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Womens Menopause Circle

Women's Menopause Circle

Thu Dec 01, 2022

Women's Menopause Circle

Time Thu Dec 01 2022 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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Dionne's, 52a Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8BA, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Women's Menopause Circle, 1 December | Event in Birmingham | Women's Menopause Circle

What Is Women's Menopause Circle ⭕️:

Imagine a gathering of women who are going through the same thing. They may appear at the same stage but they aren't because no woman is exactly like. Nevertheless a menopausal woman is more like another menopausal woman which is where you'll feel a sense of belonging and connection to the other woman and even more so to yourself as they'll mirror you and give the empowered strength to the things you need to deal with in your life. They will know where you are and where you are coming from. This is sisterhood! While at the same time no one will be telling you you're doing 'it' wrong try it this way. This is the magic of the circle system.

The History & How Does This Work 

We will guide you to leave the outside world behind at our gatherings and enter the circle. Doing practices will help you centre yourself and feel grounded before the sharing (circle practice) begins within the circle. Since beginningless time humans have operated in circles. Over 30000 years ago long before modern humanity societies were egalitarian. Patriarchal ideology changed things 6000 to 4000 years ago to the linear thinking and behaviour of men and women. We became passive receivers of information and instruction from persons in leadership positions at the top of the lines. So women will return to a more feminine and egalitarian way which is more potent for self-healing and developing a connection with themselves and the other women. The result of the circles will enrich your personal community because of the shared communal experience you will have in the circle and the menopause journey you are both journeying through. When the circle closes you'll feel lighter less burdened and alone whose challenges may no longer seem like challenges but lessons learnt. Having transmuted them in the ⭕️ you leave feeling empowered and loved as you build emotional resilience.

In Addition

You'll get ongoing supportive sisterhood outside of these live events so join us. 

What The Value Of Meeting In This Way

Like a co-working space each woman is a self-agent but is held in a supportive community so when she is delving in authentically (which comes with practice) and becomes more vulnerable (as she is held in the light of loving-kindness). She then feels the love and the support so she can openly explore her inner world. Each time she'll be more autonomous. Meanwhile the 'shares' she witnesses will serve to inspire motivate and touch her heart soul/spirit. In the circles you will feel heard be seen and have a place to lean into for loving support. As your life unwinds as a menopausal woman and topics such as;

  • How your body has changed beyond recognition
  • Your marriage/ partnerships where you can't say what's deeply in your heart
  • Sex intimacy & sensuality you're uncovering
  • Recovery from their surgery (hysterectomy)
  • Cognitive/ brain & memory functions differently
  • Confidence anxiety & unexplained mood changes 
  • Weight gain and its effects
  • Managing or not mnaging your pain
  • Energy fatigue & your sleep
  • Thyroid and adrenal changes
  • Friends & Family 
  • Work relationships & environment
  • HRT & communication with your healthcare provider
  • Inner wounds
  • Dependents 
  • Greif loss and grivences
  • Your mood your fears
  • Life-plan
  • Incontinence 
  • Your heart diabetes or anything with your health
  • Loss of faith or/& spiritual awakening
  • More...

These are just ideas and topics that hold menopausal ailments and the life circumstances of menopausal women. What you choose to speak of speak about is up to you. Rest assured what goes on in the circle stays in the circle! As we will all swear the circle agreement.  By the time the circle draws close imagine feeling lighter free and unburdened.

Who Is This Good For

Women who want support during their menopause from peri to crown. They understand that becoming their self-advocate with a sisterhood behind them will nourish them more than they can ever repay as you can't put a price on enriching experiences of the soul/spirit. In addition a woman believes in the power of the sisterhood community (women rising together). Although there may have been burnt in the past by another woman in their life they are now open to healing that wound moving forward as they work on themselves and lean into the circle magic. 

Who Is This Not For

It's not for a woman interested in dumping their baggage on someone in this case another woman in the circle. Anyone who struggles to keep confidentiality? Want to get free coaching from me or/ other members? Nor is it a place for women to network or coach others. If you want to use this instead of registered assign psychotherapy; this is not for you. If you are scared of talking in front of people or don't know where the mic button is on Zoom this won't work. Cause not only do we practice conscious listening but we also share from a heart-centred place. Your camera must be one at all times (unless you pop out to go to the bathroom) for this to work when the circle is virtual.

Circle Of Change

Jean Shinoda Bolen added to the circle movement by creating the concept of the 'The Millionth Circle'. A movement that theorises about the tipping point it takes to make a morphogenetic shift. Just as menopause is a natural part of life it has not been supported nor recognised with grace in the modern world. By gathering in circles you can change for yourself and the sisters that gather with you and the ones who will come after us such as our daughters.

Where & When

A month in-person circle for 12 women max so grab your ticket now.

Plus a monthly virtual circle (on a different subject of inquiry with 20 women max so it can remain intimate).


Tickets for Women's Menopause Circle can be booked here.

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Thu Dec 01 2022 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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Dionne's, 52a Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8BA, Birmingham, United Kingdom