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Ascension - Warhammer 40k 2v2 Battle Brothers Tournament


Ascension - Warhammer 40k 2v2 Battle Brothers Tournament

We're starting the year with a 2v2 Battle Brothers event, so grab a partner and be ready to face the recent Xenos threats!
Eligibility - Open to ALL.
Maximum of 12 teams.
Entry Fee - $50 per team
(All participants gain 3QPs that contribute to the 2019 Invitational Season)
Masters of Battle (Highest VP score) - Battlesaurus Trophies & $160 GW Voucher

Masters of Rites (Highest VP & Appearance Average) - Boltersaurus Trophies & $160 GW Voucher

Master of Relics (Best Appearance score) - Hobbysaurus Trophy & $50 GW Voucher

Lucky Draw prizes if we fill up to 12 teams!
Participants get limited edition Battlesaurus Dice. Winners gets a special Battlesaurus Champion's die.

Number of rounds - 3 rounds, 3 hrs each.
Army Composition
- Battleforged 2000pts tournament. 1000pts per player.
- 1-2 Detachments per player
- A player may only use up to the total number of Command Points he gains from his detachments.
- A player may only use his own Command Points on his own army's Stratagems.
- All players can use the "Gimme CP Plz" Stratagem, which costs 2 CP, and grants their teammate 1 CP.
- Do note that the ITC FAQ and Ruleset will be used for this event.
- The following supplements will be legal for this event (PLEASE TAKE NOTE):

*Codex Genestealer Cults and all previously published material will be legal for this event

- Maximum of 12 Teams. First come First served basis.
- Armies are to be 100% painted. (100% Painted Armies are determined as entirely covered in paint with 3 minimum colours/shades in a cohesive manner. Primer counts as a colour.)
- Army lists are to be submitted by Sunday, 16 February 2019
- Should your army include any conversions, or is heavily modified, kindly submit your list by Sunday, 16 February with pictures, instead.
Scoring Criterion

Generalship (Total 16 pts)
Each Victory = 4pts
Each Draw = 1pt

Tiebreaker: Amount of Secondary Objectives scored (Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, etc)

Appearance (Total 16 pts)
- Teams will score Appearance based on an average of both players' scores.
- Armies will score 0-4 in each of the following sections
- Basic Painting (1: Basecoated Models, 2: Basic Shading/Highlighting, 3: Colours blocked in, Details picked out. 4: Outstanding Effort)
- Basing (1: Bases are Painted or Textured, 2: Bases are Textured & Shaded/Hightlighted, 3: Bases are detailed, themed. 4: Outstanding Basework)
- Advanced Technique (1 to 4 depending on complexity and application. Simple layers and edge highlights etc = 1 while 4 = NMM blends/ Extreme Freehand work.)
- Wow Factor (Will combine a portion of player votes and judge discretion determined by overall theme and execution)

Masters of Rites : Highest Composite of Generalship + Appearance
Masters of Battle : Highest Generalship Score
Master of Relics : Highest Appearance Score
Missions TBA

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