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Sat Jan 28, 2023

ffff = F

Time Sat Jan 28 2023 at 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Beijing, China

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ffff = F, 28 January | Event in Beijing | ffff = F
Let's overcome addiction to unhealthy, corrosive (un)social media; & rediscover the fine arts of conversation and decent behavior, shall we?

About this Event

Food. We treat (delicious, healthful vegetarian/vegan) food with respect and take delight in appreciating it. Because we believe there are a lot of subtle lessons and life-enhancing insights that can be drawn from food. So, for us, food appreciation is a terrific skill to learn, hone and master.

Friends. We believe genuine friends can play a more important role in one's life than family, colleagues, acquaintances, associates and strangers put together. We use our events to discover such genuine friends and strike potentially lifelong friendships.

FUNtasy: Yeah, it's a portmanteau of FUN and FANTASY. When fabulous food is had with fantastic friends, it produces great fun, which is as good as a fantasy, and its spirit and meaning are best captured by the word we coined -- funtasy.

Flow: This concept is what made famous, which made him famous as well. Flow is when you lose yourself in a sense of timelessness, a time when the best possible version of yourself rises to the fore, unhindered, expressing your finest inner core. We facilitate flow by creating the right conditions for that state, through food, friends and funtasy.

FREEDOM: When we put all the four Fs -- Food, Friends, Funtasy and Flow -- into action , they produce FREEDOM. That is, freedom, or a healthy escape, from everyday stresses, strains, pains, troubles that tend to bedevil our minds and infect our consciousness. When such freedom is achieved on a weekly basis, it will energize body-mind-soul for peak performance.

Why are we organizing these weekly events in Beijing?

We believe it's time for us to outgrow our obsession with work, money and technology and strive for meaning and true purpose.

For whom are these weekly events intended?

For residents /visitors in Beijing who are keen on wrapping their minds around the weighty topics that this group champions -- issues that define our lives today: Life, Work, Tech, Money, Wealth, Health, Community and Relationships.

Why should you join?

To ponder what really matters in life from now on, so that key insights could be gained and quality of life and relationships could be enhanced.

What can you expect?

Potentially life-transforming, game-changing, intellect-activating, mind-taming insights and soul-elevating relationships.

What will this group / community endeavour to do?

Just to reiterate what we have stated earlier. Focus of our meetings will be three-pronged: 1) delicious-healthful food; 2) delectable-stimulating conversations; 3) potentially life-changing relationships.

The larger goal is to meet, converse, exchange views, listen, respect, empathize, strike meaningful and genuine friendships.

These days, people tend to be under the grip of induced narcissism, ego, hyper-individuality and oneupmanship. We use our events to put that tendency on a tight leash by shining the spotlight of consciousness on 'inner angels' within us. We shall also explore future and ponder ways to grow as a person in the post-COVID era -- a time of uncertain globalization, which has big implications for individuals.

How to know if our group might be the right fit for you?

Simple, really.

a) If you were never seriously into, or are already sick and tired of, a certain lifestyle pattern [defined by pubs, bars, discos, alcohol, tobacco, meat, shopping malls, (un)social media, movies/concerts/theater/performing arts/weekend getaways lacking in both style-substance and 'soul', or interactions/relationships devoid of deeper 'connect'];

b) if you have begun to feel you have outgrown them all;

c) and, if you are experiencing the pangs of inner stirrings for something higher, something more meaningful and purpose-driven, then we are probably a perfect fit for you.

No offense to anyone, and with all due respect ... this group and its events are NOT for freeloaders, sluggards, gold-diggers, scamsters, scroungers, loungers, pranksters, alphas, zombies (enemies of intellect), closet racists, inveterate narcissists and such persons.

Are the events of this group free?

Yes, entry is FREE. No cost is involved. NOTE: Participants, however, pay for their own F&B at meeting venues (usually vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Beijing). Or, all the attendees can agree to 'go Dutch'. Register first by choosing the date convenient for you. You are free to become a regular member of our group and attend all our events. Remember, however, that while registering, you are expected to answer all 10 questions in the following questionnaire FULLY AND SINCERELY to book your place (and to receive our attention and communications, including emails, SMS texts, WeChat messages, etc, especially about meeting venues and the day's topics for group discussion). We look forward to seeing you in flesh and blood, with spirit and zest for life. (But, but, but, if you just want to hook up with some foreigners for the sake of it, or if your goal is to "practice English", or if you have no goal other than just attempting to try out a social group, any group, then ours is NOT the group for you. Sorry. Go look elsewhere. Good luck. Stay safe.)

Postscript: Regarding the questionnaire you will see at the checkout (registration) .... Please note: any flippant, lazy/indifferent, thoughtless or incomplete answers (that indicate arrogance, condescension, impatience, short attention span, indifference, insouciance, impertinence or zombielike mind-state) might only serve to filter yourself out. So, treat the questionnaire with respect. Answer the questions with gusto. For, it's your first, and probably the last, opportunity to show you really belong to our group, and that you have a sharp brain, functioning intellect, smart mind and wit (sense of humour), besides a kind and compassionate 'heart' that is also the abode of meaning, purpose and humility (not just external politeness or superficial manners). Got it? We're sure you'll ace the 'test'.


(This event is a confluence of, and incorporates, "", "", "" and "' ")

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Sat Jan 28 2023 at 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Beijing, China

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