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Access Your Akashic Records Immersion 2019


Access Your Akashic Records Immersion 2019

A Journey for the Seeker of Divine Guidance & Personal Transformation.

Are you ready to energize your life? Are you ready to come out of your cocoon to soar? Are you ready to live with joy, the life of your dreams? Are you ready to let go of all fears and limitations interfering with your hopes and life’s purpose? Are you ready to elevate the state of all your relationships?

Held along the tranquil east coast of Singapore, this three-days four-nights Immersion is offered to those who wish to experience the life transforming process of learning a Sacred Prayer handed down by the Mayans to access your Akashic Records.

This Immersion is all about you! Your growth, your process, your personal healing, your inspiration.


The Akashic Records, also referred to as the “Book of Life”, contain every thought, intent, action and emotion that you and every other soul has ever experienced - consciously or unconsciously - since the inception of dawn. The Akashic Records is the sum total of accumulated wisdom and infinite knowledge of the universe and all of existence.

The Akashic Records are interactive and ever evolving. The records contain information about the past, present, and the possible future. As the strongest determining factor of one’s future is one’s free will, the future can never be defined.

Through a sacred prayer, anybody can access the Akashic Records. The information that is available will be determined by what the person requires at the point in their life and whether he/she is ready for the information. Depending on the individual accessing the Akashic Records, the information can be transmitted in a variety of ways – taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing, emotions, and intuition.

The Akashic Records are a place of healing and love.

- Learn how to access your Akashic Records through a Sacred Prayer
- Design the life of your dreams
- Empower yourself
- Grow, Heal, Inspire or Transform yourself from a Spiritual Approach
- Increase your Vibratory Frequency
- Let go of Fears, Limitations or Old Belief Systems
- Receive Divine Guidance
- Reconnect with your Emotions
- Reopen your Heart to the Divinity inside and outside of you

During the Immersion, daily morning Kundalini Yoga, mantras and meditation will be taught. By the end of the course, everybody will be taught the theories and techniques to proficiently access the Akashic Records. These are the standard materials. Possible additional layers of concepts, information, tools and wisdom varies as each Immersion is individually crafted based on the participants present and what is guided by the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of the Akashic Records. Possible topics that will be taught include:
- How to access your Akashic Records through a Sacred Prayer
- Ways of working within the Akashic Records
- Breath (Pranayam)
- Forgiveness and Troubled Relationships
- Fragmented Pieces of the Soul and Trauma
- Grace and Grace Points
- Grounding
- Karma and Soul Contracts
- Kundalini Yoga
- Malas and Sacred Mantras
- Meditation
- Planes of Consciousness
- Protection
- The Aquarian Age & The Awakening
- The Chakras
- The Spiritual Teacher
- The View, Meditation and Action

Prior to 2017, Noel Tuan held many titles. Boxer, Computer Engineer, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Health & Fitness Instructor, Investment Banker, Runner. In 2017, Noel became a full time Akashic Records Consultant, dedicating his life's vocation to support others in their transformational spiritual journey.

In September 2018, while journaling in the Akashic Records during a retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, he got the Divine Message to teach others how to access the Akashic Records.

He was doubtful. Was this coming from his ego? Noel was in tears, touched from the honor and trust that came from the Akashic Records but at the same time he felt afraid and unready. Who was he to teach such sacred work? After repeated confirmations from the Akashic Records, he went into recluse to deepen his experience, inner work and research on the Akashic Records.

Ready, Noel now shares his knowledge, experience and wisdom with you.

Immersion Fees
Regular: SG$ 1,090
Early Bird: SG$ 890 (full payment of Immersion fees and accommodation fees received before 15 May 2019)

Accommodation Fees
Accommodation Fees includes delicious and healthy vegan meals for three-days four-nights. Any other food or drink and personal needs will be at an additional cost to the participant. All rooms comes with twin beds. Costs for accommodation are dependent on your choice:

Single Room: SG$ 1,080
Shared Room: SG$ 670

Please make preparations to go into seclusion and be present for this Immersion. We will be disconnecting from the internet with time for rest and integration.

The Immersion will be held in Singapore at the beachfront bungalows of the National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC). NSRCC is situated on 120 hectares of lush greenery that offers a picturesque sea view.

Offering a wide array of amenities for you to enjoy during your rest time in the Immersion.

The resort’s facilities includes an entertainment center (arcade games, bowling, karaoke and pool tables), golf, swimming pools, a fitness center, jackpot rooms, billiards room, tennis and squash courts as well as basketball, street-soccer courts and a nearby sea sports center that offers sailing activities.

Participants are responsible for scheduling and purchasing their own transportation to and from NSRCC.

Go to the link to register for the Immersion:

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Map National Service Resort & Country Club, 10 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499739, Bedok, Singapore
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