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Beatbox Battle Looping Masters - Loop Station World Championship


Beatbox Battle Looping Masters - Loop Station World Championship


Beatbox Battle TV is hosting the Looping Masters World Championship on Saturday, June 29, 2019 at the Gretchen Club in Berlin with the focus on loop station live performance and club entertainment. The art form human beatboxing live looping has developed into a renowned music style worldwide, which is essential and crucial in the modern club world. The competitors have no musically limits and are able to hype up the audience and animate them to dance all night long. The participating artists will be able to perform Hip Hop tracks, as well as EDM, Dubstep and Drum'n'Bass music in real time on stage with their human voice on a loop station and remix them live.

Date: 29. June 2019
Location: Gretchen Club
City: Berlin, Germany

Around twenty participants appear consecutively in four performance blocks (A-D) on stage. Each participant will perform a fifteen minute loop station set and try to convince the official jury experts and the party crowd of his skills to receive a high overall rating. All participant will be judged fair and honestly by the jury of experts. Only the five artists with the highest judging ranking can qualify for the big final round. The finalists compete in the final round with a five minute loop station set. The team of experts rates all five finalists once again and includes the audience's response in the overall standings. The artist with the best stage presence wins the competition and will be named Loop Station Showcase World Champion 2019.

20 x 15 Minutes Showcase (Block A-D)
5 x 5 Minutes Showcase (Final Block)

The evaluation system of the jury experts is based on four competition criteria which are awarded by a point system from 1 to 10 points. In addition, after each completed block (A-D), the presenter will call out the audience for applause to get a tendency which of the respective five act's rocked the stage the most. The six jury experts will conscientiously take this tendency into account in their evaluations and judge fairly.

1. Mastering Basics
Volume of each Sound, Avoiding Feedback, Overall Volume
2. Structure
Timing, Build up's, Overall Composition
3. Musicality
Harmony, Beat Structure, Atmosphere
4. Entertainment
Crowd Control, Stage Present, Vibe, Original Impression

Every competitor has to compete with the BOSS RC-505 and is allowed to use another audio effects device in addition to the microphone and a headphone. Playing pre-recorded audio files (pre-recording) is not allowed. All sounds, bass lines and melodies must be recorded and played live on stage in real-time with the RC-505 Loop Station.

16:00 pm Doors Open
17:00 pm Opening Ceremony
17:30 pm Inkie Showcase
18:00 pm BLOCK A
20:00 pm BLOCK B
22:00 pm BLOCK C
00:00 am BLOCK D
02:00 am Finals (Top 5)
03:00 am Winner Ceremony

## BLOCK A ##
• GON (Lithuania)
• Frosty (England)
• La Cris (Spain)
• Eklips (France)
• Arthur Henry (Switzerland)

## BLOCK B ##
• Beatur (Iceland)
• Jan Elf (Poland)
• Friidon (Germany)
• BAR-T (The Netherlands)
• Lisaholic (Germany)

## BLOCK C ##
• DgyMie (France)
• Alyona (Russia)
• Pulmon (Spain)
• MR MiC (Tunisia)
• SungBeats (United States)

## BLOCK D ##
• BassLime (Hungary)
• Raylative (Germany)
• En.Dru (Czech Republic)
• Voxel (The Netherlands)
• Ibarra (The Netherlands)

• Alien Dee (Italy)
• Blady Kris (Poland)
• Faya Braz (France)
• Grison (Spain)
• Inkie (Russia)
• Slizzer (Luxembourg)

• Bee Low (Germany)
• Dana McKeon (Malta)

## PARTY DJ ##
• MK One (Germany)

Map Club GRETCHEN, Obentrautstr. 19-21, 10963 Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany, Berlin, Germany
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