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WarHammer - Age of Sigmar: Open Play / Learn to Play


WarHammer - Age of Sigmar: Open Play / Learn to Play

Looking to test out those newly painted armies?
Join us at Portal for Age of Sigmar Open Play

Here we go, as promised!

Age of Sigmar Campaign

Welcome weary traveler. Hang your cloak by the door and pull up a seat next to the fire. Join us as we share tales of high adventure!

Want to join a narrative map campaign, but don’t want
to go through the hassle of learning all sorts of complicated campaign rules?
Just want to play a pick-up game, but wish there could
be a bit more story driving the battle?

Want to interact with your Age of Sigmar gaming group
but can’t manage to all get together on the same day?

So, here is the campaign I'd like to run. It will be a "Map Campaign", meaning a map with multiple territories being our background for this adventure. Players will battle other players for territories. Once they win the battle with another player, the control the territory. You must win to control the territory, a draw results in neither player controlling the contested territory.

This free-form map campaign framework that uses all games played in a gaming club to determine the outcome of a large territory war between Grand Alliances.

Players just need to pick where they want to fight, use the
special rules that apply to that location, and if the
challenging player wins, the map region changes hands.

Players’ armies belong to one of the Grand Alliances, and each game contributes to that team’s territorial gains.

You can even play as different sides on different days,
depending on which armies you feel like fielding!

Our campaign will use an warband generated by the Path to Glory tables (usually found in your particular army's Battle Tome). You may play as many different Path to Glory warbands as you wish.

You aren't even required to keep the same warband composition from game to game. You may try out different units in your warband (or warbands) as strikes your fancy!

Progression rewards only apply to the unit that earned them. They are not transferable between other warbands or units.

I plan on running two tournaments during the campaign. The first will be a Paths to Glory tournament, using the warband you are using (To include all progression awards), this will happen mid-way through the campaign. In addition to any player awards (store credit), the winners will also receive campaign awards, to help them through the rest of the campaign.

The final tournament will be a standard Age of Sigmar tournament, using the standard rules without Path to Glory awards. This will occur at the end of the campaign. There will be exciting, special tournament rules and other fun aspects that will be revealed closer to that event.


Pick players participating in battle.

Check which Grand Alliance each player’s army belongs. Decide if
any players will be allied together if it’s a Multiplayer game.

Note: Order and Chaos never ally
together. Everything else goes!
If opposing armies belong to the
same Grand Alliance, then one of them is a Rebellious Faction (decide which).

Pick a map region bordering on the
territories of the Grand Alliances
involved. Rebellions can occur
anywhere within a Grand
Allliance’s territory.

Note: Stormcast Eternals,
Seraphon, Daemons of Chaos,
Kharadron Overlords and Skaven
can pick any map region because can deploy from above (or below!).

Choose a Battleplan that fits the
map region and/or the armies
involved, or use Open War cards.

If your Grand Alliance has any SPOILS markers left, you can use up one if you wish, as resources for your battle.

• Using up a SPOILS marker grants one of the following for the duration of a single battle. (choose):

Artefact- One additional HERO in your army can be given a
Magical Artefact (no repeats of the same item).

Reinforcements- Field 1 additional unit from the same Grand Alliance, which cannot be a LEADER or BEHEMOTH. This unit does not cost any points or
trigger Allegiance restrictions of your army.

Intelligence- grants you a RUSE card (from the Open War cards).

Set up terrain for the battle as appropriate for the map region, and apply any WARFRONT special rules when fighting there (see MAP REGIONS table).

If an army is smaller than their opponent’s (by Wounds/Points) but not enough to trigger Sudden Death, they can use one Matched Play TRIUMPH during the battle.

DRAW – no changes to control of the map region.

VICTORY – winner gains the map region for their Grand Alliance: change the map region’s pin to one the color of their Grand Alliance, and add +D3
SPOILS markers to their Alliance.

• If the winner is a Rebellious Faction, then the map region becomes neutral (remove the pin) and the Grand Alliance loses 1D3 SPOILS marker.

• In either case, winners that won a Major Victory can also roll on a
TRIUMPH table.

Terrain: at least 1 Forest scenery piece per each 2’x2’
square area. Forests grant cover to any models fully
inside it, except BEHEMOTHS.
Up to 3 units of WANDERERS, BRAYHERDS,
WARHERDS and SPIDERFANG Grots can re-deploy
before the first battle turn.

Terrain: at least 1 Marshland scenery piece per each
2’x2’ square area. Marshlands grant cover to any
models fully inside it, but are also Deadly terrain.
and DEADWALKERS can re-deploy before the first
battle turn.

Terrain: at least 1 large impassable rocky scenery
piece per each 2’x2’ square area, and at least one hill
per every other 2’x2’ square.
Up to 3 units of DUARDIN, ZHARR GOROTH,
OGORS and MOONCLAN Grots can re-deploy before
the first battle turn.

Terrain: at least ¼ of the table should be Deep Water.
Models can move up to 6” into deep water but are under the rules for Deadly terrain and gain cover. Any further than 6” into Deep Water is impassable.

A Realmgate leads to another Realmgate in the Mortal Realms.
Armies from the Grand Alliance that controls the other side of the gate can always pick those Realmgates’ map region to contest.

A map region with a SHRINE is a nexus of magical power.

Terrain: place a large piece of magical scenery, or just several magical scenery pieces that are
similarly themed.

Leyline: battles being fought in this map region and adjacent
regions allow the Grand Alliance that controls it an extra WIZARD
or PRIEST Hero for free (must not be a BEHEMOTH).

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