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BBT Commander Spectacular Tourney!


BBT Commander Spectacular Tourney!

Battle bunker Tygervally will be hosting its First Major commander event on Saturday the 12th of January.

It will begin at 11:00 am. There will be 3 rounds each being 2 hours long.

Entrance fee will be R120.

Prize support: Everybody will get minimum of a single booster. The more players we have the better prize pool we will have.

Nigel Perry will also be running one of his infamous raffles.

We will be playing Objective Based EDH. That means You will have an Infinite life total and will spend the games Obtaining points (list at the end of the post) toward the victory instead of trying to K*ll your opponent in traditional ways.

We will have a Custom ban list for the day:
1) Cards that say you win the game or your opponent looses the game (Door to Nothing Ect)
2) Cards that influence whether or not you may loose the game. (Platinum Angel)
3) The power 9.
4) Cards that rob opponents of turns or that gain you extra turns.


The Nephilim will be treated as Legendary Creatures for the duration of the event.

You are allowed to Proxy your commander but no other card.

Points and Scoring

Your scoring and points will be acquired though points. Pods of 4 people will be formed and you will play 10 rounds. Each player will have a minimum of 10 turns.

You may only earn 1 point for fulfilling an objective per turn.

Your pod will get 5 random Objectives per game selected from the objective pool (see below).


1) draw more than 1 card a turn
2) gain life
3) force opponents to discard a card
4) deal non combat damage to an opponent
5) destroy an opponent's creature
6) destroy a non-creature permanent
7) destroy an opponent's non-creature permanent
? take control of an opponent's creature
9) take control of an opponent's non-creature permanent
10) use a planeswalker ability
11) gain an emblem from a planeswalker
12) provide a blanket effect to your creatures (ie all creatures get +1/+1)
13) attack an opponent
14) attack and have your creature blocked.
15) cast 5 non-creature spells in a single turn
16) have 10 mana floating at any moment
17) play more than 1 land a turn
18) have a card leave your graveyard.
19) play a card that an opponent currently has in play. (has to be the same set and art and foiling)
20) have a creature with 15+ power and/or 15+ toughness.
21) cast your commander
22) exile a card

at the start of a game you start with 15 points. then when you reveal your commander you loose 3 points for each color in your commander colour identity.

Happy Commanding!

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Map Battle Bunker TygervalleyShop 148C Banking Level, Tygervalley Shopping Centre, 7530 Bellville, Western Cape, Bellville, South Africa
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