audience excited for the upcoming event and in case of a multi-day event; this will even help you push the sale of tickets for the next day.

Snapchat has a functionality of geo-filters which lets you create a customized filter specific to the location of the event. These fancy filters are loved by people; attendees will share such photos with their friends, family, and co-workers. This would hype your event and help you reach a lot of people.

Oh! This also gives you a lot of content to share post-event. You can create a whole bunch of #throwback posts; keep the audience engaged and long for more such events.

Promotions on social media don’t require in-depth knowledge of technology but surely needs a dedicated person who can promote event on social media to make it a successful one.