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Portrait Photography Workshop by Saad Salloum aka skylinkd


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Portrait Photography Workshop by Saad Salloum aka skylinkd

I have designed this course for beginning photographers and for those who want to fill in any gaps in portrait photography knowledge.
You don't have to have any prior understanding of photography although it is certainly helpful.
I can't wait to share with you what I have learned in photography.

The Workshop will take place at HounaCenter Hamra and is focused on :
Portrait Photography,
Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Techniques,
Posing/dealing with the model.

The Workshop is going to open your Insights & Inspiration
& will trigger your creativity in a passionate manner
to master "Portrait Photography Workflow"


- Do I need to have any basic information about these topics : (Photography, Lighting, Composition)

Not at all, No Qualification or prior knowledge is needed just that you know, as the workshop is intended to start from scratch and provide the basics to building a professional workflow
for mastering portrait photography.

- Can I attend some classes and skip others?

No, You can’t because they are all inter related and complete each other in a way that assists you to have a total understanding & mastery,
In Addition, it is only 3 sessions aimed to make sure that everything is building up on a solid foundation.

- Do I need a professional Digital or Analogue Camera to attend this Workshop?

It is not a must, but definitely much better if you can. You don’t need one for now, as we are going to share a camera that I will provide during the classes …
As the workshop focuses on drawing with light (which photography is all about) and frame Composition.
On the long run, You would definitely need to get a professional camera if you want to perform your passion and get pleasing results.

- Will I get a certificate?

No, you will not get a certificate, but your work will certify itself :)

- How can I pay?

You can arrange a meeting with me within the registration period, drop it by Houna Center at their working hours or send it in my name through the Western Union, etc..

The sooner you register & pay, You will guarantee that you have your place reserved because the course is limited to 10 attendees.

- Do you give Private Courses?


An outline or summary of what will be taught in this workshop

01 • Introduction to digital photography
02 • Lenses
03 • Focal length
04 • Zoom lenses
05 • Aperture
06 • Exposure
07 • The exposure triangle (Aperture - Shutter Speed - ISO )
08 • Understanding f-stops
09 • Freezing action
10 • Blurring subjects
11 • Coping with low light situations
12 • shutter speed VS aperture VS ISO
13 • Metering Modes
14 • Depth of field
15 • Autofocus VS Manual Focus
16 • How to Hold a Digital Camera
17 • Quality of light and light temperature
18 • Understand histograms
19 • Composition Rules
20 • Distracting backgrounds
21 • foregrounds for framing
22 • portrait vs landscape
23 • Posing Techniques/dealing with the model
24 • ROT - Rule Of Thirds
25 • Simplicity
26 • Leading lines
27 • Closer fill the frame
28 • Eye level portraits
29 • Brightness and Contrast
30 • Cropping
31 • Portrait photography tips
33 • How and when to use flash
34 • off camera flash
35 • light modifiers
36 • Understanding RAW
37 • White Balance
38 • Shooting in Black & White
39 • Light Temperature
40 • Modifying light
41 • Understanding shadows
42 • Environmental Light
43 • Soft and Hard Shadows
44 • Distractions & Attractions ( Bright Areas/high contrast/color contrast/Areas of Sharpness/eyes of people or animals/colors in a monochromatic scene)
45 • Elements of Composition ( Lines/texture/contrast/movement/positive/negative space )
46 • Subject Placement ( Golden Mean/rule of thirds/Horizon Lines/Proper Balance/Framing/Symmetry)
47 • Different Lenses, Different Compositions
48 • Depth of Field and Shutter Speed in Composition
49 • Nurturing The Artist Inside
50 • Quality Time Management

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