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AWS New Batches by Experts


AWS New Batches by Experts


Cloud Fundamentals

          · Introduction to Cloud Computing

         · Why Cloud Computing?

         · Benefits of Cloud Computing

         · Types of Cloud Computing

         · Public Cloud

         · Private Cloud

         · Hybrid Cloud

         · Community Cloud

         · Software as a Service

         · Platform as a Service

         · Infrastructure as a Service

         · Horizontal vs. vertical scaling

         · Cloud Computing Issues

         · Security

         · Costing Model

         · Service Level Agreement (SLA)

         · Cloud Interoperability Issue

         · What to migrate?

         · Legal and compliance

         What is virtualization?

      · Virtualization and cloud computing

        · Types of virtualization

         · Virtualization terminologies

       · Hypervisor

        · Benefits


AWS Technical Essentials

           · History of AWS

           · Introduction to the AWS products


           · Ec2 Instances

Launching your first AWS instance

On-demand Instance pricing

Reserved Instance pricing

Spot instance pricing

Setting up security

Security groups

Choosing the AMI

Creating a new AMI

Snapshot Creation

Instance restoration

Public and Private IP’s

Deploying a new instance from the created AMI

Key Pairs

Elastic IP’s

ELB(Elastic Load Balancer)



VPC configuration

VPC security

Elastic IP’s Inbound and outbound ACL’s

NAT gateway

VPN Connection

Peering Connection

Direct Connect




S3 Buckets

S3 durability and redundancy

S3 Uploading Downloading

S3 Permissions

S3 Object Versioning

Static Web hosting

S3 Lifecycle Policies






                   · Create EBS volumes

                   · Delete EBS Volumes

                   · Attach and detach EBS volumes

                   · Mounting and unmounting EBS volume

                   · Creating and deleting snapshots


What is EFS

Use case does amazon EFS support

How instance access efs

How to manage EFS

How to load data




What is snowball

How snowball works

Use of snowballa

When to use snowball



What is Glacier

Benefits of glacier

How durable glacier is


               ·Direct Connect

What is direct connect

Benefits of Direct Connect

How to get start with Direct Connect


                · ELB

                   · Create an Application Load Balancer

                   · Create a Network Load Balancer

                    · Create a Classic Load Balancer



                · Auto Scaling

                   · Boot strapping

                   · Create a launch configuration

                   · Create an Auto Scaling group Create a policy

                   · load-balanced Amazon EC2 application



                   · Creating zones

                   · Hosting a website

                   · Understanding routing policies

                   · Weighted simple and failover policies




Selecting the Database type

Configuring the database

Creating database

Configuring backups

Configuring the maintenance windows

Connecting to the database


               ·Dynamo DB

Creating a dynamo db.

Configuring alarms

Adding data manually


Elastic Cache

What is ElastiCache

Use of ElastiCache

Use cases of ElastiCache

How ElastiCache manages

Amazon redshift

What is Amazon Redshift

What Amazon Redshift manages

How Redshift works

Redshift wharehouse creation


               · IAM

Creating Users and Groups

Applying policies

Password Policy



Encryption Keys

Identity Provider

Directory Service



               · Cloud Watch

                   · Cloud watch dashboard

                   · Configuring Monitoring services

                   · Configuring actions

                   · Creating a cloud watch alarm

                   · Getting statistics for ec2 instances

                   · Monitoring other AWS services

                   · Configuring Notifications



             ·Cloud Front

                  · Use of cloud front

                   · Creating a cloud front distribution

                   · Hosting a website of cloud front distribution

                   · Implementing restrictions

                   · Configuring origins and behaviors





                   · Integrating cloud watch with Autoscaling


               · Cloud Formation

                   · What is cloud formation?

                   · Deploying template

                   · Create Stack

                  · Delete Stack

                   · Monitoring the resources      

AWS Lambda    

What is Lambda

What is serverless computing

Lambda Functions

Manage Lambda Functions

Monitor Lambda Functions

Troubleshoot In Lambda Functions


Elastic BeanStalk


What is Elastic Bean Stalk


Supported Languages of Elastic BeanStalk


Kind of Application Will Support Elastic Beanstalk


Use Case Of Elastic Beanstalk


Elastic Container

What is elastic Container Service

Uses Of elastic Container Service

Difference between Elastic beanstalk and container

Difference between Elastic Container and lambda



                    · SNS

                   · What is SNS

                   · Creating a topic

                   · Create subscription


                · SQS

What is SQS

How to configure SQS

How SES works


                 · SES

What is SES

How to Configure SES

How SES work



               · Cloud Trial

What is Cloud trail

Benefits of Cloud Trail

Use case of Cloud trail


Trust Advisor

Default service limits

How to check service limits

How to calculate instance


Simple Workflow Service


What is WAF

Benfits of WAF

Use case of WAF

Difference between SQS and WAF



What is Ops work Stack

Bootstrapping Ec2 With OPS Work Chef

What kind of apps ops work support


Billing Analysis

Cost and Usage report

Other reports

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