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Battlefield Birmingham 16


Battlefield Birmingham 16

Hello and welcome to Battlefield Birmingham 16. This is a singles/ Team event that will be taking place on the 31st August & 1st of September 2019. For those who have not attended a Battlefield Birmingham event, this will be a Warhammer 40,000 tournament where you will play 5 games over the weekend for the title of Battlefield Birmingham champion!

Although this is a fully fledged tournament with prizes up for grabs etc. Battlefield Birmingham has a reputation for being one of the more relaxed style tournaments on the scene and we encourage everyone to adopt a calm and friendly demeanour, if they don't we WILL warn them and ban them if needed. So don’t let the term 'tournament' put you off by any means.

The event will comprise 5 games, 3 games on the Saturday and 2 games on the Sunday, lasting 3 hours each.

Players will be drawn randomly for the first round with a ‘Swiss system’ being used to determine pairings for rounds 2-5. Games will be played with Warhammer 40,000 8th Ed rule book with armies of 2000 points.

Rules pack :

Date: 31st August & 1st of September 2019

The Cadbury Club,
Bournville Lane,
B30 2HP
(Rear car park is on Mary Vale Road)

Tickets are on sale now:
Payments of £30 can be made via PayPal to aGFycnl0aGVzY2htdWNrIHwgaG90bWFpbCAhIGNvbQ==
(If you could pay via friends and family/ Gift it will stop Paypal taking their relatively large cut, we refund the amount we accually receive).
-Refunds will not be given after the 16/08/19. (Two weeks before the event)

There will be the more prizes to be won out of any event anyone has ever seen for the following 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Most Sporting, Best Army Nominees, Best Army, Best Team, Last Place, Most Fluffy Army, 40k PIMP leader, The Prince Vultan Award, Best In Faction as well as spot prizes throughout the weekend. Around 50 awards in total.


-Deep-cut Studio:
-KR Multicase:

There will be a maximum of 110 places for this event on a first come first served basis. Unlike other times we will not be operating a paid reserves list. Instead we will either absorb refunded tickets and release them as a block or players may pass them on to friends as long as we are informed of the changes.

1.Andrew Bourbon
2.David Mitchell
3.Brett Dawson
4.Mark Gebhard
5.Jason Roberts
6.Adam Rogers
7.James H-Taylor
8.Chris Riley
9.Angus Patterson
10.Adam Ryland
11.Joao Pires
12.Dan Wright
13.Dave Wright
14.Dean Hankin
15.George White
16.Victor Garvey
17.Nick Atkins
18.Kyle Brown
19.Michael Costello
20.Mike Curry
21.Richard Smith
22.Mark Earney
23.Craig Mcgeachie
24.Ben Evans
25.Daniel Pattenden
26.Jack West
27.Lewis Foulds
28.Dan Gilbert
29.Joe Waddock
30.James Marsden
31.Eric Hoerger
32.Tom Longdon
33.John Kirby
34.Neil Douglas
35.Ken Chambers
36.Matthew Burch
37.Jack Downing
38.Andy Taylor
39.Alex Jones
40.Stephen Box
41.Mark Read
42.Joe Maylam
43.Liam Worswick
44.Michael Bolton
45.Jay Court
46.Simon Corder
47.Chris Green
48.Miles Tamplin
49.Alex Petford
50.Karl Bickley
51.Matt Bickley
52.Adam Bickley
53.Simone Bra
54.Jon Farrell
55.Brett Armitage
56.Joao Ferreira
57.Daniil Osudin
58.Simon Rooke
59.Thomas Lawler
60.Malik Amin-Rubio
61.Mark Crombleholme
62.David Irving
63.Lee Wright
64.Ben Jones
65.Shaun Morgan
66.Ian Hammond
67.James Jones
68.Matthew Judge
69.Adam Trotter
70.Peter Melton
71.Warren Broomhall
72.Dean Hankin
73.Richard Bladon
74.Thomas Smith
75.Wayne Envis
76.Neil Gibbons
77.Konrad Bartkiewicz
78.Nick Mcdaid
79.Steven Almond
80.Richard Edkins
81.Alex P-Smith
82.Dan Whitfield
83.Kade Keep
84.Barry Rumming
85.Kelly Sherwood
86.Mark Wray
87.Matt McVeigh
88.Nick Counsell
89.Phil Fox
90.Stephen Cutler
91.Matthew Slynn
92.Peter Slynn
93.Nick Mcdaid
94.Alex Wightman
95.Gaz Donnelly
96.Joe Kerr-Delworth
97.Alex West
98.Danny Evison
99.Craig Green
100.Samuel Mitchell
101.Dan Bates
102.Liam Hayfield
103.Mani Cheema
104.Dann Bloors
105.Anthony Lown
106.Jay Seebarun
107.Michael Hancox
108.Shaun Mitchell
109.Thomas capper
110.Luke Capper

Map Battlefield Birmingham, The Cadbury Club, Bourneville Lane, Bournville, B30 2LU Birmingham, United Kingdom, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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