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B12 and Lipo Shots - Bodyshop Wellness Training Center - Bedford

B12 and Lipo Shots - Bodyshop Wellness Training Center - Bedford

B12 and Lipo Shots! $30 each! These are full monthly doses. Only see us every 4 weeks. These are not the same fully synthetic/weekly shots you are used to. The Methyl B12 shot is 5000 volume and the Lipo shot is 255mg and will keep levels elevated for 28-40 days based on lifestyle.

All injections are administered by certified medical professionals.

Event is from 12pm to 8pm.


Pre-Register and sign your injection consent form here:

B12 & Lipotropic Injections Facts and Info

Pre-Injection Education:

Methylcobalamin B12 Shot Benefits – Most people look to B12 injections for energy or metabolic reasons. But B12 affects so much more than just your energy or ability to lose weight. What most people don’t know is that B12 helps with Red Blood cell formation and Anemia prevention. It can actually prevent major birth defects in future babies. It helps your bone health and has a hand in preventing Osteoporosis. It can reduce your risk of Macular Degeneration (blurry vision as we get older). It improves mood and has direct effects on depression. It prevents the loss of neurons in your brain. It improves your heart health by lowering the level of the amino acid Homocysteine in your body that is linked to heart disease. Lastly, it even plays into your skin, hair and nail health.

Lipo Shot Benefits -- Most places combine their B12 with their Lipo compound and try and market it as a “Skinny” shot. Mostly because weight loss is a massive business and seeing that something can help you lose weight can even be an emotional trigger. While this is true, it’s not promised. For the most part they also only have access to low volume and low doses. We’ve seen people report 40 lb weight loss combining these shots with better food choices, but our job here is to set proper expectations. The B6 helps convert food to energy and it also helps with red blood cell production. The Methionine works to prevent fat accumulation in the liver and keeps your metabolism high. It also helps breakdown sugar and other carbs in the body, converting them to energy. Inositol regulates levels of insulin and serotonin in your body. So, this part plays heavily into stabilizing your mood and managing your appetite. Choline actively detoxes your body, getting rid of harmful chemicals while removing fat and bile from your liver. Carnitine is a protein building block, it helps metabolize body fat into fuel. B1 is an immune system booster that uses fats and carbs to fuel the process. B2 supports B1 in its efforts to boost metabolites and immune support.

My Doctor offers these, the Chiro office near me offers these etc - They do not. They are using much lower volumes and in 95% of cases they are using synthetics. Just because it is a Lipo-B or a B12 or MICC shot doesn't mean the compounds are the same. I urge you to educate yourself on the contents of what those offices are offering before you choose another route. There are reasons people who have had weekly doses or other compounds and didn't feel anything rant and rave after trying what we have. If you do your research and find Methyl B12 and doses above 2500mcg/ml for the B12 and a 50mg or higher volume in the Lipo (MIC), definitely take advantage of it. It is good quality and large enough to dig you out of a deficit.

Should I do one or both? There is a reason they are offered together. The B12 actually supercharges the Lipo shot. So, it is always recommended to do them together as part of the same shot cycle. However, only doing one of them won’t make it not effective, just slightly less so.

How often should I come? We offer them bi-weekly. You’re welcome to do them every two weeks, but every four is enough or some people. Being they are vitamins and minerals there is no way to overdose on them and everyone’s needs are different!

Post-Injection Education:

How long will it take to feel it? This is a loaded question. The reason it is difficult to answer is that we are not pulling a blood panel to determine deficiency levels. If you are VERY deficient you may feel tired after the first round and you may also develop acne. The tired feeling comes from us jump starting a lot of the above listed systems and your body feeling exhausted running them. The acne is proof your immune system is fired back up and is fighting infection below the skin. It is also proof you don’t drink enough water   Don’t over medicate your skin. Give your immune system some water and time to K*ll the bacteria. It’s not pleasant but it is normal. If you are only slightly deficient you may feel it the same day or in the soon to be days after. If you don’t feel anything, this is also common. We recommend doing at least 3 rounds of shots to give your body time to recognize that you’re going to be supplying this to it regularly. A good judge of these shots working is lowered irritability, mental clarity, better sleep and circulation efficiency. Everyone likens feeling “energy” to a caffeine buzz. That is not what general energy feels like. We are not releasing adrenaline into your blood the way caffeine does. It will not feel like that, so do not expect it.

Are there side effects? If you spend enough time on WebMD anything can turn into something terminal. We give just over 3500 injections a month. The most common feeling post injection is potentially feeling flush or having a “bubble gut” situation if anything at all. Everything in these injections is naturally occurring and is something you get from food, just not enough of it. If you feel anything out of the ordinary post injection, please message the business page so we can walk you through it. We’re not here to collect money from you and send you on your way, our goal is to make you feel better!

Post Injection instructions. PLEASE massage the area of the injection every few minutes for 15 minutes after your shots. This helps spread out the compounds and reduces the chances for a sore injection site or any sort of knot in your muscle.


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